Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Israel leading campaign to de-legitimize West Bank Jews?

The evil kings of Israel who serve the Beast and his Satan led agenda go after the faithful remnant of Israel who are obedient to God's command to rebuild on the land He has given them.

I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;
Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

Daniel 7:21-22

Monday, September 29, 2008

Eagle Breaks a Wing

.And takes a dive.
The Captain , drunk with power, steering the ship of state has crashed upon the dividing of Jerusalem iceberg.
We are about to be cut in pieces/ Zechariah 12:3
And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of
the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy
merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations
Rev 18:23

"Because power corrupts, society's demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases." — John Adams
Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. - John Adams
"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves." — Thomas Jefferson
"Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, can not long retain it." — Abraham Lincoln
"There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power." — William Harrison
"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." — Gerald Ford
"Government always finds a need for whatever money it gets." — Ronald Reagan
"Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them." — Ronald Reagan
Federal government deficit

President Bush's 2009 federal fiscal budget is $3.1 trillion — 50 percent higher than when he took office in 2001.
On Monday, July 28, the White House reported a projection for a $482 billion deficit for the budget year ending in September 2009, which would be the highest, recorded. The Bush Administration defends that by saying the federal deficit is only 3.5 percent of the $14 trillion U.S. economy.
The federal debt has moved from $5.7 trillion in 2001 to $9.539 trillion on July 30, 2008.
"There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means." — Calvin Coolidge
"Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt." — Herbert Hoover
(from Bill Koenig ,link above)
More insight into what is happening

Time Frame -Jerry Golden

#2 Israel destroys Damascus, then Russia invades

Ezekiel 38's list of coalition nations who come with Russia against Israel does not just leave out Syria but Egypt is missing also.
When the dust settles Egypt,like Syria will no longer be a threat to Israel.
That will be the big hook to get Putin on his horse and head south with his damned partners.

The Time of the Gentiles is Ending

The sifting of the Church is happening as we see the falling away,but what much of the Church is mising is that Israel is God's plumb line.He is seperating those who stand with Israel from those who stand with the world and it's hatred of the Jews and Israel.
The proud ,highminded Christian's will follow the dragon in coming against Israel.

'And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the
remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.'
Revelation 12:17
Israel is the woman and the world is one,united against her.

Are you working for the dragon ?
The Church has been invaded by those well versed religious devils who hate Israel and the Jews and they are there to lead you to hell with them.

God's agenda is clear from the beginning and we had better get with it and drop everything else.
The Time of the Gentiles is wrapping up.
And the way you will know this and see this is when God removes the blinds he has put over the eyes of His people Israel and we are very close.
For too long Israel has looked to Babylon America as her savior ,her hope,security,her god and messiah.

God is about to remove Israel's idol America and she will have no other to turn to but Him,the Holy One of Israel and this is when He will remove their blindess to Jesus their Messiah.

The Holy One of Israel is the one who has raised up a coalition of nations; Iran, Russia,China,North Korea,Venezuela ect. to bring down the false god,false peacemaker whom Israel religiously serves instead of Him.

'Thus says the LORD: "Behold, I am going to arouse against Babylon And against the inhabitants of Leb-kamai The spirit of a destroyer. "I will dispatch foreigners to Babylon that they may winnow her And may devastate her land; For on every side they will be opposed to her In the day of her calamity.
Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been broken; Wail over her! Bring balm for her pain; Perhaps she may be healed. We applied healing to Babylon, but she was not healed; Forsake her and let us each go to his own country, For her judgment has reached to heaven And towers up to the very skies.
All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge; Every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols, For his molten images are deceitful, And there is no breath in them. They are worthless, a work of mockery; In the time of their punishment they will perish. The portion of Jacob is not like these; For the Maker of all is He, And of the tribe of His inheritance; The LORD of hosts is His name. He says, "You are My war-club, My weapon of war; And with you I shatter nations, And with you I destroy kingdoms. "With you I shatter the horse and his rider, And with you I shatter the chariot and its rider, And with you I shatter man and woman, And with you I shatter old man and youth, And with you I shatter young man and virgin, And with you I shatter the shepherd and his flock, And with you I shatter the farmer and his team, And with you I shatter governors and prefects. "But I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all their evil that they have done in Zion before your eyes," declares the LORD. "Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain, Who destroys the whole earth," declares the LORD, "And I will stretch out My hand against you, And roll you down from the crags, And I will make you a burnt out mountain. "They will not take from you even a stone for a corner Nor a stone for foundations, But you will be desolate forever," declares the LORD.
Jeremiah 51
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands; That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world: But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ.
For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;
Ephesians 2
I say then, Have they stumbled that they should fall? God forbid: but rather through their fall salvation is come unto the Gentiles, for to provoke them to jealousy.
Now if the fall of them be the riches of the world, and the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles; how much more their fulness?
For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the world, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead?
For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches.
And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert graffed in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree;
Boast not against the branches. But if thou boast, thou bearest not the root, but the root thee.
Well; because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear:
For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee
Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.
For if thou wert cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and wert graffed contrary to nature into a good olive tree: how much more shall these, which be the natural branches, be graffed into their own olive tree?
For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.
And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:
For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take away their sins.
Hebrews 11

(exerpt from Jims 10 things)
Also remember to kindle in your heart stronger love for your Jewish brethren-soon-to-be when God removes the veil. BECAUSE 2 Cor 3:14-16
and Zec 12:10 tells us. Their minds were blinded: for until this day remaineth the same veil untaken away in the reading of the old
testament; which veil is done away in Christ. But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart. Nevertheless when
it shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away. And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth
for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.(JS)
The judgment of the nations begins and the focus ; It's all about Israel , because that's where Jesus is setting His feet down upon His return !

Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is where the successful,elite,all wise world system leads her loyal servants -hopeless doom.
Jesus promises us the opposite.

Who do you believe ?

