Friday, October 27, 2006

ISRAEL - Iran & Hezbollah

Picture # 2 at above link -
How did Iran's Hezbollah get such hi-tech and sensetive U.S. Military equipment.
What else do they have that we don't yet know about ?

Yes sir Master George ,I will ethnically cleanse all Jews from Gaza,Judea and Samaria for you and your Road Map from hell.
All for your much desired Palestinian terrorist state. I will gladly be your Kapo in service to your evil agenda against my fellow Jews.
Just call me your loyal ethnic cleanser of Jews from their God given land ,you land sanatizer.

rub generously on hands and place hands over eyes.
guaranteed to change the perception of reality immediately

Do not question anything ,just be dumb & loyal sheep !

Something everyone seems to be ignoring is the U.S. led ceasefire agreement which came to the rescue of Hezbollah and pressured Israel into another loss.
Israel, by U.S. policy is no longer permitted to defeat any Arab threat since their defeat of Syria and Egypt in the Yom Kippur War of 1973.
The first Lebanese war of 1982 Israel almost won but then president Reagan came to the rescue of terrorist chief Yassar Arafat, surrounded by the IDF in Beirut and in their gun sights.

President Bush also came to Yassar Arafat's rescue in 2003 when P.M. Sharon began his much delayed offensive against Yassar at his Mukata headquarters in Ramallah.
All it took was a phone call from Washington ordering Sharon not to harm the worlds most rewarded terrorist.
The true nature of the beast is not hard to discern unless you desire blindness and delusion.
God is a God of REALITY ,so you are really not following Him if you ignore or reject the truth to comfort the illusion you build your house upon.
Sinking sand and not the Rock.
Because Arafat mainly killed Jews he was rewarded and protected by the world community headed by the U.S.
The name of the game is restrain Israel always but never the Islamic terrorists the U.S. has redefined as victimized Palestinian's .
Thats why the Palestinians continue to evolve into a growing threat and Israel is only permitted to do minimal probing attacks into Gaza and Judea and Samaria hotbeds of Islamic terror.
Alway limited to insure Israel does not come near victory against their avowed enemies ,all under the lie of peace.
The master / slave relationship has replaced the ally and friend one.
Thats also why Iraq is a disaster and everything goes bad for the arrogant empire.
The more the U.S. screws Israel the worse it gets for the U.S.
The blind president and his blind secretary Rice are driven minus reason ,driven by their master Satan to weaken and dismember Israel for his final,final solution.
Divine retribution will only increase against U.S for our hypocrisy and evil betrayal against the Israel of God.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

all armies are toast

Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in the midst of them that rise up against me, a destroying wind;
Do not spare her young men;
Utterly destroy all her army.
Thus the slain shall fall in the land of the Chaldeans,
And those thrust through in her streets.
For Israel is not forsaken, nor Judah,
By his God, the Lord of hosts,
Though their land was filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel."

Event's unfolding lead me to believe the U.S. military will not make it out of Iraq alive.
The president stubbornly remains on a fatal course for America.
No doubt an instrument of God's judgment upon America and all the nations, he wrongly and blindly assumes his is a benevolent role.
He plays the part of the rider on the white horse well ,going out conquering and to conquer.
Revelation 6:2

He also plays the part of the one who by peace destroy's much of Israel.
Daniel 8
The Bush Road Map for Israel & his Iraq /Afghan agenda are all Satan inspired delusions which lead to WWIII and not peace.

The sheep headed for slaughter continue to trust in him to deliver what he cannot deliver.

