Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Babylon The Great is Falling

Jeremiah 10:21
For the shepherds have become stupid And have not sought the LORD; Therefore they have not prospered, And all their flock is scattered.

Jeremiah 4:22
"For My people are foolish,
They know Me not;
They are stupid children
And have no understanding.
They are shrewd to do evil,
But to do good they do not know."

The Root of ALL Evil - Follow the Money

A very eye opening article on what lies beneath and ahead.
The writer blames the' fundamentalist' in the White House.
It's easy to see that when the president's satan inspired plan's open up hell on earth that Christian's will be blamed for all of it and severely persecuted by those like the above writer.
Our adversary the Devil has been setting this up for a long time and most of Christendom is dead asleep , even helping Satan's prince in Washington set up the final play.
As George's brother by the same father of lies , Bill Clinton once said ;
It's the economy, stupid.
I think this is why most Christian's ignore the mountain of evidence that clearly exposes George as a New World Order servant of hell.
They are deeply tied into love of this world , it's trinkets ,treasures,mamon and stuff.

They ignore Jesus' warning not to love this world or the things of this world, so they are easily seduced.

So they turn a blind eye, bury their head's deeper and deeper and wish upon a false star.
These are the followers Jesus spoke of who are cold and lukewarm and whose hearts are ensnared by idol's.
You cannot serve two master's.
You cannot honor the one who divides Israel for Satan and the God of Israel.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Is The President's Soul in Jeopardy ?

Is the President's Soul in Jeopardy?
An Evangelical Christian Looks at Bush's Skull and Bones Initiation