Dear Friends –
When we first suggested that the American Oligarchy leap year circus, known as the presidential elections, might be suspended, the mocking and scorn was BIG. Many said not even FDR suspended elections in the midst of World War Two. But FDR did not have the power of NSPD-51. FDR did not have term limits. And FDR was a shoe-in for re-election. If you are not familiar with NSPD-51 you should at least have a quick look at what has been made public about NSPD-51 on the official White House web site – http:www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2007/05/20070509-12.html
Whether anyone would choose to vote or not, the bottom line is the fact that the antichrist Luciferian Oligarchy wins all elections until the return of KING JESUS.
One could call the American Oligarchy political leap year circus an opiate, a dumber downer, a pacifier, or placebo. However, one certainly could not in truth say it is done according to the way specified by the American Constitution. One could not say in truth that Americans live in a Republic, or a Democracy for that matter. It is an Oligarchy circus. How much difference is there between the two parties from which the voter may choose? The real answer is ZERO, zip, nada. What is the Obama campaign REALLY about? It is about Huge Muslim contributions from the 57 Muslim states that are not reported by a Press that has had a full press to promote Obama. Obama proclaims the truth that America is NOT a Christian Nation. I am old enough to remember the race riots of the 60's. What would happen if Obama is way out in front with the polls of the leap year Oligarchy Circus, and elections are suspended?
Of course we do hope the leap year Oligarchy Circus is not suspended. However, Bush does have the power to do what FDR could not, would not, and had no need to consider. Bush certainly has more reason to do so than FDR. We know that Obama, and McCain, and Hillary, and Palin, and both Bushes, and everyone in Congress including Ron Paul, cannot fix the system.
Generally what corrupt governments do, when they are in trouble, is to lead their country into WAR. I can tell you from the perspective here in the Middle East that the Nations are MAD. ALL OF THIS IS PLANNED – THE ANTICHRIST WAR ON THE SAINTS – THE GREAT TRIBULATION WAR ON THE SAINTS OF WHICH JESUS SAID WE MUST ENDURE TO THE END. Then immediately AFTER the Tribulation of these days the Lord said He would send His angels for His elect. What? You have not heard it that way? Read for yourself in full context, in the KJV Holy Bible, rightly divided by the Holy Ghost, and you will KNOW that God said so.
So what should we do? We all will either choose FAITH or we will perish in FEAR. We have an unprecedented opportunity to bring souls into His Kingdom and to give glory to our King, who we should KNOW, will come when, and as He said, IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIBULATION.
All will experience shortages. All will come to know what it means to have unfulfilled wants. The way God instructs His people is to GIVE, yes, give even from their lack of supply. Anything we do for someone less fortunate, who cannot pay us back, we do for our King Yeshua. We must be determined to live according to the directions of Matthew Chapter 25.
What should we do about this political mess? If you would read your KJV Holy Bible you would know not to waste time, emotion, and resources on American Oligarchy politics. DO NOT GO THE WAY OF REBELLION. God's man in the Whitehouse is GW Bush according to Rom 1:18. The LORD standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people. YES - BOTTOM LINE is that it is Judgment time. Wise people will be reading the KJV Holy Bible rather than how the US presidential race is going, and get FAITH to overcome the fearful judgment coming upon this whole antichrist Luciferian world. Remember this - Isa 3:10-11 Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.
All should have noticed that ever since 911 the news media are going out of their way to paint Islam as a religion of "peace." ABSURD. Few things are as antichrist as tolerating Satan's largest religion to KILL people of the book, that means BOTH Jews and Christians. The media are doing this at the same time Muslim school children throughout the Islamic world are being taught to hate Christians and Jews, and to become a martyr to kill them when they get bigger. While Iran is jailing and killing Christians; while Saudis are jailing Christians and cutting off the heads and hands of their own people; while Christians are being murdered by the millions by Muslims in Sudan; while innocent Christian relief workers are jailed in Afghanistan, ad infinitum - Islam, practiced mostly under corrupt dictatorships, is not about peace. New York City's historic prayer event proclaimed to the whole world that in the good old USA, all gods have an equal opportunity. It no doubt also helped pave the way for a one-world religion, where anyone can call upon any god of his choice, EXCEPT The Lord Jesus Christ. The other gods would be offended.
My friend Ron does not understand why America cannot be fixed. Ron is typical of American Christians. He thinks all we need is the New Testament. That is why there are over 2,000 denominations of so-called Christians. That is why there was not the necessary unity to turn America around. Things taken out of CONTEXT become PRETEXTS for whatever you want to believe. What was the Bible that Jesus used? It was the SAME Bible that Paul, Peter, James and John used. A New Testament without the foundation of the Old Testament is a New Testament that is out of context and without foundation. Yes, Jesus said so, in the last two verses of John Chapter 5. ALSO, an Old Testament without the fullness of teaching and revelation of the New Testament is certainly incomplete and inadequate TODAY. That is why there are over 2,000 denominations and no Unity among Christians. Jesus did not come to do away with the ROYAL LAW (New Testament term) but to fulfill it. Rom 3:31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.
Here are the foundational truths.
There is only ONE true God and all the rest are False gods. There is ONLY ONE TRUE FAITH and the rest that is called faith is worthless.There is ONE True body of believers, one True Spirit, one True Hope, one True Lord, one True Faith, one True Baptism, one TRUE God and Father of us all. You say Jim that is narrow minded. Yes, you can afford to be narrow minded when you are right. When you conform to the word of God, you are right. When you do not conform to the word of God you are wrong.
Real True Christianity is a VERY Narrow Way. Jesus is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by THE Lord Jesus Christ. Straight is the gate, and NARROW is the Way.
1) God is God! Believe it or go to Hell. There is ONLY One True Godand Father of THE Lord Jesus Christ, Creator and Redeemer of heaven and earth. ALL THE REST ARE FALSE gods and abominations not to be tolerated by a True Christian.
2) God canNOT Lie. Nothing else is impossible for the one TRUE God. If it is in His Word it is TRUE. You are right if you agree, and wrong if you disagree. You don't have to understand it, you do not get a vote on it, you do not have to like it, and REAL FAITH will just DO what God said, just because God said so. That is the REAL FAITH that honors God as God, and the rest is phony baloney.
3) God does NOT Change. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. If you have a New Testament that is removed or separated or divided from the Old Testament, you have a New Testament that is out of context and without foundation. It is all the Word of God from in the beginning in Genesis to the last Amen of Revelation. If you have not read the KJV Holy Bible from cover to cover, straight through, EVERY WORD, that needs to be your highest priority. For FAITH cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.
4) If God said it will happen, it will happen. Makes no difference ifwe like it or not. Makes no difference if we agree or not. We do notget a vote on it. It will happen because God said so.
You do not want to hear this, anymore than I want to say it, but what is happening in America NOW is Jeremiah 51. America is TODAY's Babylon, with GW Bush going to conquer Saddam Hussein, to be King of Babylon. If you would like some depth in understanding this, read this:http://www.moresureword/ambabmes.htmNot what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. That is the simple truth and ONLY the truth can set you free and keep you free.
Is it hopeless? ABSOLUTELY NOT! You have a glorious blessed hope. However, that hope better be in meeting Jesus soon, rather than in restoring America. God IS NOW Judging America. If your hope is in your stuff, or in turning your nation around, that is hopeless. We best be concerned with turning OURSELVES back to God. My hope is IN the Word of God. Anything else now is indeed hopeless.
What is hopeless is these prayer meetings that are bringing everyfaith together, where every false god may be named, but seldom, if ever, will you hear The Name of THE Lord Jesus Christ. Try to find "The Lord Jesus Christ" in any of "so-called" Christian President Bush's general public prayers or general public statements. You will find Allah, or Mohammed, or any of about 300 other gods. However, just try to find THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Anyone who confesses that Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh has passed the test to be my brother, for no one can confess that Jesus Christ is THE Lord but by the Holy Spirit. For Jesus said in Mat 12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.
Pray this simple little prayer with us now:Lord Jesus, I really don't know what all this is about. But I know and confess that I am a sinner. I ask you Lord Jesus, to forgive my sins and help me understand the Bible by your Holy Spirit of Truth. Ibelieve you died on the cross for my sins. I don't fully understandsuch love, but I do NOW want to STOP offending you, by NOT sinning any more. Please help me go the right way that You want me to go. Please help my unbelief. Reveal Yourself to me as I read and study THE Holy Bible starting today. I humble myself now and confess that I am a sinner and admit that I need Your help, Lord Jesus. Amen
Now, what else should we do? There are more specific things, and directions that I have been given to recommend. However, this message is long enough, probably too long for most to read. However, Lord willing, I will give some of those things regarding WHAT WE SHOULD DO in the next update.
Please BOOKMARK in your favorites the new GJiGT website location and let your friends know where it may be found:http://www.moresureword.com/
Pray Psalm 83 every day. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. Pray for all of God's people in harm's way now in the Middle East, and wherever His Saints are scattered abroad.

From Chittim, Isa 23:1.
Shalom & Simcha,J
Jim Searcy

Saturday, September 27, 2008

July 20, 2007

Handwriting on the Wall.
Very interesting start to this Shabbat morning September 27th,2008 for me.
The Lord led me to read Daniel 5 this morning and just around noon I was going to delete
a link I had placed on my desktop which someone had left at my blog not too long ago.


Instead ,I opened it and was 'surprised' by the message 'Handwriting on the Wall'
enough for me to post a link to it here.
As I read Daniel this moring what stood out more than before was how soon after King Belshazzar toyed and played with the holy things of God as Bush now does with Israel,he was dead and the 'enemy' King Darius of the Medes,and PERSIANS had taken over Babylon.
I get the feeling our time is very short

As John points out the Church has failed miserably and is so blind it cannot even connect what
our President has been doing against Israel and our soon destruction.
As long as it does not affect their wallets this selfish Laodecian Church is silent and dosn't care.
No outcry until their selfish world is endangered.
Now it will all affect their wallets and God will not hear their cry .It's too late for many.