The bad new for America is that once the enemy wipes out our thin and worn out line in Iraq there is very little to defend the U.S. against attack.
It's a strong possbility that the destruction of armies begins with US the latest empire presently in one of the past great empires of the world.
Coincidence ? Not a chance , Jim's email below reminded me of the he goat george of Daniel 8.
It's like a big history book with first chapter;
Babel empire- Nimrod and last chapter, Babel empire- Bush,
as he works to freedom & democracy the globe for Satan's last Babel World Order.
Isn't it amazing that the lone superpower's army fills the land of ancient Babylon now ?
After all that has been written of Babylon ,who now is in control of it by way of his army ?
Daniel 8 talks about the" he goat coming from the west and touched not the ground"
The U.S. Air Force Military Air Lift Command transports U.S. troops to ancient Babylon by air.
"A notable horn between his eyes" reveals the superpower status of America and the fact that the President is one of the most powerful men on the planet.
I've noticed over the years that the president has become much more arrogant as to his global status and power,stubbornly determined to remain on a fatal and cataclysmic course.
He acts more and more like a demi-god all the time.
Just watch how he tramples Israel's sovereignty to accomplish his devious and fasle peace Road Map plan.

exerpt from Jim Searcy's yahoogroups email 10/20/06
And he came to the RAM that had TWO horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with choler against him, and smote the ram, and brake his TWO horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground, and stamped upon him: and there was NONE that could deliver the ram out of his hand. Therefore the he GOAT waxed very great: and WHEN HE WAS STRONG, THE GREAT HORN WAS BROKEN; And he said, Behold, I will make thee KNOW what shall be IN THE LAST END OF THE INDIGNATION: for at the TIME APPOINTED THE END SHALL BE.The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia. (Iraq & Iran) the ram which had two horns: and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last.

And in the latter time of their kingdom, WHEN the transgressors are COME TO THE FULL, a king of fierce countenance, and UNDERSTANDING DARK SENTENCES, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but NOT by his own power: and he SHALL DESTROY WONDERFULLY, and shall prosper, and practice, and SHALL DESTROY THE MIGHTY AND THE HOLY PEOPLE. And through his policy also he shall cause CRAFT to prosper in his hand; (WITCHCRAFT - CRAFT OF FREEMASONRY - LUCIFERIAN RELIGION) and he shall magnify HIMSELF IN HIS HEART, and by PEACE shall destroy MANY: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand. And the vision of the EVENING AND THE MORNING was told is TRUE: wherefore SHUT THOU UP THE VISION; for it shall be for many days.

Some may wonder why an attack on Iran would be such a disaster.
Because that is what the Word of God says in Daniel Chapter 8. Yet, we do KNOW it will happen. But why will it be such a disaster?The coming together of China and Russia was one of the most earth-shaking geopolitical events of modern times. However few seemed to notice the transition from bitter enmity to a solid geopolitical, economic, diplomatic and military alliance. The combined strengths of China and Russia, not to mention Iran, far surpasses that of the former Warsaw Pact. Yes, Iran is significant regarding this Russia China alliance. These three, Russia, China, and Iran, can very easily explode the myth of America being a lone superpower. Iran is the most industrialized nation with the largest population in the Middle East. It is second only to Russia in gas resources and one of the largest oil producers in the world. The fact that Iran is one of the most mountainous countries in the world makes it ideal for guerrilla warfare against a superior adversary. Iran borders two of the richest oil and gas regions of the world, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.
Iran controls the gateway to the Persian Gulf, known as the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has already deployed modern bottom-rising, rocket propelled sea mines and supersonic cruise missiles along the long mountainous coastline of Iran. These facts mean that Iran is fully prepared to indefinitely stop the flow of oil from the Gulf, from which the US gets 23% of its imported oil, Japan 90% of its oil, and Europe about 60%. In a major conflict, Iran can effectively deprive the US war machine, and those of its key allies, of much needed energy supplies. When the war machine runs out of gas the lone superpower myth explodes. It is not just the 23% of America's imported oil, but very much more than that very quickly as soon as Chinese and Russian submarines start sinking US-bound oil tankers. The three-cord axis of China, Russia, and Iran will not be easily broken and could bring the US to its knees very quickly.
The most astute observers here in the Middle East view Russia and China failing to oppose the US invasion of Iraq, as a strategic set up to totally destroy America when the US is provoked to attack Iran. Few in history have been more provocative than Iran's Ahmadinejad.
From Chittim, Isa 23:1,
Shalom & Simcha
Jim Searcy

