Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Domino Effect of the Bush Road Map on the U.S.

The ripple effect of the devestation on the Gulf Coast will continue to spiral out of control as the spinners in Governement attempt to play down the severity of this catastrophy.
They will fail as they have everywhere else.
I sense more sever disasters approaching such as more major hurricanes striking Florida and elsewhere along with major earthquakes in heavily populated area of California.
All of this will encourage America's enemies to come in for the kill ,something that we have set up Israel for with the Bush Road Map.
What we have set up Israel for will fall on our own head.

In our present American disengagement(from New Orleans) we have soldiers who assist also.
The media down plays the death toll and the serious breakdown in democracy and rise in lawlessness, wherein the gangs with the guns now rule what is left of the rubble that was once civilization.
You have to be spiritually dead not to see that Israel's God will no longer tolerate the Bush Road Map for Israel and that America now pays tenfold for it's interference with the apple of His eye.
The latest evacuation 2 weeks after Gaza BEGINS with 25,000,00 on 475 buses cleansing the city of New Orleans of all it's surviving residents ,men women and children.

“We need to evacuate the people in the Superdome and other shelters and in the hospitals,” she told NBC’s “Today” show on Wednesday. “Those are our basic missions today.”
Officials in Houston, Texas, later said those evacuees would be sent on 475 buses to the city’s Astrodome, located 350 miles away. The stadium’s schedule was cleared through December to make it available.
Some 240 soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division in Ft. Hood, Texas, were told to deploy with 14 helicopters to southern Louisiana Wednesday to help with evacuations. They will join thousands of National Guardsmen and Coast Guard crew helping throughout the region.
Blanco said that trying to fix the levees has been “an engineering nightmare,” with sandbags dropped from the air simply falling “into the eternal black hole.”
At the same time, sections of Interstate 10, the only major freeway leading into New Orleans from the east, lay shattered, dozens of huge slabs of concrete floating in the floodwaters. I-10 is the only route for commercial trucking across southern Louisiana.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Most Significant Natural Disaster To Hit The U.S.

There is a Gaza - Katrina Connection !
The U.S. has lost a major city and not by the hand of Islamic terrorists.
New Orleans is beyond saving or repair.
This is the down payment for our national wickedness and interference in the Israel of God.
I have yet to hear from any source that the days of perverse debauchery are over for New Orleans.
Now the mourning dirge will only sound.
It's worse than expected and getting worse by the hour.
Chaos, looters,martial law,no water , no electricity, night falls on the lawless city of Mardi Gras.
The dead bodies lay where they are with all avaliable rescue efforts to find the living ,trapped under what were their homes. This scene unfolds from Mobile,Alabama to Baton Rouge and points north.
The headline "Refugees Must leave New Orleans Rescue Center, Governor Says" two weeks after the George Bush inspired Road Map to rid Gaza of every Jew for his nefarious peace scam. Does anyone see the rapid speed in God's judgments on the prideful empire .
He is bringing U.S. down to the dust.
The day approaches soon when the mouth of the arrogant fools who divide Israel from their plush seats in Washington will be shut up.
Today Mr. Bush has more immediate problems to deal with piling up daily on him.
His Iraq has turned into Iran and imminent economic disaster from the Katrina- New Orleans will ripple to every corner of America and bring us to our knee's.
It's not the terrorist we have to worry about ,but the wrath of God unleashed on a nation which has turned away from Him.
The blind fool under the influence of evil is too arrogant to admit his gross stupidity in assuming to bring democracy and freedom to the followers of Allah .
We can't fix our mess at home and we assume to fix the world ?
As Pharoah's heart was heardened against Moses' "Let My People Go " plea ,so too will George continue to push Israel into the pit he has dug for her until America is destroyed into silence.
He betrayed Israel for Arab oil and now every American pays more and more daily to fill up.
God's divine retribution is no longer slow with great patience.
The New Orleans ,Misissippi Delta disaster will tip the Nation
Time has run out for the U.S.
The apostate lukewarm American Christians who went whoring after George the imposter to Messiah's throne and Israel's peace will go down with their false messiah.
This is the handwriting on the wall that most will not see , cannot see , until it is all over.
Just as Belshazzar and Babylon were SURPRISED by their untimely end ,so to will the nations of the world be SHOCKED and in stupor as the U.S.S. America bumps into the iceberg known as the Road Map.
Since his plan to reward the enemies of God , rewarding these evil terrorists,the Palestinians with land that God has given forever to the Jews , I've seen the handwriting on the wall and know without a doubt that this is the beginning of the end for my Country.
Katrina is just the BEGINNING OF THE END for this arrogant empire which tripped and fell
over tiny Israel. The last straw.
More incredible destruction looms from California to Florida, the domino's fall now.
We will be humbled ,brough down as a nation ,judged for or wickedness and perversion.
The perverted party town of FAT TUESDAY,mardi gras is no more a town fat with pleasure , drunkeness and debauchery,but much misery,sorrow,death and suffering.
AND IT'S ONLY BEGUN, No Republican or Democrat will save us from the judgments of a holy and just God.
As it was in the day's of Noah,they ate and drank until the flood took them away .
Turn away from your idols and wicked ways and live a holy life in the fear of God and He will keep you as the storms and destruction ravage the earth.
America will be the signpost of God's just judgment on the greedy, deviant, perverted, baby killing culture of godless sodomites that America has exported over all the earth.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The End of The U.S. is at Hand