Skull and Bones is a worrisome and strange Yale secret society.
On August 17, 2000 there was an interview with President George W. Bush that bestirred controversy regarding his initiation into Skull and Bones.
Time Magazine asked if it troubled him that he had been initiated into the Society when he was a young man. President Bush responded, "No qualms at all. I was honored."
Inevitably some people, knowing the Skull and Bones reputation of blasphemy, were surprised that the President said he was "honored." Others, particularly Christians defended him saying, in effect, "Let's put this aside. He was forgiven of that when he accepted Christ."
The disturbing fact, however, is that President Bush's statement came many years after he announced he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.
In that light, the more one learns about Skull and Bones, the more distressing the President's statement becomes. It raises vexing questions for those of us who live our life in Christ and do so as evangelicals.
I thought about this deeply because coming to Christ is very important to me and I know the depth of soul searching that is the essence of the Christian tradition when one chooses to give one's life to ones life to God.
After reading the President's statement, I felt compelled to investigate the actual content of the Skull and Bones ritual that he believed so honored him, hoping by this to understand the man who is President of the United States. And so I write this as a friend of the President's soul, but also disturbed by what he has called to himself.
The fruits of my investigations revealed some details that are truly frightening that are not included even in Alexandra Robbins' very revealing book, Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League and the Hidden Path to Power (Little Brown and Company, 2002) , a book that provides us with the most reliable account of the secret rites When the President was interviewed by Time he could be fairly certain that the nature of the initiation would remain a secret. Subsequently, Mrs. Robbins was able to find and interview scores of "Bonesmen" as they are called, who were willing to describe the rituals.
After reading the book, I prayed on whether I should write about the actual meaning of this ritual, specifically the meaning of one word, well-known to students of New Testament Greek: "eulogia." ("Bonesmen" are called Knights of Eulogia.)
Ultimately, I felt the message to speak of it, particularly to those of us who safekeep the Christian tradition in these dark times, because we need this information to properly evaluate other matters of great concern about the President.
I do this with a heavy heart. I can only imagine the burdens of being a President. And I certainly admit, as many of us will, to participating in activities as a young man that as an adult I regret and of which I believe I have repented.
That is the way young men are. However, when I looked more deeply, I found these Skull and Bones rites to be of another nature than youthful indiscretions, and to have serious implications. Therefore I humbly offer this information so that people can think about this in their hearts.
Let me say some general things first about President Bush as a young man and about the family and times he was born into.
In my quest for the truth about the meaning of the President's Skull and Bones comments, I found myself looking deeper into the nature of his background that would lead him to Skull and Bones. I learned much about the dynamic relationship between him, his father and his grandfather. I came from this inquiry believing they played an important part in his initiation--in the power he gave it, in what he made of it and in who he become since.
The Lord I believe led me to see that the initiation was not just a "frat boy's spoof" for young George W. Bush but a serious rite of initiation for him with real consequences, affecting his thinking and behavior afterwards.
As we know, President Bush is the first-born son of a formidable father. He was to be his father's heir. Some of his history as a boy, as a teenager, and especially in his twenties, is familiar to all of us, and we can't help feeling affection and concern.
It was in his early twenties that he began his twenty-year descent into alcoholism.
"When I was young and irresponsible, I behaved young and irresponsible," President Bush says of this time. In this remark he clearly was not including as "irresponsible" his initiation into Skull and Bones, as witness the statement of this 54-year-old Christian man who says he was honored to be initiated.
It was in 1968 that the 22-year-old was initiated into the cult--as his father and grandfather Prescott had been before him. As had been his uncles Jonathan Bush, John Walker and George Herbert Walker II, his great-uncle George Herbert Walker, Jr. and cousin Ray Walker and numerous friends. Young George was very much following in the footsteps of his kinsmen. Such a multi generational experience, one imagines, inevitably intensifies the emotion and affects of the ritual and gives it more legitimacy and power.
The initiation takes place in an environment called The Tomb where one encounters human and animal skeletons and skulls. "The death's-head logo stamps everything from crockery to painted borders on the wall." (Robbins, p. 87). In this setting "Bonesmen" return weekly after the initiation to talk about what most matters to them. While many of the 1968 initiates spoke of Vietnam, George W. Bush is witnessed to have spent most of his presentations in the tomb speaking about his father--reportedly in "at God-like terms."
One of the President's 1968 classmates has said that being in Skull and Bones made young George feel even closer to the line of ancestors who had been in the secret group before him--"it just kind of crystallized his value system." (Robbins, p.178.) Skull and Bones, in this view, became important because it was sealing in young George a sense of identity with family as mutual practitioners of the Skull and Bones rituals and as adaptors of its beliefs.
We are seeing the powerful feeling that would come from being a Bush-clan member meeting up against the fragility and bravado of a 22-year-old man--an unformed young man compared to his father and the men in his family. I can imagine that the inner pressures on young George were mounting. The reports say he was known as a "party animal" when he was accepted into Yale. Being an outsider with a Texas accent, a famous father and sparse scholarly interest, our future President showed himself as openly contemptuous of Yale snobbery and thriving on the boisterous warmth of male bonding.
I can see that at the moment of initiation into Skull and Bones, there was a coming into manhood question that had to be faced. As a young man beginning to discover himself, he carried the essential dilemma of any "chosen son"--effectively saying "I am of my father's line (and proud of it) but I am most certainly not my father." The reports of his drinking at the time make it clear that young George was showing his independence, that he was not controlled by his father's patrician and very Yale sensibility. It was his turn to step into the stream of history but only on his own terms--or so a witness might conclude from the young man's behavior.
In this brew of father worship and simultaneous rebellion and perhaps even disdain for some aspects of his father's world, our future President entered the Tomb.
With a hood placed on his head, the text of the Robbins book reports, the initiate is "marched throughout the Tomb on a pseudo-tour, during which the knights and patriarchs shriek in high-pitched voices jokes about the initiate's girlfriend or dog, akin to benign 'yo' mama' cracks." (p.119.) Although resembling Carnival rites in many cultures, in fact the ritual soon begins to teeter dangerously toward other dark ceremonies from anti-Christian secret societies of the past.
The society has a story it claims gives historical and even religious credibility and sanction to these rites. The society's adopted myth states that the Roman goddess Eulogia ascended into heaven in 322 BC. The society's lore refers to the 'First Miracle of the origin of our Goddess' (Robbins, p.84) and to her "second coming" toYale in 1832 to found the society. "Eulogia! Eulogia! Eulogia!" the "Bonesmen" shriek as the initiate is escorted into the inner temple before he is compelled to sign his name to an oath of secrecy.
After this the initiate is brought before a picture of Judas Iscariot, whose name the group screams three times, and then he is led to the heart of the rite: the initiate is pushed to his knees before a human skull filled with blood placed at the foot of a human skeleton called Madame Pompadour.
The crowd "implores him to 'Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!'" and he does. Then he is hurried to a man dressed as the Pope. "But not before the D whips him in the face with his tail. The initiate bends to kiss the Pope's slippered toe on the skull." (Robbins, p.120.) This is the core of the very un-Christian and blasphemous rite that enfolded so many members of the Bush clan into the secret society, mirroring similar rites from earlier blasphemous societies and indeed even some devil-worshipping sects.
Now we must pause and consider these rites. What might they mean today? What do the initiators intend by havng young men in the rigors of modern education submit to these un-Christian rites? Whom do they hope the young men will become as a result? And what actually happens to those who undergo these rites?
I was shocked to discover that the Goddess Eulogia is a fabrication. And not a simple fabrication but one that leads us to something very specific.
There never was a Roman goddess by that name. However, students of New Testament Greek know that eulogia is one of the names given to the sacrament as in St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians: "The cup of blessing ('eulogia') which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ?" Alarming to me and perhaps it will be to you, rather than honoring the sacrament, we see that the secret society initiation culminates in a parody of partaking of the blood of Christ. This parody is known in other contexts as the sinful Black Mass. We know Black Mass is not truly parody but blasphemy and sacrilege.
Invoking Judas, dishonoring the Pope and violating the sacrament is terrible sacrilege.
I believe I am neither exaggerating nor distorting to suggest that whatever young George's confusion as to his being father's heir, the initiation provided them with a shared secret.
That secret is that both partook of the devil's sacrament, in which the chalice is a human skull, and did so within a secret order explicitly committed to the accumulation of wealth and power, as the Robbins book makes clear.
As strange and troubling as all of this is, none of it would make a difference to a man who has repented and received Christ. God is good and generous beyond measure. But, oddly enough, although the President is professed to have joined us as an Evangelical in 1985 and speaks of the wonder-working power of faith and is witnessed as a religious man with daily prayer sessions at the White House, there is nowhere in the public record any details that he repented .
Nor is there any evidence that he ever reflected on the implications of his initiation nor renounced the heart- chilling credo of wealth and power that he committed his soul to as a youth, thereby joining his lineage in this bond.
Indeed, quite the opposite seems to be the case. As author Robbins has stated, "As president Bush has appointed fellow Bonesmen to high-level positions, such as Edward McNalley, the general council of the Office of Homeland Security and senior associate counsel on national security. Yet,although one of his first social gatherings at the White House was a Skull and Bones reunion, Bush feigned ignorance when asked recently about Bones: 'The thing is so secret that I'm not even sure it still exists,' he replied." (Robbins, USA Today 25 September 2002).
It is right that we pray for Mr. Bush and pray fervently, for his soul is profoundly endangered.
A detail about the founding of Skull and Bones might help us understand the devil's place in this ritual. As it turns out, shortly before founding the secret society, William H. Russell had spent a year in Germany.
"When William Russell took some time off from Yale to study in Germany, he could very well have been introduced to a German student club with the death's head logo, and then returned to Yale and set up a branch of that club." (Robbins, p.82.) As it happens Russell's time in Germany coincided with the completion of Goethe's play "Faust"--the essential text that examines what it means to sell one's soul to the Devil. Goethe died within weeks of completing this play, and all of Germany was alive with the celebration of the great man's work in 1832.
The first section of "Faust" had been released and had played in German theaters for years. It would be unlikely that Russell was unfamiliar with Goethe's most famous work, which mirrors somewhat the Skull and Bones ritual, most specifically the secret signing he oath and the use of blood to seal the rite:
Faust: If this will satisfy you, then I say let us agree and put this farce to odd use.
Mephistopheles: Blood is a quite peculiar juice.
Faust sold his soul to the devil for power in this temporal world.
Let us now be witness to the issue of the desire for power at all costs, and the desire for money that makes for power outside God's world, as it played its (Faustian?) hand through the men in the Bush family line who have been initiated into this rite. I could not help but note the glaring reality that President Bush, his father George and his grandfather Prescott span three generations of profiting from war and trading with the enemy.
In 1924 Prescott Bush became manager of the United Steel Works of the Union Banking Corporation that was seized in October, 1942, by the U.S. government. Prescott was charged with "running Nazi-funded groups in the United States." He was involved in the use of slave-labor in Southern Poland, and Congressional investigators found that United Steel Works supplied 50.8 percent of the pig iron needed by the Nazi war machine.
Ten years later he was elected U.S. Senator from Connecticut.
George (Senior), in the 1980s, was involved in arming Iran in its bloody war against our then ally Iraq. (The United States, I have also painfully learned, armed Saddam Hussein against Iraq,including providing him ingredients for chemical warfare.
Among other reasons there was a great deal of money to be made arming both sides of such a war by companies that were financially supporting the election campaigns of the Reagan and Bush administrations.)
Prescott Bush was involved with Union Banking, while George W. (Junior), I discovered in my researches, was involved with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, partially owned by Osama bin Laden's ber-in-law Khalid bin Malfouz . Bank of Credit was called by the U.S. Senate "one of the largest criminal enterprises in history." Before September 11, 2001, Malfouz was identified as a major supporter of bin Laden's Jihad.
George W. Bush's business relations with the bin Laden's go back to the 1970s, when Mr. Malfouz arranged a sweetheart loan of $25 million to bail out of the troubles of his failing oil business.
It has been well-established that members of the bin Laden family other Saudi nationals were flown from America at a time after 9/11 when no airlines flew American skies. Former Presidential advisor Richard Clark has said he approved some Saudi departures after the general flying ban on aircraft was lifted, based on information from the FBI. But who made the decision to approve the flight that took place before the flying ban was lifted, remains a secret, as does the reasons why.
The question of who profits from war must be addressed in Iraq as it had been in World War II with President Bush's grandfather.
With grieved heart, when I looked to answer this, having been led to this journey by what I learned about Skull and Bones, I found that the companies that are profiting from huge contracts are those closest to and most generous with the President's political party and closest to administration officials, including the Vice President.
And, of course, the lies and exaggerations that led to the war- the non-existent weapons of mass destruction, the non- existent ties between Hussein and Al Qaeda- are now the reality of the daily news. Over 2000 American dead and 30,000 Iraqi.
In this light, let us return then to President Bush having stated he had been "honored" to become a "Bonesman" and to his hosting the secret society members in the the House. Some have asked--is he in fact a true Christian?
A few have suggested he sought to succeed as a politician after years of alcoholism and many failures in his career by drawing to himself a base of us evangelical voters. For myself, for a long time I deeply trusted the President because I believed he trusted God. I continued to trust him until some months ago .
I am now sadly reminded of the words of Christ : "The devil is the father of lies."
Soon after it became clear the President's Iraq statements were gravely amiss, I came across the President's remark about being "honored" as a member of Skull and Bones. Thus I began my quest to learn about Skull and Bones. I wondered if this could lie at the root of the contradiction between the President's behavior and his professed faith.
As scripture tells us: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me--John 14:6.
When a man or woman truly accepts this, as we know, he or she must live in Christ and be true to His way and renounce the ways of the world that are built on falsehoods and the love of power. Finally, for me, there were the photos of torture in Iraqi prisons, and the news reports of unreleased videotape of children being tortured.
This was soon followed by the Wall Street Journal's revelations of the administrations legal efforts to avoid prosecution for torture. And more recently the White House efforts to veto John McCains efforts to outlaw torture. (McCain himself was tortured in Vietnam and claims that a policy of torture endangers Americans in Iraq.)
More than ever I was alerted to the danger the President's soul is in. Is it for a moment possible that a Christian could justify torture?
Is he a Christian or have we been lied to?
The ancestral pattern is clear:
Trading with the enemy and profiting from war. The Skull and Bones initiation, to the degree it sets young men on a path of ruthless worldly seeking and flaunting of Christian values, was successful. Prescott Bush's legacy, it heart-renderingly appears, is alive and well and living in the White House--and if we are silent we are all implicated.
Prayer is the order of the day, for President Bush is before anything else a creation of God.