Same place different time,same result.
Babylon is fallen ,is fallen

Come near, you nations, to hear;
And heed, you people!
Let the earth hear, and all that is in it,
The world and all things that come forth from it.
For the indignation of the Lord is against all nations,
And His fury against all their armies;
He has utterly destroyed them,
He has given them over to the slaughter.
Also their slain shall be thrown out;
Their stench shall rise from their corpses,

And the mountains shall be melted with their blood.
All the host of heaven shall be dissolved,
And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll;
All their host shall fall down
As the leaf falls from the vine,
And as fruit falling from a fig tree.
"For My sword shall be bathed in heaven;
Indeed it shall come down on Edom,
And on the people of My curse, for judgment.
The sword of the Lord is filled with blood,
It is made overflowing with fatness,
With the blood of lambs and goats,
With the fat of the kidneys of rams.
For the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah,
For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance,
The year of recompense for the cause of Zion.
Its streams shall be turned into pitch,
And its dust into brimstone;
Its land shall become burning pitch.
It shall not be quenched night or day;
Its smoke shall ascend forever.
Isaiah 34

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Out of Control U.S. Interference in Israel's Sovereignty

Two examples of the ongoing trampling of a sovereign nation by the U.S. this week alone.

If the corrupt nation's can call Israel building homes on their land 'illegal' than they themselves are illegal in the Creator's eyes. The global showdown between God and the nations has begun with the U.S. being at the forefront of their losing agenda to carve up Israel .

Peretz replied that he is allocating two weeks time for negotiations with Yesha Council leaders, for voluntary evacuations. If they do not reach an agreement, the illegal outposts will be evacuated by force.Peretz told the cabinet on Sunday that he planned to meet with settlement leaders to discuss the possibility of a voluntary evacuation of illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank. "The matter of evacuating illegal outposts has not lost importance on the public's agenda, but was given a long rest during the war in Lebanon," he said, adding that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had raised the issue with him on her last visit to Israel.
Last Thursday, Peretz ordered senior Israel Defense Forces officials to speed up the evacuation of illegal settlement outposts from the West Bank

The US State Department filed an official complaint against the Israeli government Tuesday at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, saying that Israel caused problems for American citizens of Palestinian origin and limited their entry and exit of the territories.
The complaint was filed following instructions from US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice herself.,7340,L-3316418,00.html

The U.S under a supposed 'Christian' president continues to trample Israel's sovereignty with increasing impunity while it is silent towards the overt Palestinian terrorism and their buildup for war to destroy Israel.
Always threatening and intimidating Israel and making excuses for the terrorists who have been placed in the role of victims by the Satan led Bush- Rice team.
There is no peace with the Bush Road Map or anywhere he has set his plan's in motion .
Truly a perfect example of the fake man of peace on the white horse who goes out conquering and to conquer. Revelation 6:2

The agenda has always been to weaken Israel in preperation for the next war.
IT IS NOT THE MOSLEMS, not Syria or Iran or Russian or Chinese communists or the Palestinians who throw the Jewish people off of their God given land and throw them out of their homes to reward both to intolerant and extremely violent Islamic terrorists whom even the blind dogs know desire no peace with the Jews but a supposed 'BORN AGAIN Christian president. It goes beyond hypocrisy.
Think about it , a Conservative Christian America president has been tapped by Satan to do his dirty work ,effectivly weakening Israel in preperation for the final push solution.
It is not Bill Clintion,not the left ,not the Democrats,no other nation but the U.S. pressures Israel into sucide under the guise of ally and freind.
And the Church in the U.S. continues to support the leader they put into office for such a time as this.
Their hands partake of the innocent blood on the head of this president who continues to give weapons and millions of dollars in support under the lie of peace to Israel's enemies.
America learned nothing from Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.
The God of Israel will respond to U.S interferecene in His agenda for Israel as His word stands and this empire falls.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


exerpt ;