Urgent Prayer Requested for President George W. Bush
"We urge all of our readers to pray that God will turn the heart of Mr. Bush to the bible and away from his Islamic partners" - Moriel
As Americas borders remain vulnerable to Islamic infiltration and smuggling of weapons of mass destruction, The Bush White House refuses to protect America’s borders. Invasion is a biblical form of judgment.As Saudi Arabia continues to fund the construction of Wahabist mosques, prison chaplaincies, and institutions which promote the fundamentalism that engenders terror, the Bush White House refuses to do anything but allow them to continue while death is the sentence for becoming a Christian in Saudi Arabia and not a single church can be built on their Islamic soil.After the FBI linked the Council of American-Islamic Relations to terror, Bush does nothing to close it down. He continued the express visa program for Saudis a full year after September 11th. Bush will not carry out the revocation of Islamic student visas and Green Cards or security profile Moslems on grounds of national security, but will deprive American citizens of their constitutional rights on such grounds.After his father left Sadam Hussein in power in 1991 in order to please his Saudi business partners, now his son has us in another Viet Nam while his government collaborates with the very Saudi enemy who subsidizes the extremism that breeds terror.His father’s Secretary of State, James Baker, is legal defense against the American 9/11 families suing the Saudis.In the view of some who contact us, It is difficult not to see the actions of Mr. Bush and his government as morally tantamount to treason.
Deficit ridden America is suppose to spend a fortune helping Islamic victims of the tsunami, while Saudi Arabia with a doubling of oil revenues does next to nothing in comparison.But as we see Bush turning his back on the persecuted church, we see his oil whore administration of political prostitutes owned by the international oil interests bullying Israel to forfeit more of its biblical homeland to Islamic terror. Now Candolezza Rice is pushing for Israel to abandon more of its homeland still on The West Bank to Islamic terror. This will only bring judgment on America. Siding with those who persecute the church and cursing Israel is a sure formula for God’s judgment (Genesis 12:1-3). Now Americans come home in body bags from Iraq daily while the world turns against it. In my own estimation Mr. Bush is a wicked man with an evil administration whom I can only detest as much as I detest the baby aborting Democratic Party.
Nations get the leaders they deserve.
But The Word of God commands I pray for him none-the-less. We urge all of our readers to pray that God will turn the heart of Mr. Bush to the bible and away from his Islamic partners. If he does not turn, we urge our readers to pray that the swift and terrible judgment of God will fall upon the Bush Administration. Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice do not know what they are playing with as they turn a deaf ear to the church being persecuted by Islam and as they bully Israel to move its ancient landmarks. Such perverse politicians and liars who are willing to betray the safety of their own country are indeed capable of any treachery.
But now they touch the apple of God’s eye. When Ronald Reagan sold AWACS planes to the Saudis, he got a bullet in his chest and he was fortunate it was not in his head. I do not desire an evil fate for Mr. Bush, but if it happens, I will know why. He and Ms. Rice are engaged in dangerous things they refuse to understand for the sake of corruption. May God turn the president’s head and heart to His Word and spare America from further suffering at the hands of Islamic terror.If the Bush administration continues on this path of betrayal and submission to Islamic expansionism, may the judgment of God fall upon the Bush administration quickly lest it continue to fall on America because of these sons of treachery (Daniel 2:21). May The God of Israel intervene in Jesus Name. God Bless America and God Help Israel and raise His Hand against their enemies both external and internal.
J. Jacob Prasch