"And the Devil, taking him up into a high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
And the Devil said unto him, 'All this power I give you and the glory of them; for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will give to if thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.'" -- The Gospel According to Luke

American Police State : The Frog Has Cooked

exerpt ;

How do you erect the infrastructure of a police state?
You incrementally condition both the police and the public that relinquishing liberty in the name of security is necessary because 'we live in dangerous times.'
Be sure to make Grandpa remove his shoes at the airport but let that cargo through without inspection every time. The truth is that the mythical 'war on terror' was never meant to be won and can never be won because it doesn't exist.
The real terror is being waged against ordinary people by our own government.
To say we live in a police state is no longer an alarmist cliche. Perception has clearly and permanently shifted from the police being there to serve the people to the police being there to control the people

The Shape of Things to Come

exerpt ;


Their appearance was as dramatic as it was unexpected. They came without warning and left in their wake a trail of confusion and shock. The Russian SU-27 and its reconnaissance escort flew in tandem, flying low and fast, exactly as if they had been on a strike mission. Their target was the prized centrepiece of the US Seventh Fleet in the Sea of Japan, the USS Kitty Hawk. Somehow, through a combination of skill and daring they evaded the radars and look-outs of an entire naval Battle-group to swoop past the aircraft carrier at its centre. If this had been for real the Kitty Hawk would have been sunk or the planes shot down; but the planes were not shot down because the Battle-fleet was taken completely by surprise, moreover this happened not just once but three times in late October and November last year. Then, as if to add insult to injury, the Russians emailed photos to the Pentagon taken by their planes as they buzzed the Kitty Hawk. Interfax quoted Russian naval spokesman Anatoly Kornukov as saying the buzzing of the USS Kitty Hawk had been a “planned operation... Our jets' appearance was a big surprise for Americans," Kornukov said. “The photos clearly show the panic on the carrier's deck.”

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ezekiel 7:25

For My wrath is on all their multitude.
15 The sword is outside,
And the pestilence and famine within.
Whoever is in the field
Will die by the sword;
And whoever is in the city,
Famine and pestilence will devour him.
16 'Those who survive will escape and be on the mountains
Like doves of the valleys,
All of them mourning,
Each for his iniquity.
17 Every hand will be feeble,
And every knee will be as weak as water.
18 They will also be girded with sackcloth;
Horror will cover them;
Shame will be on every face,
Baldness on all their heads.
19 'They will throw their silver into the streets,
And their gold will be like refuse;
Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them
In the day of the wrath of the Lord;
They will not satisfy their souls,
Nor fill their stomachs,
Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity.

25 Destruction comes;
They will seek peace, but there shall be none.
26 Disaster will come upon disaster,
And rumor will be upon rumor.
Then they will seek a vision from a prophet;
But the law will perish from the priest,
And counsel from the elders.
27 'The king will mourn,
The prince will be clothed with desolation,
And the hands of the common people will tremble.
I will do to them according to their way,
And according to what they deserve I will judge them;
Then they shall know that I am the Lord!'"

Friday, November 25, 2005

Things To Come

Greetings in Christ,
Just a quick message to our Millennial Trumpet subscribers.
We hope each of you have much to be thankful for. The Apostle Paul wrote, “And we exhort you, brethren, admonish the idlers, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all. See that none of you repays evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to all. Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophesying, but test everything; hold fast what is good, abstain from every form of evil. May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful, and he will do it” (1 Thess. 5:14-24).
I want to thank readers of Revelation Six and The Day of the LORD who posted reviews on and Barnes & Noble.
By taking the time to share your sentiments about the message God has given us, this contribution will help others make the right decision to invest in learning truth and be prepared. So, for myself, Benjamin and the rest of the staff, we say again–thanks!
Get Ready for the Coming Persecution
In Tulsa Oklahoma, Rev. Billy Joe Daugherty was attacked last Sunday November 20th, punched in the face twice by Steven Rogers. Daugherty was cut by the eye and required two stitches. No charges were pressed by Daugherty, although a church security guard did press charges. About 15 years ago, Rogers punched Richard Roberts (Oral Robert’s son), but no charges were filed then either.
Rogers had no remorse and was heard to say he’d, “do whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, whenever he wants.”
In Revelation Six Get Ready, the Lord had me write the following:

Christian-Bashing will be the "In Thing to do"

This will shut down the boisterous Christians for fear of their lives. Christian symbols and “in-your-face” slogans on bumper stickers will meet with harassment and hate. People who wear Christ hypocritically around the neck and wrist will be targets for thugs, gang members and outraged homosexuals who will “bash” Christians for the fun of it.
God will allow this to happen to see who is genuine and who is phony. He already knows, but the problem is that we do not. There will be a separation of the wheat and tares that will allow the righteous to be clearly seen on that day when God finally acts.
God will act with great fierceness and wrath against all the ungodly sinners and wicked people who opposed Him and His true servants. First, He must cleanse and purify His people and chase out the wicked. A day of vengeance is coming, and in that day God will have a glorious church that will shine in the darkness as millions of sinners flee to this beacon as the end of the Great Tribulation nears.

An army of true servants of Christ will walk in spiritual authority and power that in some cases will cause outright the death of some who practice evil openly. Just as Ananias and Sapphira fell dead at Peter’s feet, many false Christians and wicked people will be made examples of God’s terrible power.

“It was of these also that Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam prophesied, saying, "Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads, to execute judgment on all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness which they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him” (Jude 14,15).

What is about to happen?
You can expect more birth pangs that will lead into the coming great persecution. This incident in Tulsa Oklahoma is demonic in nature [see Rogers picture] and is a subtle indicator of what we see coming, a persecution madness and rage. Indeed, Christian bashing will be the in thing to do. Many demon driven haters of truth will attack Christians who have any kind of public presentation of the Gospel. It will become a curious test in the minds of these twisted thugs and lawless God haters; a contest to see how many Christians will forgive and turn the other cheek when bashed in the face.

Many indicators point to more destruction coming, and anything can happen at any moment. The economy is like a bubble ready to burst. Wars, rumors of war, natural disasters, trouble, scandal, and immorality, political stupidly and arrogance, along with the roaring of the waves of the sea are terrifying and perplexing. We must pray for God’s timing for judgment during these birth pangs. Satan knows what is coming and that his time is short. He wants to cause millions to go into the valley of decision without understanding. It is not time for the end to come.
The message of the coming kingdom and the true Gospel of Christ must and will be allowed to be shouted to the whole world before the Great Tribulation begins.
Jesus said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come.
‘So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; let him who is on the housetop not go down to take what is in his house; and let him who is in the field not turn back to take his mantle. And alas for those who are with child and for those who give suck in those days! Pray that your flight may not be in winter or on a sabbath. For then there will be great tribulation…’” (Matthew 24:14-21).

Remember, Satan tried to kill Moses as a baby. Satan tried to kill Jesus as an infant, and again later, Jesus had to flee for his life when the Temple rulers tried to seize and kill him before His time. Satan is preparing to make full war against the saints. God’s people (including the remnant) are not ready spiritually or physically to contend with the dragon. At this point in time, the true Word of God is not available to God’s people. There is a famine in the church and across the land. At best, God’s people live on a diet of pabulum and milk.
Precious resources and finances are directed away from ministries that teach and preach sound doctrine and pronounce the truth of the coming Kingdom. Satan is attempting to start great trouble before God’s appointed time and shut down these meagerly supported true ministries. To cut them off before God releases them.
When Katrina hit and the gas prices soared, God led us to pray that fuel prices go back down and stabilize. We know that the economy must be intact to ensure that resources and financial support be available for the saints and true ministries to get the word out on the day that God acts. This is when the man-child becomes mature and begins the last half of Christ’s incarnate ministry on earth (the fullness of Christ within the true remnant).
Very little help has been available to ministries that carry the true Word of God forward. The prosperity message and lies from most pulpits, along with greed within the hearts of the saints diverts resources and funds into the false gospel to keep the lies going forward.
God has been faithful to this work. A handful of us, working together, have poured our life savings, resources and every available dime into the message and work God has given us. Just in time we have received a little help from certain persons to keep going. We know we are not alone. As Paul wrote, “Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart. We have renounced disgraceful, underhanded ways; we refuse to practice cunning or to tamper with God's word, but by the open statement of the truth we would commend ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:1,2).
So, Satan’s goal is to hamper, undermine, divert and attack the true saint and true ministries as they struggle and endure, waiting upon God and preparing to minister to the masses in the coming terror filled days.

“Rejoice then, O heaven and you that dwell therein! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!" And when the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued the woman who had borne the male child. But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time. The serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, to sweep her away with the flood. But the earth came to the help of the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the dragon had poured from his mouth. Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising out of the sea…” (Revelation 12:12- 13:1).