Rosh Ha Shannah

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday After Ramadan


The text addressing the nature, location and timing of the planned attack, although specific to the U.S., appears otherwise ambiguous. For instance, the timing appears to focus on the Tuesday following the end of Ramadan, which would be October 7, 2008. The nature of the attack is less clear. Although the author appears to talk about a strike greater in magnitude than the 9/11 attacks and makes reference to the possibility of it being nuclear in nature, the text references to the nuclear aspect of the attack appear somewhat muddled.
In terms of the location of the attack, it is clear that the author identifies both New York, as the financial capital of the U.S., and Washington, DC, as the nation’s capital, as being both desirable and affected. It is interesting that under analysis, the details of "the attack" referenced by the author are nestled within the text of instructions, rather than being prominently placed to serve as an overt warning as seen in the past. The relative subtlety in which the targets and type of attack was referenced is most interesting from a historical and analytical perspective.

Who is the idiot in charge who left the borders wide open ?

Mr. Disaster is Cursed

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9
It's not just the economy that he has help destroy with unrestrained spending and greed and
with close to a trillion dollars wasted in Iraq which has brought the Shiites of Iran and Iraq together,it's the growing threat from Russia,China and the growing alliance of nations rising up against the U.S. like Venezuela,Pakistan,Bolivia,Honduras,Nicuaragua,Equador,Brazil and on and on.
All this as our nation collapses under God's judgment.
He's always been an instrument of God's judgment on America,deceived ones.
How much longer can the dumb sheep headed for slaughter refuse to see the evil hiding behind the stupidity of this man ? It is evident that those who stood with him are like him in many ways ,so this may be why they will not judge righteous judgment as Jesus told us to.
They would have to look at themselves and judge their own evil hearts and this they will not do .
They continue with their delusion until God sweeps it away and hell arrives to meet them.

This devious SKULL AND BONES President's phony war on 'terror' has accomplished the opposite as his phony ally in this phony war,Islamic Pakistan is a hotbed of Taliban and AlQueda terrorism seven years after the President New World Order drive under the cover of fighting an unidentified enemy.
This same Pakistani 'ally' now fires on U.S. troops , the latest to join God's Anti-America Obadiah Club and the lairs continue to spin their lying yarn without shame.
Just a few weeks ago theyall said there was no recession and that the economic fundamentals were sound when they knew it was all a lie.
Now they tell us the bottom has fallen out and something major must be done immediately to save their endangered behemoth.
These liars knew it all along and yet the dumb sheep love the lies more than they love the truth.
2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 was written for you because the lost are already judged.

The threat has only grown worse as this evil president treacherousy betrayed Israel to the Islamic hordes for his devil inspired false peace scheme.
He had the power and opportunity to make decisions for good but he chose evil in rewarding those with the oil over Israel.

This has brought a curse on everything the President touches and everything he does.As sure as God's word is true ,I tell you that nothing will go right for cursed Mr. Disaster.I thank God He held all of this back until now,but now there is no more holding back.

God's promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 has returned a sure curse on the head of this fool for the Road Map/Palestinian state agenda he has incessantly pushed on Israel knowing all along the intentions of Israel enemies and their Palestinian front line jihadist army.It's never been about peace but about the destruction of Israel in stages.That is why God will remove the U.S. from the equation now.

You who stand with him will also receive this curse.

The unbridiled arrogance to interfere in other nations as we have done with Israel is now over.

"Behold,I will make you small among the nations;
You are greatly despised
The arrogance of your heart has deceived you,
Obadiah 2-3

As I look back a few years ago I remember the earthy wisdom fellow believers gave me for getting involved in the unclean ,corrupt business of electing their lesser of two evils.

My warning was to wash and clean their hands of this polluted sewer and trust only in the Lord.

They chose to trust in 'another' Lord and they were wrong and deceived,but too proud to repent of assuming to incorporate God into their small,flesh led thoughts and vain plans.

They reasoned within themselves the wisdom of their selfish decision to save us from the greater of two evils.

It was a selfish decision because it was for the kingdom which rules their evil hearts and not the kingdom of God.

I'm here to tell you that you chose the worst evil and it will come back to eat you alive if you have failed to repent.

God will not bring redemption by way of devious ,lying,greedy,corrupt politicians who serve their master Satan so well.

Calamity comes by way of God's instrument of evil and judgment on this nation and the apostacized,politicized harlot church who is comfortable on the back of the beast.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Job Knew the Secret

I think this is why God picked Job for His 'special' work.
He knew the secret that so many believers today do not know or understand .
They have never sought the Lord to learn this .
Instead they have learned a false way which does not lead to wisdom but stupidity.
They are easily deceived and manipulated by the latest crafty work of Satan.
It's no wonder they chase after his latest idol and false hope instead of hearing from God.

Whence then cometh wisdom? and where is the place of understanding? Seeing it is hid from the eyes of all living, and kept close from the fowls of the air. Destruction and death say, We have heard the fame thereof with our ears. God understandeth the way thereof, and he knoweth the place thereof. For he looketh to the ends of the earth, and seeth under the whole heaven; To make the weight for the winds; and he weigheth the waters by measure. When he made a decree for the rain, and a way for the lightning of the thunder: Then did he see it, and declare it; he prepared it, yea, and searched it out. And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.
Job 28

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here at the End of All Things

#2 Prophetic Dream, A Night Vision

2 messages.
The first 'Here at the End of all Things', although I'm not into Frodo I strongly agree with the judgment of Doug and many others who see the men who have planned all of this as EVIL.
This is not an accident,but god is in control and will allow this severe judgment.
A people who have turned their back on God and loved pleasure more will receive His justice.
The more I study God's word and the events now taking place the more sure I am that all this is planned by Bush and his EVIL minions.
How crafty he has been in deceiving the doomed, damned,apostate Christian's who will be his first sacrifice to his god Satan.
What blind fools they have been in defending the one who will soon lead them to their death.

martial law

When our leaders are so corrupt and evil like the general public they rob where do you think they will take the nation ?
Lets face it ,the blessing of God is long gone from this nation and the curse is moving fast forward to it's end result which will be uglier than you could have imagined.

Fear is sin ,but fearing God and repenting is wise unto salvation !

What is so amazing to me are the naive American's,especially Christians and Jews who do not see the evil afoot in the land and the sure approaching hellstorm.
I guess if you give them football and half naked dancing women that takes care of them.
I heard a rare bit of truth on Savage radio last night and it has stuck with me today even though battered by an oppresive tide of lies and misinformation coming from our evil government media.

They (Bush,Wall Street and his cronies) have done more damage to this nation than Osama Bin Laden has done.

It's no wonder they want to shut him up,he's spoke more truth in one minute than the apostate church in America has in ten years.

This is only an exerpt from Wayne Watson's Web to give you a heads up on what is soon coming.
Take the time to read the complete article.
America ,your false idols Obama D,Palin R will not save you.
Folks the Chinese and Japanese, OPEC and the EU are just not going to continue to throw money away. They can't afford to, not anymore. These bailouts will break the bank here in the US. It will probably send the dollar reeling. Listen, the Federal Reserve is already broke! Oh yes it is....We are delaying the inevitable. Now I realize that that this sounds a little extreme, but these are extreme times and the powers that Paulson is asking for are extreme. He is asking for an economic dictatorship and saying 'trust me' I lied and lied about how bad this crisis was and perjured myself before Congress when asked. We are facing a depression and you can believe me now. There is no way I would trust Paulson or Bernanke with that kind of power, they have shown that they are not up to the task and have made error after error after error which conveniently puts billions of dollars in the hands of the ones who made this crisis to begin with, and throws you out into the street. What is going to happen next, I do not know. But others are watching... Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called for changing the architecture of the international financial system. "We all need to think about changing the architecture of international finances and diversifying risks. The whole world economy cannot depend on one money-printing machine," Putin said at the final press conference after a meeting of the Russian-French bilateral commission on cooperation in Sochi on Saturday. - ITAP TACC But this bailout Paulson, Bernanke and Bush are talking about is welfare for the rich. Plain and simple. You, the taxpayer are going to make good on somebody else's bad investment and pay many times more than those investments are worth so that the rich guy can keep his yacht, Lear Jet, beach home and 18 year old (17, 16, 15?) blond sex-toy. You are paying for it and you stand an excellent chance of becoming homeless in the process. Even the AP is doing stories on it. So are others
I suppose I could go on and on about this but if you want to understand what is happening understand this. The collapse of America's financial system, for all intents and purposes, occurred last week. If your bank remains open, it will be because of the trillion dollar bailouts that have yet to be paid for. I think that plans have already been drawn up for a nation wide banking Holiday. This bailout could be (pure speculation on my part here) a delaying tactic until they can get the 'logistics' in place for just such an occurance....................
Late last year, a 'connected' friend of mine were talking about a banking collapse and I asked him if he had any inside info on when and if... He said that this administration was working actively to create a crisis before the elections that would ensure a GOP victory in November. He did not elaborate, but he did say something interesting, (paraphrase) "I would not worry too much about Martial law in the streets, we don't have anywhere near the manpower for that, it simply does not exist.
But if you see troops start to head home from Iraq for no good reason and a spate of hiring by contractors, be a afraid... be very, very afraid my friend...."Hmmmm. I think to myself...

