Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Israel They Drink the Kool-Aid,Don't They ?

Last Palestinian terror attacks do have common threads – despite Israeli official disclaimers

The people of Israel are led by fools who love their idols,and their delusions.They love the lie and refuse to face the truth.The lie that real peace can come by way of Washington with the evil cult who can not even live in peace among themselves. Instead of obeying God they embrace lying idols.
Even after all the evidence is on the table,the government continues the same insane practice of rewarding and assisting their destroyers. The stupidity and blindness of Netanyahu and his band of fools make the plans of their enemies against Israel a sure thing.
Tragically, most of Israel trust in their Kool-Aid drinking fools and not God
How shall God repay the stupid people who use their Army and laws to go after Jewish home builders and not defeat their enemies ?

Thus says the Lord:
“Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength
Jeremiah 17:5

Syria conflict: Hama truck bomb 'kills at least 30'

When the followers of allah are murdering each other in a genocidal orgy of bloodshed across the Islamic world only the godless left and the brainwashed fools of Israel still think they can have peace for appeasement and surrender of land.
The blind ones forget that they will always be 'infidels' no matter how high they lift up their skirts to their Palestinian partners.
The two state final solution is still going strong in the land which forgot their God.


JMD said...

Did you see this?

Marcel said...

Yes,thanks for passing it on.
It's going to take much bigger quakes and a big devastating war to wake up the entranced nation who think America is their God.
Once the LORD removes their American Idol that should start the process.