Dear brothers and sisters, you must seek wisdom from God. You must pray according to God’s will.
This is war and Satan wants God’s people to panic, react to the birth pangs inappropriately and pray amiss. This is a time to pray all things to be in God’s control, not in Satan’s control.
There will come a time when the dragon will be allowed to take over, but not yet! This is a time to get ready, not hide but fight, fast and pray! This is the time to be connected with like-minded saints and work on becoming a true disciple of Christ. This is a time to grow up and walk in the fullness. This is a time to allow God to expose all hidden defilements, bad attitudes, ill motives, carnal personalities (double mindedness or twice souled condition) and become transformed in character and nature.
Stop playing church, give up the love of this life and the world.
Stop whining over what’s coming upon us and learn to stand in the gap, fight, pray, fast and win each battle God puts you in. Make sure the battles you take on are God’s and not projects spawned from care taking—look good—pat yourself on the back motives of heart. Covetousness (idolatry), bitter jealousy and selfish ambition must not be named among the true saints.
The day when God acts is coming soon. Be counted among the brethren who have paid the price to be used by Him in that hour!
Be at peace in Him.

Your servant in Christ.

Pastor Pretlow

Thursday, November 24, 2005

New U.S. General to Oversee Training of Palestinian Terrorists

There's always someone willing to sell their soul to evil and betray good for a price.
You can't train the Palestinian police and keep a clear conscience knowing most of them are avowed terrorists out to defeat and destroy Israel.
President Bush know's what is going on and this one of many examples for why I call him evil.
The long and meddlesome nose of American interference, aiding the terrorist side will eventually be returned to us fourfold. Heck , Divine repayment has already begun.
what goes around comes around !
Some loyal fool's get set up,decieved into their compromising positions and awaken before they're in over their heads.
General Ward didn't even last a year. I wonder what happened , did the Palestinian terrorists threaten his life or did he wise up to the devious role he was playing and decide to jump ship before it was too late.
Let's see how long Maj.Gen Keith Dayton lasts.
They dangled another star under his nose and he bit.
Does the poor sucker know what he's gotten himself into ?
He will shortly.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Death of a Satanist

Time Run's Out

ISLAM & the New World Order Are Not Mixing Well

There's a lot of spin coming from the Government media complex on the phony 'war
on terror'.
After billions of dollars to build their New World Order in Islamic Afghanistan and Iraq
things are not getting better but worse.
The idiot elite were unaware that Islam would always view them and the west as infidel
unbelievers and therefore resist their globalist plans.
These satan inspired fools actually believed their money and power would just pave the way for their materialistic centered empire to cover the earth.

A McDonalds and a Wal Mart Super Center in ever village and 24/7 commericial's and advertising spouting the new cars and new pills a must for everyone and their particular ailment and desire. The mind numb consumers obeying religiously their duty to shop and keep the coffer's of their master full.

You have to take the time and dig deep for the truth in these dark days of Satanic deception as he builds up his global government to eventually worship and serve him.
The article above reports on the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
The elite rulers assumed they could harness Islam as they have most of Christianity for their end game.
A larger number moslems have proven to be much more violent and zealous against their NWO plan .
The scheme which President Bush calls 'bringing democracy and freedom to the world '
We don't even have a TRUE representative government here in the U.S. any longer and the majority of U.S. citizen's have been dumbed down ,decieved by the servants of satan who prepare the way for his arrival.
The longer WESTERN troops remain in Islamic countries the more war, death and destruction we will see, it's the nature of the BEAST .
Anything but real peace is what the plan of the U.S. elites is bringing to planet earth.
Are you hooked up with these great decievers who serve satan and his plan to unite the world under his rule ?
Have you been blinded to the true intent of this superpower empite .
It is not serving Messiah Jesus , and if you fail to see this you are under THE strong delusion.

Monday, November 21, 2005

U.S. Calls For Israel's Restraint After Hezbollah Attack

The Worthless U.S. Media has failed to even cover this serious act of agression against Israel.

The United States on Monday condemned Hizbullah's rocket attacks against Israel, but also urged Israel to exercise restraint in its response. "We have made it very clear to the Lebanese government that they need to control the situation in southern Lebanon," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.
ynet exerpt

After a major attack by Iranian/Syrian led Hezbollah from South Lebanon , the U.S. pressures Israel to do the least,again tying Israel's hands . The hypocrite is also a big bully.
It's no wonder we are losing in Iraq.
Eventually Israel will throw off the tight leash and do what it must.

It's always the same message of restraint to Israel and the same empty demands to the other side.The reason for this is that the U.S. is afraid Israel might win another decisive war against the enemy and this must not happen in order to placate the dejected losers of the past five wars.
Israel must be restrained and never allow to defeat another arab army.
This is the overriding agenda of the U.S. towards Israel.

The Cost of Betrayal

Sunday , I watched media propaganda of the President visiting a state sanctioned church in China . He commented on the spirit and love there.

It seems his core support,(dumb Christian's) is down so he needed a 5 second media byte to get his numbers back up. The dumb Christian always falls easily for not so sublte propaganda.

What exposes this show of the president is his failure to do the same thing in Saudi Arabia.
This hypocrite close friends don't permit Churches or worship of any but allah there and he has never presured them in any real way to change .
It's only been the token window dressing kind of change for his brutal radical Islamist freinds who keep the oil flowing west at a reasonable price.
He did pressure China to change though.
Little does Bush realize that it is America which is about to change , forever.
Our great pride is about to be humblesd to the dust.

You have to be a great fool to trust any politicians these days,and my fellow Christians are the most naive and easily seduced by Satan with staged soundbytes.

President George has pressured the Jews of Israel INTENSLY though continually and without let up while applying no real pressure on the murderous Palestinian's .
Just empty words ,non binding requests that are never expected to be fulfilled.
They have a magical pass while Israel must bleed for his fake peace plan.

Anyone see the Devil in the details here ?

We in America are beginning to recieve the reward for our betrayal of Israel .
By dividing up their meager sliver of real estate to the Islamic hordes under the false
peace of President Bush we have incurred the wrath of God.
Even the ground President Bush stands on shakes under his feet.
He cannot save himself ,nor can he save America.
As a nation we have rejected our only hope, the One who made us great.
We're no longer great , now just living off the fumes and illusions.

Dividing Israel for the false peace Road Map

It's not just this one issue which brings us to our end, but it is the capstone on a wicked empire which has rejected the living God .
It is the proverbial straw which has broken the camels back ,the camel in this instance being America.
The political divisions between left and right will continue to widen as we sink into a major econimic depression.
Major earthquakes will tear apart our cities as will avian flu.
We are at the beginning of great tribulation and those who lead us are as clueless as their loyal sheep .
Those decieved Christian's who put their trust in political affiliation or it's economic wing will find their idol unable to save them.
Those who rejected God's warnings and failed to prepare will suffer greatly.
America is about to go whare it's has never been before .
The pit is opened wide and much destruction and death is coming our way.
Repent, turn away from ever sin which blinds and entangles you and seek God WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Vision of Obadiah

The U.S , if not Edom has united with and supported them against Israel in a devious and subtle way. They are united against Israel by the Road Map which rewards Islamic terrorism and punishes the Jews of Israel with loos on their land.
Most blind and clueless Christians still believe that the U.S. is a true friend of Israel

Something the Lord showed me over the summer .

When He opposes a nation He turns even it's allies against it (see verse 7)
When God is no longer for us ,then there is nothing which will save us from His judgment and wrath . We have arrived , and a phony Christian president gives us false assurance that all is well.

The vision of Obadiah.

Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom
We have heard a report from the Lord,
And a messenger has been sent among the nations, saying,
"Arise, and let us rise up against her for battle":
(our immediate future is war and more war and not peace)
2 "Behold, I will make you small among the nations; ( We are LARGEST among the nations, it's all downhill for us now)
You shall be greatly despised.
(It's happening no matter how many billions we bribe the world with)
3 The pride of your heart has deceived you,
(The pride leads us to believe we can fix other nations when we can't even fix ourselves ,thats serious blindness which will surely lead to our destruction) Pride goeth before destruction.
You who dwell in the clefts of the rock,
Whose habitation is high;
( High rise penthouse living ,ala Trump ,high above all the madness and violence, safe up there in the cleft of the rock million dollar suites)
You who say in your heart, 'Who will bring me down to the ground?'
4 Though you ascend as high as the eagle, (We are that eagle)
And though you set your nest among the stars, ( it's our space station,we built it)
From there I will bring you down," says the Lord.
5 "If thieves had come to you,
If robbers by night--
Oh, how you will be cut off!--
Would they not have stolen till they had enough?
If grape-gatherers had come to you,
Would they not have left some gleanings?
6 "Oh, how Esau shall be searched out!
How his hidden treasures shall be sought after!
7 All the men in your confederacy
Shall force you to the border;
The men at peace with you
Shall deceive you and prevail against you.
Those who eat your bread shall lay a *trap for you.
No one is aware of it.