It is just as naive and demented to envision a battle between "good people" and "bad people" as humans tend to categorize themselves, every one armed to the teeth and the "good" people eventually winning the battle.
For one thing, that isn't even close to what the Bible says about Armageddon.
In God's sight there are no good people, only those who are justified by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, Savior and King.
That is the message of the Bible with respect to the mission and ministry of the Christ.
And Armageddon is human warfare, presided over by Satan, against Christ and His host of heavenly beings.
So there is a spiritual war behind the earthly war, with spirit beings as well as human beings involved.
It is indeed the consummate battle between good and evil, far greater than what human minds, even the most devout of believers, are able to envision in the terms presented to us in the Bible (which is not a criticism of the Bible).
What, then, could these deluded kings of the earth be fighting against, and with what? If there is a battle, then there must be combat of some sort ... or a condition that will lead to the destruction we associate with the name Armageddon.
How could the armies of the earth ruled by demon-led kings actually enter into a battle with God?
Satan has thus deceived both the kings of the earth and their subjects, mankind in general (except for God's elect) into denying God and disobeying His every commandment and statute given for man's benefit. What this produces, of course, is the total breakdown of all political, religious, social, moral and economic structures that hold the world, such as it is, together with some form of order.
The result is the most ungodly chaos the world system has ever known or beheld. After the great slaughter of Satan's earthly followers, an angel invites the birds to a feast consisting of the carcasses of the slain. (God is also the Master Ecologist.)

After Armageddon, the next judgment is upon the "great harlot" known as Mystery Babylon.
If we look at the history of Babylon, we will find quite easily that it was in Babylon (successor to Sumeria) that we find the beginnings of corrupt politics, false religion, social inequalities, immorality of every sort, and greedy commerce.
Those, according to the commentary, are the elements of this world system that are devastated at Armageddon, never to be seen upon the new earth or in the new heavens, cleansed of all evil for eternity.
God, at whom no missile was ever fired, is pictured as seated on a great white horse (rulership) from which He, as the righteous King, both judges and makes war. (Rev. 19:11) Now the war is over, all that is left is the final judgment of the wicked.
The war is one-sided in God's favor.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Assassin's Mace

An excellent article which lays out the ease in which China & Russia can end America's global dominance in one afternoon.

exerpt -
No US defense vs supersonic cruise missiles The US and UK aircraft carrier battle groups do not have any known defense against the new supersonic missiles of their adversaries.
The Phalanx and Aegis ship defense systems may be effective against subsonic cruise missiles like the Exocets or Tomahawks, or exo-atmospheric ballistic missiles, but they are inadequate against the sea-skimming and supersonic Granits, Moskits and Yakhonts or similar types (Shipwreck, Sunburn and Onyx - North Atlantic Treaty Organization codenames) of modern anti-ship missiles in China's inventory.
Not only China and Russia have these modern cruise missiles, so do Iran, India and North Korea. These missiles can be delivered by SU-27 variants, SU-30s, Tu22M Blackjacks, Bears, J6s, JH-7/As, H-6Hs, J-10s, surface ships, diesel submarines or common trucks. Adding to the problems facing aircraft carriers are the SHKVAL or "squall" rocket torpedoes installed in some Chinese and Russian submarines and surface ships.
At 6,000 lbs apiece, these torpedoes travel at 200 knots (or 230 miles per hour) with a range of 7,500 yards guided by autopilot.
They are designed to sink aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. Again, it is unfortunate for the US and UK to have no known or existing defenses against this new generation of rocket torpedoes.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Not what if but when