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

President Bush -Servant of Satan

The strong delusion that has snared and decieved myriads of Christians is here.
Yeshua warned us that in the last days the very elect would be decieved ,and they are.
We have a FAKE Christian President who works hard to divide up Israel and the Christian Church in America ,in bed with this devil is silent. These deluded hypocrites serve two masters and cannot risk rocking their boat, aptly named the Titanic.This is why they are silent and ignore the truth that Mr. Bush is in lockstep with Satan and his plan to destroy Israel.
The above linked article is evidence to this reality that the lukewarm pukes of American Christianity ignore.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


More evidence of America's arrogant bullying and pressure on Israel .
Hopefully Israel wakes up in time and learns to stand up for themselves.
At this point they encourage the trampleing of their sovereignty and are
incapable of saying no to deadly U.S. interference.
We're going to get it back in spades.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza (ISRAEL) Cleansing of Florida

I'm not sure what is to happen but I am certain that Israel's God will send a strong message
to Mr. Bush and the U.S. related to the president's pressure on Israel to surrender and retreat to the terrorists , starting with Gaza this week.
By his own hand he is making it free of every Jew as a reward for the Palestinian terrorist's .
It's no wonder our boys are dying ingreater numbers in Iraq.
Under the false peace plan of our wolf in sheeps clothing president and his puppet P.M. Sharon
Islamic terrorism is rewarded with Israel as the main dish.
Will much of Florida be erased ,disengaged,expulsion from the state by the millions to graves and surrounding states ?
I won't be surprised ,many will though, because they fail to understand the severity ,the evil of Mr. Bush's acts against the Israel of God.

His arrogant interference is nothing short of Satanic evil as he full well knows that the Palestinian terrorist enterprise he pumps up with billions of U.S. dollars has no desire or makes no attempt to live in peace with the Jews. He willingly aids the enemies of God to destroy Israel.
In Divine Justice ,we get what we've dished out to Israel and the Jews ,NOW !
Sooner than later it will come.
God has shortened the the divine law of sowing and reaping,we will reap fast for our betrayal of Israel and increaced national perversions and wickedness.
America has forgotten Whom has made her great and a chatlatan sitting as president will not spare us from God's justice.
Look for more MAJOR calamity and disaster to befall the U.S.
The blind deaf and dumb will not understand that the two; Gaza -Bush Road Map are tied to America's piece by piece destruction ,but God's people will understand what is happening.

I was led to read twice this week( monday & wednesday) in Nahum 3 ;
"The Lord Makes His way in the Whirlwind and in the Storm "

And today ,Thusrday I found these two articles at a web site I never visited before....
... two articles that tie to U.S. pressure (Bush) to remove Jews from Gaza and God removing U.S. citizens from Florida by His Storm & WhirlWind.

If you find yourself in the middle of it like I do, Praise God !
Verse seven of Nahum is His word to those who find themselves in the middle of destruction when it comes.

"The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble;and he knows those who trust in Him."