(Our skin deep friends and allies ,Mexico Europe, Japan,Korea,S. Ameirca India,Pakistan will all betray America and go along with the Russia ,China,Iran, Islam, Cuba, Venezuela,Brazil and N.Korea's plan to destroy America)

8 "Will I not in that day," says the Lord,
"Even destroy the wise men from Edom,
And understanding from the mountains of Esau?
(we are ruled now by idiots and fools who couldn't fix a paper cut and they just voted themselves another raise)
9 Then your mighty men, O Teman, shall be dismayed,
To the end that everyone from the mountains of Esau
May be cut off by slaughter.
(Those of you who trusted in these fools will be greatly dismayed , go insane and become suicidal) Patriotism will not save America

Edom Mistreated His Brother

10 "For violence against your brother Jacob,
Shame shall cover you,
And you shall be cut off forever.
11 In the day that you stood on the other side--
In the day that strangers carried captive his forces,
When foreigners entered his gates
And cast lots for Jerusalem--
Even you were as one of them.
12 "But you should not have gazed on the day of your brother
*In the day of his captivity;
Nor should you have rejoiced over the children of Judah
In the day of their destruction;
Nor should you have spoken proudly
In the day of distress.
13 You should not have entered the gate of My people
In the day of their calamity.
Indeed, you should not have gazed on their affliction
In the day of their calamity,
Nor laid hands on their substance
In the day of their calamity.
14 You should not have stood at the crossroads
To cut off those among them who escaped;
Nor should you have delivered up those among them who remained
In the day of distress.

The U.S. by it's arrogant interference and false peace plan has weakened and endangered Israel
greatly helping her avowed enemies towards their final goal of destroying it .

The con job on Israel has worked, they have been lulled into the pit dug
for them ,even using their own shovels to dig their own pit.
What Israel's enemies could not accomplish by war ,President Bush has succeeded in doing thru his false peace.
For this last straw of duplicitious evil
America will itself be destroyed.What goes around comes around.
As you have sown so shall you also reap,America !

15 "For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near;
As you have done, it shall be done to you;
Your reprisal shall return upon your own head. (It's here ,now !)
16 For as you drank on My holy mountain,
So shall all the nations drink continually;
Yes, they shall drink, and swallow,
And they shall be as though they had never been.

Israel's Final Triumph

17 "But on Mount Zion there shall be deliverance,
And there shall be holiness;
The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.
18 The house of Jacob shall be a fire,
This is the only, only,only sure hope ,the rest are lies and foolish plan of foolish men!
And the house of Joseph a flame;
But the house of Esau shall be stubble;
They shall kindle them and devour them,
And no survivor shall remain of the house of Esau,"
For the Lord has spoken.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where's the Love, Luv ?

-by Paul Proctor. (Nov 14, 2005).
The headline read: "Waco pastor Kyle Lake killedin freak baptism accident."
I thought to myself:
"Yeah, I guess this one just slipped by the Sovereign God of the Universe...
'His eye is on the sparrow' but evidently not on a prominent Emerging Church leader standing in a baptistery full of water holding an electronically charged microphone before a crowd of 800 on Sunday morning following a prayer where he petitioned the Almighty to "surprise me."

"Now before some of you go indignant on me for my lack of sympathy over this pastor's sudden demise, I would ask you to consider the late Ananias and the Apostle Peter's caustic comment to his wife Sapphira before she dropped dead in front of that congregation:"

…behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out."
- Acts 5:9
I couldn't help but notice that he didn't gently take her hand and try to comfort or console her over the untimely death of her husband before breaking part two of the bad news.

Was Peter being un-Christ-like in his terse remarks to her or was he busy teaching onlookers something more important, like the necessity of fearing and obeying God?

And what about that little diatribe the Apostle Paul wrote to his young protégé' in 1st Timothy 1:20 about having "delivered unto Satan" Hymenaeus and Alexander "that they may learn not to blaspheme?"

Where's the love here, for crying out loud?
Kind of makes you want to ask Rick Warren what Paul's "S.H.A.P.E."was, doesn't it?
He also cited another false teacher named"Philetus" in, shall we say, less than endearing terms over in 2nd Timothy 2.
I think it's safe to say that comments like those from Peter and Paul would pretty much render them unsuitable for staff jobs at Saddleback or Willow Creek because you see, unlike the cowardly and enabling church leader today, they used to name the names of heretics and blasphemers; and today's glass house gospel doesn't really allow that sort of thing any longer.

So, if you are planning a career in ministry, just remember; when it comes to criticizing your corrupt contemporaries, mum's the word.
My how things have changed…
"Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear."
-1 Tim 5:20.
So, were they being cruel, unloving and disobedient to God by saying such things to the brethren?

Where's all the kind, gentle,caring and coddling compassion we are constantly commanded to show today's false prophets and their underlings who incessantly lead others astray from the pulpits of perdition in a choreographed confusion directed by the "father of lies?

"And then there was that perverse fellow Paul so harshly addressedin his first letter to the Corinthians, who had an incestuous affairwith his father's wife; commanding the church there to: "… deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that thespirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus." (1 Cor 5:5)
Wow! Talk about "mean-spirited!"
Imagine hearing that in your Sunday morning announcements!
This can't be the same fellow that penned chapter 13, could it?
And let's not forget those memorable words from the Author of love and compassion Himself, Jesus Christ, when He addressed those who would dare fracture the faith of a child:

"And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,and he were cast into the sea."
- Mark 9:42

Do you get the uneasy feeling that a completely different gospel is being preached today?

Yeah, me too…
Terry Esau, a visiting speaker to UBC and witness to the horrible electrocution of Rev. Lake that morning in Waco, was quoted in aWorld Net Daily article as saying:
"I think he [Kyle] would have said, 'There are laws of nature,electrical laws, and they were violated that day and I was in areally bad place where the violation happened.'

"I would only add that the Emergent Church is also in a really bad place right now; that many spiritual laws are also being violated;
and they would do well to heed the Word of God and repent before their artsy-craftsy plans for the future are unexpectedly altered,like Rev. Lake's.
Clearly, any man or woman who disobeys the physical laws Godhas established in this earthly domain risks dying a physical death, as evidenced by the tragic event at Baylor.
It should also be noted that those who violate the spiritual laws of God risk death, as well; and anyone who has researched with any discernment, conviction and knowledge of Scripture, the unbiblical teachings and practices of the Emerging Church movement knows all too well that the laws of the Lord and His Word are not only being violated for the sake of the sensual;

but also that the leaders of this new spirituality are teaching others to emulate them and practice many ungodly things in the name of Christ such as new age mysticism, the empty-minded mantras of contemplative prayer,labyrinths, the trivializing and minimizing of God's absolute truths and the casual dismissing of doctrine as divisive, destructive and unnecessary so as not to infringe upon one's own personal experience and opportunities for entertainment, excitement,enlightenment, illumination, stimulation and gratification.
University Baptist Church posted the closing remarks of the last sermon their pastor gave that fateful day on their web site.
It contains the words they evidently would most like you and I to remember him by.
To say the least, they are quite revealing:

" Live. And Live Well. BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply.Be PRESENT. Do not be past. Do not be future. Be now. On a crystal clear, breezy 70 degree day, roll down the windows andFEEL the wind against your skin.
Feel the warmth of the sun. Ifyou run, then allow those first few breaths on a cool Autumn dayto FREEZE your lungs and do not just be alarmed, be ALIVE. Get knee-deep in a novel and LOSE track of time.
If you bike, pedal HARD… and if you crash then crash well. Feel the SATISFACTIONof a job well done-a paper well-written, a project thoroughlycompleted, a play well-performed. If you must wipe the snot from your 3-year old's nose, don't be disgusted if the Kleenex didn't catch it all…because soon he'll be wiping his own.
If you've recently experienced loss, then GRIEVE. And Grieve well.
At the table with friends and family, LAUGH. If you're eating and laughingat the same time, then might as well laugh until you puke.
And if you eat, then SMELL. The aromas are not impediments to yourday. Steak on the grill, coffee beans freshly ground, cookies in the oven.
And TASTE. Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of Life. Because-it-is-most-definitely-a-Gift.