The 3rd Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys. Now they're training for the same mission - with a twist - at home. Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks. - Army Times

No, It's no time for alarm bells, but if you start to see massive hiring with contractors, well... you know what is coming.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Where is America Headed ?

Captain Crook & First Officers Liars and Cunningscam

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.
Psalm 9:17

Keep the Faith and Your Faculties

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Revelation 12:11

exerpt ;

What a confusing world for a newly saved child of God to be thrust into! I learned the hard way which "places of worship" to avoid and which ones were safe. Being young and pretty and single only increased my vulnerability in the "Christian" community where savage wolves were lurking at every corner. (That’s another episode altogether – sexual predators in the church abound.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Babylon and International Commerce

Dias de Elias - Paul Wilbur

Video from Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem. BHU
Christian's from every corner of the globe meet every year to worship the King of Kings Israel's Moshiach in Jerusalem. Zechariah 14:16
It's already begun !!!!
Thanks Jo !

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to the New World Order

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay
Daniel 2:43
Don't be fooled by the devil and his henchmens' promise of a new, advanced humanistic order.
It's the devils pipe dream mouthed by every driven politician.
It will only be a disorder of great misery,death and unimaginable destruction.
Doomed are the poor fools who ignore God and who follow these lying,demon posessed pied pipers of hell with so many worthless promises of utopia.
(above view - the only thing they will deliver)

2 plus 2 equals 16

The Mark

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations....

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Revelation 13

Into the fire

Shariah in America

Tragically, in the process of leaping out of the scalding subprime frying pan, Wall Street is heading directly into a fire that promises, if anything, to be more devastating than the present disaster. Incredibly, it bears all the hallmarks of subprime with respect to a lack of transparency, a systematic failure to disclose and an utter absence of due diligence, good governance and accountability. The next "what" is called Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF).

Shariah, of course, is the term the Islamists use to describe the ruthlessly repressive, totalitarian program they believe should govern every aspect of the lives of faithful Muslims. It is also the instrument they intend to use to rule the world. The first clue that something is wrong with Wall Street's next big thing is that it is Shariah-compliant.

As the economy of the global empire collapses something else will replace it.
I believe it will be the mark of the beast and that( as ususal) the Church,the majority of believers will be unprepared,confused and in denial.
The first lie from the false teachers and book writers will be ;
'The rapture hasn't happened yet so it's ok to take the mark'
Are you seeing ? aware of the time before us ? preparing your heart ?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Armageddon,the Only Option

Response to the Jerusalem Post article It's time to act ! on the need to attack Iran immediately.

As sure as God's word is true ,there is no turning back what is now before us.
The church is deceived by the false early rapture doctrine and asleep.
No ,it's too late to stop Iran without the price being the opening of the door to the tribulation period !
Armageddon,is the only option left.
That is the only sure option ,it was written of by the Jewish prophets long ago and it is now coming to pass before the eyes of those not blinded by their false gods and idols which will not save them.
It is the Armageddon Option which has arrived in our generation.
There is no good outcome. Caroline assumes that Israel bombing Iran set iran back and give Israel and the world more time.
This delusional thinking ignores the reality that Russia,China and Iran's many other allies will just sit this one out as they did with Afghanistan and Iraq and that the Islamic sleeper cells which have crossed into the U.S unhindered will not do immense,catastrophic damage.
Already we see a sizeable Russian Naval Fleet parked in Syria's port of Latkia with missiles aimed towards Israel and her IAF jets, ready for that sure day which is almost upon us.
The only real option for sane Jews and Christians is to stop trusting in corrupt, political fools and return to God and fear Him ,seek His face and hide from His wrath which He is sending upon a wicked,godless,perverted earth.

exerpt ;

The implications of what has happened in the last twenty four hours insure that our Republic will now fail.
The idea of the United States government rescue plan has an estimated cost of $500 billion according to media reports.
Bull crap.
To completely save the financial system and execute a Resolution Trust Corporation style rescue (RTC2 hereafter) the Federal Government and U.S. Treasury will have to buy not only Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) as is being advertised but the following other forms of toxic debt:
All failing CDO, CLO, HELOC, CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Security), Credit Card Securitized debt, Subprime and Prime Auto Loan Securities, Corporate Bonds, Money Market funds, and the soon to impact wave of degraded Municipal Bonds.
$500 Billion? More like ten times that amount.
The other consequence of this collapse in logic by refusing to allow free markets to operate as they should will be a huge new wave of defaults. What motivation doess a homeowner have to renegotiate with the bank if their home is under water? If they have a $300,000 mortgage on a home worth $210,000 the incentive now more than ever is to walk away and let the government deal with it and the banks have no reason to accept nor initiate new terms when the paper can be submitted to and dumped on RTC2. This will trigger a new wave of defaults and foreclosures that will probably create a wave of municipal bond defaults as I predicted in the commentary "Municide". The auto loan financing corporations and holders of credit card securities now have zero incentive to complete or initiate so-called "work out agreements" with customers as a bankrputcy will no longer impact their bottom line as they can dump their toxic debt on the government.
Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture blog said it best last night when he said:
"1) We suffer a loss of Market Integrity; The US is now a Banana Republic" ......................
When Skylab started to fall, NASA tried everything to boost the orbit. Once the fuel was expended, the reentry event was given great credence with some officials and citizens even considering hiding in shelters on the off chance it would crash into their homes. Well, the U.S. Government just fired it’s engines for one last time. The eventual consequence of the actions we have witnessed the last thirty days will be an equity AND bond market crash. There is no reason to invest in American stocks, bonds, derivatives or commodities as the real risk of nationalization to preserve market integrity is now a consideration for any investor inside our borders. Would you buy stock in General Motors at $10 per share if one day the Treasury’s new RTC2 stock stabilization program said they are buying the company until "market conditions improve" for $1.05 and you had no choice or vote in the matter? I think not. If you are told what your investments are valued at instead of letting the markets determine them, then you will not hold them. So the smart money will sell into this rally, go into hard assets quietly and wait for this shoe to drop. The AIG model will result in a huge crash when all is said and done and the idea or reselling acquired failures via auction will provide futile and disastrous.
So enjoy the show comrade. Get into your fallout shelters. When this sucker re-enters the atmosphere and reality, it will look like this:



Tragic ,The Gathering

Our great leaders have pushed God aside and assume to keep the Titanic afloat ?
He's laughing and so am I.

Last Warning to Idol Worshiping Christians and Jews

This is a must read article ,go to 'Is this it ?' to read the completed message
(thank you James for the link)
exerpt from Is this it ?