Cataclysmic Destruction in/of Florida
O: Carroll & Lois, Bladen....
Bruce and Barbara , Bladen....., Sebring, FL
Col "Hank", USA, Ret, 21st Sig Co (Svc), Camp Darby, Italy, 1960-1963, Sa...... Beach, FL
Others as appropriate
Dear relatives and friends in Florida,
I’m writing this, with little hope that you’ll heed or take any action on this admonition. However, maybe if I set the parameters into context properly, when you see them coming to pass, you will have time to escape.
Florida will be almost completely destroyed by two "super cell" hurricanes, which will form up, concurrently, from six separate storms. I do not know which year, however, Sept ‘05 is not out of the realm of possibility.
To wit, there will be a hurricane come from the Cape Verde Islands, combining as a "super cell", with two already-formed storms somewhere S-SE of Florida. At the same time there will be a hurricane come across Central America into the Gulf; as recently happened, for the first time ever. This storm will combine with two smaller storms which will have formed in the Gulf; the three forming another "super cell".
These two "super cells" will then move to NE and SW positions off the Florida coasts; before converging and combining together over the state. The resultant destruction will literally be apocalyptic in scope. I have known terrible destruction was coming for years; however, recently, in the past two years, there have been four separate individuals who have been given visions or dreams, by the Holy Spirit, regarding this destruction. The one brother, a personal friend, has never been **wrong in the last 11 years. If you want to hear his "track record", or for particulars, call me at home: xxx xxx xxxx
I am sure that none of you will want to believe the above warning, however, when you see the Pacific storm materialize, then crossing Central America, as well as the Cape Verde Islands-born storm moving westward, you should have time to leave. If you wait no less than about 24 hours before they give the evacuation order you may be able to escape; say like at 1:00 AM. However, be advised, this weather cataclysm will, in the final stages, accelerate quickly, leaving little or no time for NWS evacuation warnings. The destruction will be without precedent over the entire state. Be advised I have at least FIVE Holy Ghost witnesses to this event; plus the Hebrew Bible Code, which you’ll see below.
Warmest regards, in His glad Service, the Lord Jesus Christ,

Alex "Al" Cuppett

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's not enough to force Israel to surrender what little land it has to Islamic terrorists driven to Israel's destruction.Gaza,Judea and Samaria are not enough.
The Bush Road Map Plan in One sentence ;
The Jewish problem must disappear sooner than later as the President pushes Israel to appease and surrender more and more.
Soon,there will be nothing left to give.
Rewarding Iran sponsered terrorist group Hezbollah, bent on Israel's destruction is how he 'fights' his phony war on terrorism.
Removing Israel instead of removing terrorists has been the agenda all along.
Hey , What are Friends for ?

U.S. asks Israel to withdraw from land claimed by Lebanon
WORLD TRIBUNE - Aug 1, 2005 - The Bush administration is pressing Israel to withdraw from a sliver of territory claimed by Lebanon.
Officials said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice discussed the case for Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa during her trip to Israel earlier this month. After meeting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on July 22, Ms.Rice made an unscheduled one-day visit to Beirut to meet Siniora and express support for Lebanon in wake of the Syrian military withdrawal.
Lebanese officials said the administration has assured the new government of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora that the United States would urge Israel to withdraw from the Shebaa Plateau. The area was captured by Israel in the 1967 war and the United Nations regards the area as Syrian territory, Middle East Newsline reported.
"Washington sees the Shebaa Plateau as containing the potential of another Middle East crisis and the main excuse for Hizbullah's continued presence," a Lebanese official said. "We have been given the impression that results could be expected over the next year."
Members of Ms. Rice's delegation told Siniora that the administration would demand a timetable for an Israeli withdrawal from Shebaa after the unilateral pullout from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank in August.
Lebanese officials said Sharon has agreed to consider the U.S. request. Officials said the United States envisions a staged approach that would ensure the restoration of Lebanese rule over southern Lebanon. The first step would be an Israeli pledge to withdraw from Shebaa, the focus of Hizbullah's insurgency campaign against the Jewish state...