"Where's the call to repentance - the willing self-sacrifice of the redeemed - the grateful suffering and faithful testimony of a blood-purchased saint?
Where is the dire warning to the rebellious about an eternity in hell that awaits those who refuse to heed the call?
And, what about God's eternal, unchanging and indisputable Word, and the Cross of Christ that is repeatedly referred to throughout?
a Cross that was selflessly and sacrificially endured by His only Begotten Son to deliver us from this fallen world and pay for your hideous sins and mine.
Is he preaching a tantalizing message of sensory gratification,psychotherapy and escape to pleasure seekers on holiday or obediently pointing sinners toward an undeserved opportunity for eternity with Jesus Christ in a Kingdom not of this world?
Just whose life, death, kingdom and words are being exalted and memorialized here;
those of a dying man or a living God?
Compare his priorities to those of Jesus:

"If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." - Luke 14:26

Frankly, Rev. Lake sounds like someone who was absolutely in love with his life, the world around him and everyone in it, which is the expressed reverse of what the Bible teaches:
"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him."
-1 Jn 2:15.
Just how is the Lord glorified in the worship of the world, the adulation of men, the gratification of the flesh, the satisfying of the senses and the personal pursuits, ambitions and "unequally yoked"relationships of the here and now in a Sunday morning sermon?

"Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God"
- James 4:4
Notice the stark contrast between Lake's seductive words and those of the Psalmist:
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom."
-Psalm 111:10
In fact, nothing in Scripture even remotely resembles the heralded expressions and whimsical aspirations found in Rev. Lake's final message.
One might just as easily find such things in a secular bookstore among the esoteric writings of an atheist, agnostic,pagan or occultist;
or in a romance paperback from some cornermarket; in the songs of a struggling Starbuck's singer on a Saturday night;
or in the syrupy script of an afternoon soap.
I downloaded the entire sermon he prepared and saw the name of"Jesus" mentioned only once in passing; and even then He was not identified as the Christ, much less the Son of God or someone who died on a cross for the sins of the world.
The Gospel was simply not preached!
This is the new spirituality; and it troubles me deeply that many are not going to hear it because today's preachers won't preach it!

Can you think of anything more tragic than lost souls being baptized before an applauding audience of their peers and spending the rest of their doomed lives thinking they're saved because of it?
How do you back up and undo that kind of deceitful damage and convince them that what they underwent so innocently in front of everyone was a farce initiated by their pastor?
Don't grieve for Kyle Lake,my friends; grieve for all of those who never heard the words"sinner," "shed blood," "repent," "resurrection" or the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached!

And please don't write me to say what a kind, wonderful, generous,loving and funny person Rev. Lake was because that's not a sufficient replacement for proclaiming the whole counsel of God;
and I'm quite sure Ananias, Sapphira, Hymenaeus, Alexander and Philetus were all dearly loved and treasured by their friends, family and followers as well.

There is only one true God, one true Gospel and One Name in all of Creation that saves; and that name is Jesus Christ!

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."
- Acts 4:12
The folks at University Baptist Church and The Associated BaptistPress might consider Rev. Lake's death an accident;
but I assure you, as Romans 8:28 clearly teaches, there is no such thing between the Alpha and the Omega.
It happened; and it happened for a reason.

The End is Near

Jerry writes from Israel on the above link much of what I have been saying.
His article is titled ; With Friends Like This ,Who Needs Enemies.

What so many dead asleep Christians fail to see is the severity of this latest act by the U.S.
and the heavy price America will pay for this.
They ignore and excuse the bully factor in trampling Israe'ls sovereignty and how despotic and dictatorial and undemocratic this so called lover of freedom really is.
If they dealt with it ,they would have to admit that the president they so strongly supported is a lie, a fraud ,and that they have been decieved.
They're too proud to do this so they go along with evil ,hand in hand .
Silence ,not speaking out against this gross betrayal at a time like this is giving in to evil , yeilding to it. Where's the salt ?

Like a painful tick burrowing deep under your skin,the U.S. continues to suck the limited amount of blood out of Israel.
The question is ;
Will God not act to spare His people whom He has returned to the land He has given them ?

The tick will be removed in pieces and the infected wound will slowly heal.

The actions of the U.S. against Israel under President Bush grows progressivly worse and the Church grows even more silent and complacent wih this evil , this diabolical interference ,this weakening of Israel ,this undemocratic attempt to destroy Israel thru a false peace.
The destruction devastation and economic disaster brought on by Wilma,Katrina and Rita are nothing compared to what we now face beacuse of this latest evil against Israel by President Bush.
I know with certainty that we are in for a major rebuke from God to this latest Condi -Bush action ,and that most Christians in America still will not figure out what is going on.

They have chosen to sleep and refuse to awaken, so they will be taken ........... down !

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Walk In The Light Of His Presence

These are days of great change and of great decision. All that is true must be decided upon and adhered to.
Even the truth will not help you, unless it is applied and allowed to work it’s work within you.
A knowledge about Me will not save you nor sustain you. You must abide in Me, and know Me. This is the hour to walk in the Light of My Presence.
No longer can a head knowledge or even a heart knowledge be enough. You must intimately know Me. You must be transformed by Me, to fully walk with Me. For My Word must be ingrained and burned into you and allowed to bring you into My Image.
I AM the Life of all men, but all men do not want to live or to be Mine. You must be united in Spirit and Truth with Me. For I am the only one that can truly change you and cause you to become one with Me.
Unless My Word abides in you, and I become all things unto you, then you will deny Me in the end. I must be your absolute Source and Lord. I cannot be second place or even an optional way out. I know those who are truly Mine, and many say they are Mine, but are not. The days ahead will sift those out and it will be evident who has My Light and who does not.

Take heed to yourselves and check yourselves.

I must be seen within you and through you. Is it My voice that comes out of your mouth? Is it My eyes that look through yours? Is it My Hands that touch through yours? Is it My Heart that beats within yours? If not, then you have not truly died to yourself and have not fully allowed me to bring you to new life. You must change. If one spot or percent of you is not fully given to Me, then you are not truly fully Mine.
You cannot withhold anything from Me and truthfully say that you are Mine. Either I am truly all to you, or I am not.
Walk in the Light of My Presence. Allow My Word to be a lamp unto your feet. Do not go your own way and lean to your own thoughts and understandings. Do not continue to rise up and go throughout your day, and then finally late at night acknowledge Me, if you even remember to. You must commune with Me and abide with Me continually. You must eat My Word and cleave unto it.
My ears will not be attentive to those who do not care nor desire to know Me. I will not be mocked.
Fear will prevail and trust will not be seen among the ones who have not My Light. Many will run rampant looking for solidity and will not find it. There will be no stability outside of Me. For I AM the Light and the Life of men, and those who refuse Me, will live apart from Me and from My Truth. Unless a man falls upon the rock and dies and allows it to bring change to them, then it will fall upon them and crush them and over take them and they will be void of understanding and of Light. They will grope about looking for help and find none.
The Black Winds have begun to blow and the hearts of men will fail, but Mine will stand and be sustained by Me, for their delight is in Me and they love the Truth. No darkness is found in them, nor can it over take them, for I Am their Light and Life. All who are not Mine, who do not have My Blood upon them will perish apart from Me. For the Destroyer will reap his fill of the rebellious. Lay aside everything that causes you to stumble and to waver and come to Me now.
My Hand now passes over again, what will you do?
Walk in the Light of My Presence, or walk in the darkness.
-Susan Cummings
10:32 am

Bullets For The Peace

I covered this story last week in-ISRAEL ,the Diagnosis is Insanity- and what is left out today is who paid for all those bullets.
Care to guess who ?

Of course , its the beast which devours much flesh under the guise of peace,freedom,democracy and Christian.
The madness and insanity in Israel deepens as Satan moves forward his Road Map push
to destroy the people of the land.

Over the weekend Satan's mistress Condi succeeded in weakening Israel further and opening the door wider for Islamic terrorists to operate unhindered.

She REWARDED the Islamic terrorists and punished Israel.

At the same time Israel's hands were handcuffed tighter as the Israeli lemming politicians offer up their children to molech in return for his false peace.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: All of Israel’s security branches sent strong written protests to Sharon against the new Gaza crossings deal as exposing Israel to grave terrorist peril.
November 15, 2005, 11:35 PM (GMT+02:00)
US secretary Rice forced the accord through in a diplomatic blitz Tuesday Nov. 15
The protests came from the top levels of Israel’s armed forces, the Shin Beit and all other intelligence services and the police. Rarely before have so many expressions of alarm been rushed to the head of government by all of top security agencies
. click to read more

The only hopeful outcome of the suicidal madness that Israel wallows in today under the delusion,the false peace of NWO George is that God will have His remnant ,a called out seperated,bought by the blood of the Lamb,bride which calls upon Him and rejects the lies of false messiah's of false peace.