..................When that happens, this is what we can look forward to here in the USA:
Life, for us, will change forever.
Airports will shut down immediately. In fact, all travel, save walking, will be extremely restricted. Plan on being treated like a criminal no matter where you go. Plan on not getting anywhere fast. Those caught away from home will be stranded for weeks or months. For Americans vacationing in foreign
countries, even Mexico and Canada, reentry will be all but impossible.
"Martial Law," or some version of it, will be imposed in every place. That means curfews, endless checkpoints, and mass detention centers, everywhere.
Television and radio will be offline. Hard, reliable news will be difficult to come by. Wild rumors will circulate, unchecked.
Communication via telephone, cell phone, and computer will be cut off immediately. The whole system will melt down. Restoration will be slow and tedious. It may be weeks before you know the status of separated friends and family.
All sales of guns and ammunition will be stopped immediately, along with sales of liquor, fuel, and some drugs.
Military mobilization, on a national level, will commence in earnest.
Most roads, mass transit, heavy vehicles, busses, aircraft, and ships will be immediately commandeered for military use.
Politicians, at all levels, will take extreme measures to protect themselves. The rest of us will be the recipients of little more than lip service. We'll see paranoid mayors, like Nagen in New Orleans, send their police hou se to house confiscating legally-owned firearms, ammunition, even food (you'll be accused of "hoarding") from good and decent people who are unlikely to resist violently. The indecency of such public criminality will never even occur to them.
As we saw in New Orleans, violent criminals, individually and in gangs, wil l commit burglaries, robberies, arson, rape, and murder, largely unhindered b y police (who will be completely overwhelmed).
Those caught unprepared will, as always, make useful victims.
There will be chronic shortages of everything you can imagine. Cash will become worthless. Until some universal faith in government is earned and eventually restored, the new currency will be food, ammunition, and batteri es.
Decent people, entire neighborhoods, will have to band together for protection. Large sections of urban areas will be considered too dangerous to enter, even by police.
In France, this is the case now!
Delivery of basic, infrastructure services, like water, gas, and electricity, will become intermittent and unreliable.
I promise you, liberal, anti-gun snobs will be the first ones at your doorstep sheepishly begging to borrow one of yours!
Many among the naive and unprepared will not live through it. Individual preparedness, including reserves of food, water, guns, ammunition, personal
competence and resolve, et al, will see you through it. My advice is to ge t prepared now, while you still can. "What if?" is, in fact, the wrong question. "What when?" is the right one!

john farnham's quips

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Dark Lies Exposed by the Light of Truth

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that talks with the ruling Hamas militant group on forming a more moderate coalition government have broken down.

So Israel is expected to make peace with mad Palestinian dogs who can't even get along among themselves ?
And the lie that Abbas and Fatah are moderates has been told enough times by the liar in chief and his secretary that the majority now believe it.

Olmert is expected to stress in talks with Rice that the United States must play a central role in countering the threat posed by Iran and its nuclear ambitions.

What happened to Israel's God ?
America has arrogantly assumed to have replaced Him and Israel always runs to their replacement god for salvation.

At the end of the summit, Rice called for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

Which is the one nation at the forefront of dividing Israel and rewarding Islamic terrorism ?

This is the first meeting of this forum, which has raised many questions among Arab states regarding its purpose. "This is not a coalition against anybody," said Rice.

Just Israel

The Egyptian foreign minister, Ahmed Abul Gheit, said that no differences of opinion emerged during the meeting, since all the participants are friendly states.

Friendly Egypt helps the Islamic terrorists fighting Israel in many ways .One of their most friendly way is to help smuggle more lethal weapons into Gaza .
Does anyone ask how they are able to acquire such modern high tech weapons by the tonnage and get them into Gaza so easily?

"Our purpose is peace in the region, stability and development. The aim is the establishment of a Palestinian state," he added.

A Palestinian state is the sure way to exterminate Israel as we can see what is happening in Palestinian ruled Gaza and everyone is in agreement with this plan from hell .
See Psalm 83 ;1-5.

President George W. Bush, writes Gardiner, sees himself like Winston Churchill standing against the appeasers, and "believes the world will only appreciate him after he leaves office, talks about the Middle East in messianic terms, and is said to have told those close to him that he has got to attack Iran because even if a Republican succeeds him ... he will not have the same freedom of action that Bush enjoys."

The man on a mission is fueled by a messianic view of himself.
In a way he is correct as He is God's instrument of wrath upon the earth .
Read Revelation 6 and understand that this rider on the white horse has begun his conquering with Afghanistan and Iraq.
His globalist babel agenda has the opposite effect,it takes peace from the earth
instead of bringing peace, democracy and freedom to it.
The red horse , red Russia, the bloody red sword of Islamic Iran, red China and red,red North Korea are mounted and ready to ride. Tribulation is at the door knocking and the false man of peace leads the earth to destruction by his godlike arrogance.
Israel will pay a heavy price for their unswerving allegiance to this covenant of lies & death Road Map and ignoring the Holy One of Israel .