This idolatry things is a serious issue and it is time for each and everyone of you to decide which kingdom is yours. Spiritual adultery a very serious sin. The Empire of America or the Kingdom of God. The two are now diametrically opposed to one another. If you are in the Kingdom of God you will know what I am talking about. You priorities, your goals, your loves and your hates are not like those of the world. You understand the times and just how deceitful they are. You know because you have been guided and led by the Spirit of God. I know what I am saying is 180 degrees opposed to what so many prophets are saying. They are saying smooth words for America's Christians. They are interested in comforting them IN their sin. God is going to make you most uncomfortable in it to get you OUT of it. That is why America is going through this crisis now. It is to separate the wheat from the chaff among Christians. This crisis is likely to send many back to Church (hopefully a real Christ centered on and not a religious corporation) and many more to forsake their faith completely. What America has done around the world brings us to the concept of collective guilt. Both in the Church and among the nations. Did you ever notice that the first few chapters of Revelation are written to seven different Churches and each had specific promises threats and sins recorded? None were identical and there was collective guilt in the entire assembly. If you go back to the Old Testament you see the idea of collective guilt was real in the way God dealt with Israel and even such places as Sodom and Gomorrah and Nineveh. Yes there is such a thing as collective guilt and America and Americans are in the cross hairs. Why do you think that God tells his people to get out of Babylon? He says come out her her. Why? So that we will not share her plagues.And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. (Rev 18:4-5)God is telling his people to come out, the false prophets are still in love with her and are willing to do just about anything to save their real god.What does come out of her mean? At the very least it means to separate yourself from the spiritual poisons of the harlot, described in detail in Revelation 17 &18. It also means knowing that this harlot is a kingdom of this world and as such opposed to the Kingdom of Christ Jesus. But for many, I have maintained, it means a physical removal as well. I think (my own personal opinion) that NY is not a place Christians should be in now, unless God specifically directs it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The worst for Israel

The Israeli apologist for the Islamic terrorist has been elected to lead her party of appeasment and surrender, and Israel.
The pimp master Bush has his latest Israeli poodle is in his pocket to push his evil agenda of a Palestinian state on land ethnically cleansed of every Jew.
Shades of the president's nazi like inclinations as his evil kapos rule by opression.
When he speaks she obeys.
Tzipi Livni will play the role of eager prostitute to her pimps plans for Israel.

Have you noticed the economic upheavel ,the shaking ,destruction and gloom in America since Bush sent Condi Rice to push the dividing of Israel and the capitol Jerusalem.

God's word spoken in Zechariah 12;3 to cut in pieces any who would meddle with Jerusalem is coming to pass and we have only seen the beginning.
God is going to mess up the plans of these evil schemers and Livni won't be around for long.

Peace Like a River

"Halt! Halt!" they cry;
But no one turns back.
Take spoil of silver!
Take spoil of gold!
There is no end of treasure,
wealth of every desirable prize.
She is empty, desolate, and waste!
The heart melts, and the knees shake;
Much pain is in every side,
And all their faces are drained of color.
Nahum 2

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11:3
Peace like a river in the midst of great shaking and turmoil without drugs ?
Only if you have built on the Rock that is greater than you.

Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?
Matt 21 :41



Ike Nears Texas: ‘Now Is The Time For Prayers’

Only the godless media of a godless nation of godless people devoid of any knowledge of the changeless Eternal God could deliver such a conventionally self-serving statement, a statement typical of a nation having a form of godliness, but denying the power of the almighty, all knowing, and all-seeing God of the universe.

The Apostle Paul wrote of just such a time as exists in this nation today, a time when the people would be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, uncontrollable, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, and lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. In view of the fact that fifty million innocent babies have been murdered intentionally with premeditation and in the most heinous ways I would add murderers to that list, which of course only highlights Paul’s offering of “being without natural affection”.

There does not exist a more apt description than this of the nature of the United States today, it is a nation that consists, collectively, of a people led away from God by divers lusts, it is an ever-learning acculturation of those who are never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. It is in fact a nation of people who resist the truth, an irreverent fellowship of men of corrupt mind and reprobate faith. We are a people who turn to a righteous God only when it is selfishly expedient or when it suits our egotistical purposes to do so.............

The United States has crossed a great divide and is now on a dizzying slide downward through an ever-quickening succession of events, both of the cosmos and of manmade induction, which are stepping this nation toward a now inevitable time of a complete and climatic destruction. Prayers from an apostate people for deliverance from catastrophic events current and future will not be heard, in the parlance of the Bible it is a time for sackcloth and ashes....
Those who believe that there is hope for a secular deliverance of this country from an increasingly inescapable terminal destiny at the hand of Almighty God or that the government or its leaders possess the answers to the nearly total social and spiritual unraveling of this commonwealth are barking up a wrong tree. Nowhere in the population of this nation or in the government or the institutions thereof exists a savior. Our Savior has come to this earth and gone and will return again, it is He that we should look to for deliverance.
A virtual Trojan horse of monumental proportions has been rolled across our borders. Such an event could not have been accomplished without the ignorance, apathy and complaisance of the people and the treasonous endeavors of the politicians who feed at trough of the corporate pirates who control the government and society with the monies that they have amassed by deceit, trickery and larceny beyond imagination. To be subject to these is the fate of a people who have no knowledge of Almighty God. This horse carried the seeds of an invasive and pernicious evil that will render this nation completely impotent and cause it to lie prostrate before its enemies. ..........
Who can know the evil that lurks in the minds of men? God knows and soon so shall we if we don’t already know.
Out of the horse poured predators, malcontents, criminals of all stripe, disease carriers, free loaders, mercenaries and subversives. Such have molested, raped and killed our children, disrupted and corrupted every facet of an amalgamate and orderly society, bankrupted our local governments and institutions, piled the people high with debt to sustain the invaders with perks beyond anything available to ordinary citizens, caused us to build an ever increasing number of prisons to incarcerate alien invaders who kill, violate and maim American citizens, and opened the country to the predations of clandestine enemy agents who have infiltrated via open borders and lax immigration policies and who are supported by enemy citadels that have been openly set up under the noses of the government and its security agencies in the guise of mosques and embassies..
The floods, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the fires, the earthquakes and the manmade disasters presage the time of the end. Soon - very soon - our cities will be host to civil strife such has never been experienced in the history of this nation. A pestilence of violence will roll across the land, cities will burn and the carnage will be great. Our panicked fascist government will add to that carnage. The violence will exacerbate an already degraded situation and disease and famine will spread exponentially in the wake of the violence. There will be widespread panic brought about by the rolling and continuous collapse of services and social order. No person will be isolated from the effects of the collapse of order that will affect those both within and without the cities.
“The sword is without, and the pestilence and the famine within: he that is in the field shall die with the sword; and he that is in the city, famine and pestilence shall devour him”
(Ezekiel 7:15)

When the nation has been sufficiently weakened by all of the foregoing an utter annihilation will fall upon the land and it will be made desolate by nuclear fire.

“In all your dwelling places the cities shall be laid waste, and the high places shall be desolate; that your altars may be laid waste and made desolate, and your idols may be broken and cease, and your images may be cut down, and your works may be abolished. And the slain shall fall in the midst of you, and ye shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 6:6-7)

© 2008 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

New Use Found for Trash Cans in America's Middle School's

Tasty Chicken & Duck

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. She likes to look at the trees. She likes to smell the flowers. She likes to listen to the birds singing.
One day while she is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of her little head.
- My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it, - says Chicken Little and begins to run.
She runs and runs. By and by she meets the hen.
- Where are you going? - asks the hen.
- Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it.
- How do you know it? - asks Henny Penny.
- It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so, - says Chicken Little.
- Let me go with you! - says Henny Penny. - Run, run.
So the two run and run until they meet Ducky Lucky.
- The sky is falling, - says Henny Penny. - We are going to the lion to tell him about it.
- How do you know that? - asks Ducky Lucky.
- It hit Chicken Little on the head, - says Henny Penny.
- May I come with you? - asks Ducky Lucky.
- Come, - says Henny Penny.
So all three of them run on and on until they meet Foxey Loxey.
- Where are you going? - asks Foxey Loxey.
- The sky is falling and we are going to the lion to tell him about it, - says Ducky Lucky.
- Do you know where he lives? - asks the fox.
- I don't, - says Chicken Little.
- I don't, - says Henny Penny.
- I don't, - says Ducky Lucky.
- I do, - says Foxey Loxey. - Come with me and I can show you the way.
He walks on and on until he comes to his den.
- Come right in, - says Foxey Loxey.
They all go in, but they never, never come out again.