The choice is clear and simple ,Whom will Israel trust for true real and lasting peace ?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Israel Commits Suicide for a False Peace

That is the real headline.

Under lies and satanic deception , Condi Rice pushed Israel to go along with what is completly false . Even after all the evidence of Palestinian intent and planning to destroy Israel.

Who dosen't know that the front line Moslem's, the Palestinian's have no intention of living in peace with the 'Infidel' Jews who stole usurped allah's land ?

Why do you think Condi and Bush ignore the weapons and terrorists which flood into Gaza and focus on Israel opening the floodgates for economic reasons ?
Satan's NWO is all about unity based on economics and trade. Jesus warned us about serving God and mammon and the mark of the Beast is economics based test from God as to who we serve.
Does anyone still have any doubts as to whom President Bush works tirelessly for ?

The Satan controlled media has decieved much of the earth into believing that all it will take is a Palestinian state and then the moslems will become magically peaceful and that the Arab /Islamic nations will accept the infidel Jews into a peaceful New World Order engineered by America , Bill & Hillary and their cousin by the same father of lies, President Bush .

How easily mankind , even a majority of Christians are decieved by lucifer.

Israel enslaved to her master , desperate to obey this phony ally & false god ,went along.
We all know how this sad chapter will play out with certainty.
I should say ;
those who have not gone insane know how this phony peace will bring death and destruction to much of Israel .
The covenant with death and hell which Israel has married itself to , the Road Map will bear much more bloodshed and destruction.
The President's agenda leads to (peace and safety ?) all out destruction and nuclear war.
A plumbline has fallen over Christians in America and the world.
Those who blindly follow president Bush's evil and foolish agenda are marked by God as opposing Him , decived by satan.
The remnant who survive Satan's attempt to destroy Israel will know their God and Messiah Jesus.

Monday, November 14, 2005

U.S Continues to Threaten Israel's Security

Under the FALSE peace Plan of President Bush, Secretary Rice continues to press Israel
to surrender more and more to the Palestinian Terrorist Authority.

I am watching for the response from God to the U.S. on it's arrogant and EVIL interference which harms Israel.

God is looking out for Israel and the days of U.S. interference are numbered.

I assume that His response will be swift and severe.

Along with Tropical storm Gamma forming in the eastern Carribean at about the same time Secretary of State Rice is pressuring Israel to go along with it's false peace scam we have strong storms heading for the Ohio valley on Tuesday .

I don't have any doubt that the more the U.S. pressures Israel the more the U.S. will be squeezed, until it is crushed.

Storm's Coming to Midwest Tuesday

Rice Pushes Israel to Give Up on Security

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Monday morning – and was urged on behalf of U.S. President Bush to enable the opening of crossings for Gaza’s Arabs.
Rice said that although the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria was a positive and important step, Israel must continue to empower the Palestinian Authority and assist in establishing a Palestinian state."I expect to continue to work with you and your camp," Rice told Sharon a the start of the meeting, "and to progress toward the two-state solution in which Israel and the Palestinian state can live in peace, free and free of terror."
She went on to apply intense pressure upon PM Sharon to relax Israel’s security requirements in order to open the Rafiach border between Gaza and Egypt.
Israel has insisted on closed circuit cameras being installed in the Rafiach Crossing, but the PA refuses to allow such a move. PA sources later announced that a deal had been reached that would enable the opening of the border.Prior to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, Rafiach was a major point for weapons smuggling, with hundreds of arms-smuggling tunnels uncovered and destroyed in recent years in extensive IDF operations.
Following the withdrawal, despite PA and Egyptian guarantees, the border was left wide open for over a week, enabling the transport of unknown amounts of heavy weaponry into Gaza.

Rice also conveyed the U.S. perspective with regard to the Hamas terror group taking part in PA elections.

She said that she believes that if Hamas participates in the elections, it will actually be easier to compel Hamas to disarm because the pressure will come from the entire international community.

She said that this was what had happened in northern Ireland and Angola, but assured Sharon that the U.S. would never hold contacts with Hamas or Islamic Jihad even if they are in the administration.
Rice also demanded that Israel expand the exports and granting of work-permits to PA residents at the Karni Crossing from Gaza to Israel – a reality difficult to implement due to PA refusal to accede to Israeli security needs.
Quartet envoy James Wolfensohn has also been applying pressure upon Israeli to relinquish its security demands in favor of enabling free passage to residents of the PA. Wolfensohn told reporters that Israel is "entrenching itself in security considerations, transforming the Gaza Strip into an enormous prison."
One of the arguments made prior to the withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria by pro-Disengagement politicians was that a Gaza withdrawal would create separation between Israelis and PA residents.
Opponents, on the other hand, predicted that the pressure to open the crossings would make such a claim incorrect, pointing out that most terror attacks emanating from Gaza were the result of Arabs taking advantage of the crossings.
The crossings have remained operational following the withdrawal, with scaled-back Israeli security infrastructure and growing international pressure to allow Gaza’s Arabs and their exports increased access to Israel.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

11/9 The Palestinian's Gift to the World

The death toll so far in Amman Jordan is now at 67 dead and 150 injured by 3 suicide/ homocide bombers for allah.
This time they killed a few of their own fellow terrorists who happened to be taking a break in peacful,once bombless Amman.
High ranking Palestinians killed by the murderous terror they first created. How fitting !

According to the PA envoy, the senior security figures killed are Bashir Nafa and Abed Alloun. Nafa, the Palestinian West Bank intelligence chief, headed the PA’s special forces in the past and is considered a close associate of PA Minister Mahmoud Dahlan.

The Palestinians also say that the PA’s economic attache in Cairo and a senior Palestinian banker were also killed in the blasts.

Not long ago It used to be that it was only Israel and the Jews who suffered being blown to pieces by homocide bombers eager to meet up with their promised 72 virgins.
It's become almost commonplace today.
We now see it's slow but sure spread thruout the globe from Bali,Indonesia to Madrid, Spain to Iraq with Iraqi moslems and U.S soldiers as their primary target.
Why even the terrorist heartland of Saudi Arabia has been visited by this form of Islamic religious observance against their own.

London had it's first taste along with Thailand,the Phillipines and now Amman, Jordan.
France is in line for this Palestinian gift because of it's many years of loyal support.
They always reward their loyal supporters as we see in France today.
The fact ,the truth is that it is the Palestinians who birthed this evil destruction on mankind .
And they continue to be rewarded and appeased by ALL the nations at Israel's expense.
This will bring the same death and destruction to all the nations who support and stand with the Palestinian's, rewarding their evil terrorist bloodshed with a terrorist state on once Jewish land,this while punishing Israel and the Jews.

God is watching

Why The President Won't Stop Illegal Immigration

***** 5 STARS

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

U.S ARMY Arab Translator Accused as Double Agent

This is another example of a buried story. I'm sure you didn't read or hear about it....
because it reveals the careless trust (stupidity) that the U.S. Government places in its Islamic
5th Column community here in America.
How many other wolves does the U.S. have guarding the sheep gate ?

I've always said ;
The way to tell that God is judging a nation is that he makes it's
leaders dumber than dirt , stupid.
As they get more confused and insane they have to cover their tracks and paint
a picture which is fasle ,so that the native's don't start to panic.
When they say all is well,be sure that it is just the opposite.

Jeremiah 17:5 There's a reason God personally say's this to us !

We are up to our necks with insanity and stupidity from the top on down.

The most blaring example is that we have an idiot for presidnet who actually thought democracy would take in an Islamic country.
And the idiot continues to sell it as if it's working or ever going to work after flushing more than $300 billion down this sewer pipe and countless hundreds of thousand dead souls.
The scary thing is that so many here are so easily led by the pied pipers on the left and on the right.
They both lead to the same pit !

Paris Burning : How Empires End

Sunday, November 06, 2005

ISRAEL, The Diagnosis is Insanity

"On Sunday Israel gave the green light to Egypt to transfer ammunitions to the Palestinian Authority security forces in the Gaza Strip in accordance with a Cabinet decision last week to strengthen PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas before the January elections and assist him in restraining the activities of terror groups.