The season is upon us and there is much duck and crispy chicken on the menu.
By all means,trust the all knowing ,wise and trustworthy fox to lead you to safety.

Emerging Freedoms of the Fascist, Police State

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - About 250 people who withstood Hurricane Ike on a coastal sliver of land will be forced off it so crews can begin the recovery effort, authorities said Tuesday, vowing to invoke emergency powers to make it happen......
The Texas attorney general's office is trying to figure out how legally to force the holdouts to leave, Yarbrough said. Local authorities are prepared to do whatever it takes to get residents to a safer place.
The peninsula is too damaged for residents to stay, and with no gas, no power and no running water, there is also concern about spread of disease, officials said.
"I don't want to do it," Yarbrough said. "I'm doing it because it's in their best interests."

Galveston County Judge Jim Yarbrough said today that the holdouts on Bolivar Peninsula will be required to leave in the next few days. Officials are prepared to impose martial law if needed to empty the barrier island scraped clean by Ike

The American people no longer have rights when the all wise overlords determine what is in their best interests.
Those who are able to fend for themselves and want to remain and pioneer on their land no longer have a choice. The state has spoken and if you don't listend ,the Army,Navy,Marines,Air Force,SWAT FBI,CIA,Special Forces wil be sent in and if need be,kill you into compliance.
You will be made an example of to all who would disobey the new god in charge.
The Skull & Bones Bush, and upper echelon planned New World Order,the state is god. Make no mistake about it.
This is only the beginning and we will see more freedom camps set up to house people removed from their land for their own good.
America land of the free ,home of the brave ?
Only if you're a cartoon character or get your information from them or Fatherland Security.

1.Fascism : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

The AIG bailout by the state was a fascist move,we are well on our way,dear loyal taxpayer.

Pink Bunny Slippers

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bush agrees to war on Iran

....These weapons are DNA recombination, genetically engineered, advanced biological weapons; man-made viruses that are designed to spread throughtout North America and western Europe using humans as vectors ~ viruses that have never existed before and for which we humans have NO DEFENSE. Iran began an advanced biowar program years ago using out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts, and currently has a world-class advanced biowar program.

Throw Russia and China into this mix and you have World War Three.

land of death

For some time in America we have had a leadership culture of death ruling over us successfully disguised as good,highly educated,civilized,having a form of godliness,democratic,
A light shining on a hill.

The only true aspect is the 'high' places education of these evil men and women.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

They have taken over long ago and the dumb sheep are none the wiser ,reduced to opposing one of the devil's party over the other.

The land where babies ,an unwanted by-product of the fornication that this evil American system feeds our minds 24/7,babies that are so easy to kill legally and where the supposed saving of lives healthcare professional's prescribe death as the choice.
Where witchcraft,satanism and every conceivable evil is fine to teach our children but God is forbidden,taboo.
Where the animals and pets are treated better than our children.
A nation where our children are molested and killed daily to satisfy the 24/7 rights,the freedom,the needs of the perverted pleasure masses who find pornography easier than a bible today because our government has made it so.
Where corrupt politics and greedy big business are the married masters of all and morality is no more.
Where the law is twisted to fit and protect the unjust and evil.
Where the prison industry is a growth business and justice is rare and costly for those who cannot buy their justice.
A land where deception is more prevalant that the truth which has almost become extinct ,but the majority love it so.
A land where the most vile are worshiped and idolized,where
Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 2 Tim 3:4 are the hero's of the nation who copy them.

A land where every imaginable and unimaginable putrid,decadent filth directly from hell is marketed by Hollywood to our homes and every corner of the world to pollute the minds and souls of mankind under the delusion of art and democratic freedom and where God's laws are banned from the eyes of the children.

Where the children are trained up early in the ways of Satan by the state government and protected from God or any truth from His law's.
Where the Church is in bed with the devil and does not even mutter a protest any longer.

God's people are reduced to voting for the latest wolf in sheeps costume who lies the best to them with promises that are never fulfilled.

(Question ; Do you really believe this wicked ,perverted nation has a future and that God will not respond to your participation in this evil system ?)

Where the government works with the greedy drug companies in selling poison to the masses under the lie of health care.

A place where the majority of the citizens are chronically sick and on tons of 'medication'.

Where the food and water is contaminated with everything including the kitchen sink and we import food that makes us sick unto death in order to build a new Babel Empire on Earth.

And the deceived Christians whose brains have been damaged by years of toxic waste really believe we have a choice ,a vote that wil change anything.
Where they and the majority have been fattened and prepared for the slaughter which comes when all great empires collapse from their excesses.
We have brought about our own destruction.

What stupidity, what arrogance to not see that only God can and will end this evil that has completely taken over this nation .

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Russian Bear Awakes - Will We?


Trust in the Lord

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
psalm 91:7


Connect the dots with the U.S. betrayal of Israel for Arab oil and financial interest$ ,and now the Arab knife has cut the U.S. empire's throat.
This has all happened on the watch of the wolf Bush who so many deceived Christians help get into office.
They're all crying about the moslem Obama but he has not done any severe,fatal damage that their hero Bush has done.
You deceived ones helped cut your own throat,so don't blame God.

The Other Gulf Surge Tide

September 15, 2008
Doug McIntosh
In a weekend which saw both a physical hurricane IKE devastate the US, as well as a financial one called Lehman Brothers require emergency action by the United States government, I will have to explain why I am not writing about either one of them in this essay. I will write about them later, but not now. The reason for that is simple: neither one of them will be as devastating to the US as what I am going to write about. It was reported this weekend, although it will not actually happen until Monday and Tuesday, the 15th and 16th. Those meetings will seal the economic doom of the United States. Those meetings will be looked back historically as the end of PAX AMERICANA, the American century, or whatever you choose to call Imperial America's run on ruling the world. All that is over now.
The reason it is over has a lot of facets and reasons. I will stick to the economic for the moment. American economic supremacy will end this week. Period. It will take a while for the corpse to bleed out, after having its throat slashed. It is a done deal. America's fiat Federal Reserve Note, the defacto Imperial currency is finished. The global con game which has allowed all of the United State's military, political and diplomatic adventures is over. The golden fiat goose has had its throat slit. No more goose; no more egg. It is ironic this throat slitting happened a few days after the US Treasury gleefully slit the throats of both Capitalism and Fannie and Freddie stockholders. These are the kinds of things that happen when you give a fool like Paulson a sharp knife. There are maybe 25 Americans who even know what I am going to talk about today. That number will go up in the near future as the results take effect. America's destiny is made by foreigners now. Future history books will so record. They may even throw in this essay to show someone in America who actually understood what was happening, when it was happening.

Get to the point, you say. Fair enough. I just wanted to give the scope. Like IKE, it will smother the US economy. Not that anyone can plead ignorance, or surprise at the following. It is not like the golden goose hasn't been having egg laying problems. If you substitute interest rates and taxpayer funded bailouts for Viagara, you can see the Federal Reserve et al have been pouring the economy enhancers down the poor goose's throat for quite a while. Poor thing is probably grateful it is finally getting its throat slit by the Arabs. Greenspan had tried to turn it into one of those ducks you use a funnel to fatten up. The unlamented Mr. Magoo, at least by me, and his fool apprentices Paulson and Braying Bernie have been even worse. No matter now. The goose is not only dead: it is soon to be cooked.

If you understand only one thing about modern America, it must be this: it's the fiat dollar. Nothing more; nothing less. And in a day or two, the fiat dollar will be laying on the floor in a pool of blood. It will be a most unsurprising exit since the patient has been ailing for quite some time. Still, it took the Arabs to finish the deed. Even though the Russians are dumping dollars faster than their nuclear capable bombers are dumping jet fuel as they approach Venezuela's main air base, it took the Arab's to finally do it. Since the Arabs began the process back in 1973 with their response to Nixon's "full faith and credit scam", it is only right they complete the circle. From worthless paper and ink thou wast formed Fiat Federal Reserve Note and unto worthless paper and ink thou shalt return. And the global chorus said Amen!
It is understandable the doom of the fiat dollar should be announced as an afterthought, on the same weekend of IKE and Lehman. We truly have our domestic eyes focused inward. In a day or so, the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain will have their central bank ministers meet to form a monetary union. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have had enough and are bailing out of the dollar peg. One of the major functions of this new monetary council will be to set the dollar peg. The Gulf States have been suffering severely from fiat dollar imported inflation in their domestic economies. Saudi Arabia had a coup attempt fairly recently. The internal political instability has become intolerable for the Gulf States. I will note that Dubai isn't on the list, but Dubai is kind of in its own economic zone these days anyway Oman also dropped out.
The dollar peg is like a fixed pier trying to adjust to IKE's storm surge. As long as that pier is pegged to the US fiat dollar it will be hammered, and then eventually destroyed, by the fall in the value of the fiat dollar. The fiat dollar has lost nearly 50% of its value in the last 8 years alone. That means the Gulf States have been paying their imported workers with money that is worth less every year. The fact alone has destabilized not only the Gulf States, but the countries whose workers work there, like India and Indonesia for instance. The whole dollar peg concept is not viable anymore. The Gulf States are forming a monetary union with its own currency. A currency that will most certainly not be the US fiat dollar in any way, shape or form.
I will state openly for you: this is the end of the fiat dollar. The reason it is the end of the fiat dollar is it is phase one of the Gulf States ending the practice of pricing oil in US Federal Reserve fiat dollars. Not Venezuela, or Iraq, or Iran, but the Gulf States. And when that officially happens, the process is well along in my view, it will be the economic version of every hurricane to hit the US in the last 500 years. The process has begun. The bleed out will take a while. Thanksgiving has come early for the US fiat goose this year.

Circus Maximus

The decaying Roman Empire used the Circus to keep the citizens distracted from important issues.
It got to the point that Christians were fed to the lions to keep the people amused.
We've got the same problem in Ameirca.

Stupid sports entertainment has worked well for a long time .It's the religion of so many useless idiots.
Will it keep the idiots glued to the pigskin as another empire collapses ?
With the Empire sinking fast,the Emperor and his stalwarts must keep the peasants occupied and tranquilized or else riots would soon break out in the streets.
Why even the financial wizards are smiling before the camera's as they attempt to hide their terrified eyes.
All is well they sing as the ship rolls over on it's side.
Watch for more smiley Circus style entertainment on the menu.

Enter OJ,OBAMMY & SARAH to keep the sheeple mesmerized.

ripping down the proud nation

When a nation makes God her enemy ,an election won't help anything.
The meltdown has been going on for some time .It's picked up speed about the same time Ike hit.
We have a perfect storm now hitting us and be sure our enemies will help to push us off the cliff.

An even greater disaster hit on Wall Street Sunday that the destruction Hurricane Ike brought us on Saturday. The 'expert's are calling it Black Sunday and the look on their face as they tell the mases not to panic is one of shock,disbelief and panic masked by a cheap smile.

Like I said before God will not take pity ,He will laugh as we go down.
He knows those who trust in Him,not the others.
That is what the word of God says ,not the lies you have been taught by those who don't really know God.

Do you understand ?
God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. As a nation we are flat out of grace and our time has run out.
But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
James 4:6

I've always seen according to God's word the last straw of dividing Israel and we have arrived.
Do you understand ?


This arrogant nation is being brought down to the dust and this is when it will end.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
Hosea 4:6
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
Zechariah 12:3

This blog is directed towards Christian's and Jews who love Israel first and foremost.
I assume they believe God's word and follow Him and not the false prophets of our day who sell their idols and lies and put them above God.The whole U.S. political system is in this last days strong delusion.
What is so unbelievable is how stupid (or is it rebellious ?) God's people have become in even thinking that a woman in a second slot who is too fearful to even tell this wicked nation that homosexuality is an abomination, a sin, will do anything to stop or even slow down what God is sending upon this cursed nation.

The economy is melting down ,but the false prpohets lie to keep the masses from panic and despair.
God is smashing our high, proud look ,pounding it down to rubble.It has begun and will increase with intensity with hundreds of unsurmountable problmes piling upon us at once.
The perfect storm has arrived and our enemies will attack us in our moment of weakness when we are most vulnerable.
Our cup of wickedness is full,our proud look and our arrogance in dividing God's small piece of real estate to His enemies will be our end.
So many backslid in heart Christian's were silent and did not oppose the evil that the man they elected as President did against Israel under the lie of peace.
Their silence and lack of opposition to his evil expose them for who they are and where their heart truly is .

Do you really think all of this is a coincidence ,happening at the same time our evil president is pushing his stick hard in God's eye ?

God is pushing back and take a guess who will win this war against Him ?

U.S. to 'guarantee' Palestinian stateLetter meant to bind Israel, PA, next administration in Washington


Greenspan: US in 'once-in-a-century' financial crisis
Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch after 48-hours of frenetic negotiating, Federal Reserve forced sale

Bank of America buys Merrill Lynch after 48-hours of frenetic negotiating, Federal Reserve forced sale

Sunday, September 14, 2008

He Laughs/ Follow up on Ike

I find a connection between our president working hard to drive out Jews from their homes in Israel for his fraudelent peace,Islamic terrorist state scam and what we see happening here in Texas and Louisiana.

I believe it's going to spread with more Americans driven from their homes ,not knowing if and when they will return or if they even have a home to return to.
Zechariah 12:3
God's judgment is sure and swift on this nation whose time has run out.
Looking at the storm surge of economic collapse about the drown the majority,it's almost past time to repent ,but instead the band plays on.
How foolish of so many believers to be pre-occupied with a useless election when there is no future here.

"Galveston has been hit hard. We have no power. We have no gas. We have no communications. We're not sure when any of that will be up and running," Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas said. "We want our citizens to stay where they are. Do not come back to Galveston. You cannot live here right now."
Residents of the tiny community of Seabrook, near Johnson Space Center, were met by a roadblock as they tried to return home, and police officers standing in the rain turned them away. At times the line was six to 12 cars deep.

Hundreds of residents were wrapped around a high school in Galveston, some carrying pets, overstuffed duffel bags and medication as they waited to board a coach bus to a shelter. Some didn't know where they were going, and even more didn't know when they could return.


Hurricane Ike left Houston without drinking water today and severed power to millions after ripping through America's fourth-largest city yesterday, flooding homes, shattering office windows and shutting oil refineries.
City police declared a nighttime curfew through next weekend, warning of downed power lines, broken traffic signals and water-filled roads
``You can't hide from the effects of this storm,'' said Walter Hallam, a pastor from La Marque, Texas, as he dipped a wastebasket into the hotel swimming pool to replenish the empty toilet tank in his room.

The way of the world

Writer David Foster Wallace.
Wallace received a "genius grant" from the MacArthur Foundation in 1997.
Wallace's wife found her husband had hanged himself when she returned home about 9:30 p.m. Friday

How did someone at the height of worldly success become so hopeless to end his life ?
Sin always leads to death,sometimes sooner for some of us .
This is where the 'success' of this present evil world system leads many.
Isn't it about time that we begin to preach the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God which will replace this unregenerant and unrepairable one ?

China may cut its dollar holdings - CICC

Do the Russians know more than you do ?
Is it true or lies and confusion, a prelude to war.

A Star is Born

There is so much deception in this late hour and it is all
directed against God's people.

The devil already has the lost souls.

There once was a land blessed by God above any land before it.
Over time the people became corrupt and polluted themselves pushing God out of every nook and cranny of their lives. They had a special place for Him on their cluttered shelf for emergencies only.

There were very few left who had not made false gods to replace the One the nation had rejected. The whole land polluted themselves with every imaginable perversion and with idols made with their own hands. The people were so deceived they thought they could bypass God with the power of their own hands,the vote and do as they desired.
The enemy of God and the land who had caused the state to replace Him and His laws knew he must seduce the few who did not bow to his lawless anti-Christ government.
The Babel government maintained a false form of God among the many false god's now in the state's Pantheon of gods and the apostate children of God were content with this pollution and perversion because their hearts loved the world more than they loved God.
They wrongly assumed God would wink at their compromise for ease and comfort.

Now the devil knew that the majority of God's people were not falling for his latest Obamination Hussein or his McStain, seeing them for who they really were and he needed to pollute the last clean remnent for God's final judgment to fall upon the now cursed land.
They had recently been fooled by his last deception who masqueraded as a Christian to seduce them to gain power.
So the confused, backslid Christian's still felt a little burned.

Still these doubleminded,backslid in heart, children of God continued to chase after idol's instead of seeking God and had not returned to Him and so they were prime targets to bring down to the pit as everyone else was already there.
The serpent knew there was a way to seduce these shallow and fickle ones;

All I have to do is create a new idol in their own image and with enough bait laid out they will gladly follow her anywhere,even to hell.
So he found a Christian who lost her first love and who was in love with power and the world just like God's shallow and fickle people were.
And so a star was born and she led the deceived saints to bow down to and worship the state in place of God. Their false hope had led them astray to save what could not be saved ,what was under God's judgment for destruction and so they followed Sarah to their destruction.

Moral to the story -

Idols always lead away from God and to destruction,even when glazed with a thin coat of religion and truth.
Sarah is a 'nice' lady but she will not save anything ,let alone this reprobate nation.
The deceived believers think she was God's pick when in fact she was McCain's.
The truth is that this is more of their works of the flesh like Bush was and God is not in it except for sending delusion for their judgment.
Just as Israel wanted a king as the nations around them had so to the Church fall inot hte same sin.
If you look at the record of kings ruling over Israel you can see it was futile,hopeless and cursed ,eventually leading to Israel's banishment.
The church follows the same disasterous route instead of seperating from the unclean and vile.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 shabbat links

Fallen is Babylon song ,from James

Global Redemption by way of Israel

Dear John letter from the U.S. to Israel

Dear Israel,
Things have rapidly deteriorated out of control for the grand imperial empire as our economy is collapsing and only the spin and lies of the media keep our holy dollar from collapsing and sinking us like the Titanic.

Iran,China and Russia and the rest of the world can see our precarious situation but we must keep the illusion alive for our dumbed down masses here on the home front.
The bread and media circus routine works well to keep them occupied.
Some of our non pagan advisors think that the God of Israel is judging us for pushing our false peace Road Map down your throat and our perverse wickedness,arrogance and greed which we export across the globe ?
We just had another storm today hit Texas which will drain at least $100 billion, possibly even more from our empty coffer's and we can't keep the printing presses runing fast enough as the housing collapse is spreading to all our major banks and we now face a major commercial collpase.
If Amadinejad's close friend Hugo cuts off our oil so soon after Ike hit our refineries in Texas we would be in a difficult situation with large scale riots across the nation and so in our post empire phase we must walk carefully and learn the art of quiet surrender and appeasmant because we just can't afford another war ,we're just all warred out and it's much easier for an amoral nation to just throw Israel to the hungry wolves ready to pounce.
We may even garner some time and good P.R. for our treachery towards you ,at least we hope to ?
We're so busy bailing out ourselves that you,Israel have fallen at the bottom of our growing list of concerns.
If we anger our major inverstors China and your enemies who supply so much of our Oil who are keeping this mess afloat the situation here will be untenable.
I'm so sorry to have to tell you that for us to survive we will have to throw you overboard.
We sincerely hope the waters not too cold and that you can float.
We also hope you understand that we have spent billions on Pakistan and Egypt and our much beloved Palestinain terrorists and this policy has been a failure.
Throwing all those billion$ around just dosn't buy us as much as it used to except when it comes to squeezing you.
Everyone else has learned to say no to us except you.
So much for your incredible loyalty towards us !

The problems to our south continue to grow more precarious as Honduras has joined in with Bolivia ,Venezuela,Brazil,Cuba and Equador to oppose our influence in Latin America with the big bear.The dominoes are falling fast.
The handwriting is on the wall and our enemies know this and so we are limited in what we can do for you Israel.
We don't want to panic the native population here ,but we're in worse shape than our 110% corrupt government media is letting on and this is why we are working so hard to carve you into little pieces which will not be able to survive. We have to sell you out to survive and hope you will understand our treacherous betrayal.
What are friends for ?
We sure hope you enjoyed out latest window dressing, false hope Palin on the McCain ticket along with his close advisor,Mr. James,F*%# the Jews, Baker.
We are so happy to know that when others see thru our treachery ,you continue to belive in and trust us without question.
Our dearest, adorable, naive fools who surrender their land because we tell you to.
I guess you should have know the folly of putting all your eggs in one basket and placing so much faith in us.
Ciao baby, Love ya much,good luck !

Put not your trust in princes, (presidents,vice presidents), nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.Psalm 146:3

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurricane Ike's timing,size,intensity and targeting of our oil refineries and major economic base in Houston is no surprise when you understand what our evil leader is doing in secret.
Ike which is a variation of Isaac means 'He laughs'.
How insanely stupid and evil of President Bush is to push his evil agenda against Israel and not think God would respond.

U.S. to 'guarantee' Palestinian state

JERUSALEM – The U.S. is planning to issue a letter guaranteeing the country will back agreements reached during current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations aimed at creating a Palestinian state before President Bush leaves office in January, WND has learned.

Ike, which meteorologists described as an "incredibly large storm" more than 600 miles in diameter, was expected to arrive about midnight Friday, and forecasters said it could take 12 hours to move out of southeast Texas.
The storm is so big that it could inflict a punishing blow even in those areas that do not get a direct hit. It was already buffeting the Louisiana coast, where a 50-breach opened in a private levee in Scarsdale, in Plaquemines Parish south of New Orleans

Tropical storm warnings extended south almost to the Mexican border and east to the Mississippi-Alabama line, including New Orleans.
The oil and gas industry was closely watching the storm because it was headed straight for the nation's biggest complex of refineries and petrochemical plants. The upper Texas coast accounts for one-fifth of U.S. refining capacity."It's a big storm," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. "I cannot overemphasize the danger that is facing us. It's going to do some substantial damage. It's going to knock out power. It's going to cause massive flooding."


Tropical storm warnings extended south almost to the Mexican border and east to the Mississippi-Alabama line, including New Orleans.
The oil and gas industry was closely watching the storm because it was headed straight for the nation's biggest complex of refineries and petrochemical plants. The upper Texas coast accounts for one-fifth of U.S. refining capacity.
"It's a big storm," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. "I cannot overemphasize the danger that is facing us. It's going to do some substantial damage. It's going to knock out power. It's going to cause massive flooding."

Ike is so large that here in Florida most of the northern part of the state got rain Wednesday and Thursday.
This storm is huge.
We are already having gas shortages and even panic buying of gas yesterday in Gainesville because of rumors of price hikes and shortages.
News report this morning from Orlando is 10 gal. limit at a gas station.
I was told about price gouging (.15 cent hike at one station) and all this before the hurricane has even hit Texas.
As I wrote earlier the Oil platforms in the Gulf look like they will be hit hard along with Galveston, Houston and major refineries and chemical plants in the area.
As our leaders work hard to expel Jews from their land for President Bush's Islamic terrorist state in the heart of Israel you can be sure God's anger will be felt.
God will expelling millions from their homes here as He begins to cut this nation into pieces doing to us what we intent to do to Israel.
Maybe when the destruction hits home you will understand why I view this President as such an evil man with such great arrogance to assume to divide the very tiny piece of land God has allotted to the Jewish people.