Also on Sunday, the first load of Kalashnikov magazines is set to cross the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, Yedioth Ahronot, Israel’s leading newspaper, reported Sunday. Security officials said that the United States has funded the purchase."


Israel,insanely goes along with their planned suicide ,a willing sacrifice of it's citizens for the false peace Road Map which leads in only one direction.

You only have to ask yourself; Is this the road to peace or war ?
After all the attacks against innocent Jews,
Is this the action of a sane government and supposed ally ?
Why is the U.S. funding this instead of DEMANDING the arrest of terrorists and the seizure
of their weapons ?
The Palestinains only on rare occasions turn the bullets towards their own fellow terrorists.
They are meant to kill Jews as they have done since the beginning of the false U.S. peace plan

For over a decade it's been common knowledge that the Palestiniann Authority is full of Islmaic terrorist's , corrupt and run by terrorists.
There have been hundreds of killing's and attack's at the hands of the Palestinian Police.
President Bush is aware of this ,so he has innocent blood on his head .
Look for the judgments of God to become more severe against the U.S. for the great wickedness from the top leadership to the bottom dregs of our society.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Islamization of France


Worst Night Yet !

The weak French have already surrended.
The Moslems understand weakness and they are taking every advantage to burn France
to the gound. This jihad has spread to all corners of France and don't let the dis-information media fool you ,it is an Islamic jihad against the infidel French.

Just as it has in Israel,the European socialist mindset only fuels the fires and allah's warriors know that their time has come to burn down the old and raise up the minaret's.

The politically correct French fools talk about poverty, jobs and the plight of the poor immigrants.
They don't have the common sense that their ancestors had when France was first overun with the Islamic hordes .

My French cousins are in a serious pickle ,they've invited the poisonious snakes in and now the snakes are biting and biting and biting some more.
Their socially suicidal mindest which see's this as an economic problem won't allow them to remove or kill the snakes , especially after telling Israel it was not the proper thing to do with their deadly venemous snake's. So hell pays a long overdue visit to once peaceful,pastoral France and the french can't shut the door.
Surrender, and a prayer rug for every one is all the Politicians can do.

Give them more money, give homes, give money , give jobs, give,give, and give then surrender to the snakes and hope they won't bite any more.
Sounds like appeasment to me.
The French are then slaves to the moslems under threat of burning down their country for the least excuse, any reason and the snakes will burn it down.
This is all the hopeless French have to go with.
Their hands are tied as they tied Israel's hands.

France is now in a similar position that they help put Israel in by hindering and weakening Israel's defense and sending billions of franc's to help the venemous snakes around Israel.
The Intifada has spread and is more organized and I predict about to grow deadly.
So France burns and the poor stuipd French do not yet realize that judgment has come to their land . We in the U.S. will see the same chaos ,destruction and burning cities.
There is a God and He judges wickedness and our cup overflows with it ,so as sure as the sun rises watch for it to come to a town near you.
Don't believe the false prophets and false teachers of our day and their lies that all is well.
The season has changed and we have come into the season of God's wrath upon a wicked earth and who shall escape His judgments ?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

George White Horse

An official video, which can be seen on, with footage from the attacks of September 11, 2001, when both planes hit the World Trade Center, was shown at the conference.
Classical music played as another image appeared with the word "America" spelled out in flames. Each letter disappeared — leaving an empty screen.
As the video continued, the music grew louder and the words "The World Without America" appeared in English and Farsi — accompanied by a picture of the Statue of Liberty.
Lady Liberty's body had a skull imposed on it.
Ayatollah Khomeini could be heard in the background:
"Oh sleepy ones, oh distracted ones, wake up and look around you: You have built your house near wolves' dens. [A picture of President Bush is shown.] Rise, this is no place to sleep. We must shout: Rise up soon because the world is not safe from the hunter. America is lurking for you, and will not give up until it destroys you completely. Indeed, if there was a global mobilization of Muslims, would anyone dare to be so impudent and act so cruelly toward the spiritual offspring of the Messenger of Allah?"

Late last year while reading Revelation chapter 6 , the Lord gave me a deeper understanding of the rider on the white horse and the preceeding red horse with sword.

Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the *seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, "Come and see."
2 And I looked, and behold, a white horse. He who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

While reading verse 2 , it jumped up and bit me that President Bush is now two for two-Afghanistan &Iraq, and close to going for Syria ? Iran ? and who knows about insane ill Kim Il of N.Korea?.
Then we have Hugo Chavez , president of Venezuela itching for a fight with white horse
Good George who with his white hat, conquers the world for democracy and freedom.
The good fellow on the white horse who thinks he's going to bring peace !!!
The land of the sword and crescent , the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to go nuclear and will not allow the U.S. or Europe to interfere.
They promises to attack us before they are attacked.
The Russians and Chinese were not too happy to see their buddy Saddam taken down by George and are ready to intervene if he goes for Iran and or Syria and even Venezuela ,a large supplier of U.S. oil.
The U.S. is spread out too thin and unprepared for a surprise attack,this will be a major nuclear war , possibly the time Cairo and Damascus are reduced to glass.

Israel will have no choice due to it's weakened status at the hands of George and his Road Map appeasment of Islam by slices of Israel ,one slice at a time.
They want the whole infidel pie at once and not George's slice at a time final method.

This all fits into Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18 - Babylon the great being destroyed in one hour. What goes around comes around to the U.S. .

Our false peace interference which threatens Israel's existence ends our's !

Pride Goes before destruction,and brothers and sisters we are overflowing with pride as a nation , assuming to fix the world with our corrupted brand of rule by greedy men.

The red horse and sword are Islam , Red China and Red Russia. (verse 4)
What I see unfolding is that George -White Horse- has set in motion end time events that will lead to much of the earth being destroyed and the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem.
We see the domino effect unleashed by the stupid presupposition of President Bush that he would bring democracy and freedom to Iraq and the surrounding countries.
What he has done is open Pandora's Islamic box and therefore set in motion death and destruction to much of the earth.

Watch for the death toll to reach into the millions shortly.
Jesus 'words "mens hearts failing them for the things that are coming upon the earth" is here

Watch for the red horse to be unleashed around the time George -white horse- goes after Iran,Syria.

Remember , the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Second Seal: Conflict on Earth

3 When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, "Come *and see."

4 Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

Third Seal: Scarcity on Earth

5 When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come and see." So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.
6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, "A *quart of wheat for a *denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine."
Fourth Seal: Widespread Death on Earth
7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, "Come and see."
8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

Fifth Seal: The Cry of the Martyrs

9 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.
10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?"
11 Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

France in 8th Day of Islamic Civil War


It's began in the suburbs of Paris and is spreading.
Chirac is worried about this most grave threat to France.
Latest :

For the first four day's I've followed this story ,the WORTHLESS Media informed us that it was
' N. African' rioters.
Finally , on the fifth day they used the ' M' word , MOSLEMS
Over the years I've watched as the French went out of their way to take the Palestinian/Islamic side against Israel in their most arrogant and uppity fashion.
The arrogant snob's who spit on Israel to gain points with the Arab's recieve their reward now !
Always saying it is the Jews fault , and those Jews are so mean to those poor , pitiful Palestinian moslem's.
Now the moslems turn the screws on France.

How many times was Islamic terrorist head Arafat with innocent blood dripping from his hands, celebrated and feted by the French ,the German's , Canada,the British and America's rat, Bill Clinton ?

I won't let you forget that it was his cousin George Bush who came to Yasser Arafat's rescue when P.M. Sharon had the Ramallah Mukhtada surrounded and was destroying it building by building and promising to finally kill the terrorist murder in2003 .
It's no wonder our devious, double minded leaders can't find Osama or the Al Queida in Iraq's Zawahiri or Zakharwi .

Divine justice does have a way of coming around to bite the deserving recipients.
Even though it is sometimes slow in coming ,come it will !
Now the French taste something bitter they themselves have cooked up,and it will not go away soon.
I'm sure they'll find a way to blame the Jews as Paris burns.
The chickens have finally come home to roost.
If the French act with a firm hands they are doomed ,if they act like nice french girls and raise their skirts higher they are in for the same treatment Israel has recieved as payment for their APPEASMENT & SURRENDER to the satanic forces of Islam which only seek to dominate the world.
The same situation will come to pass in Canada and Germany and Britan and the U.S.
We (goyim) will all get a big taste of the hypocrisy that we have dished out to Israel .
It's fitting judgment for selling out the Jew's piecemeal to the barbarians at the gate !

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Wisdom from the early 1800's

Quotable ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now, if you can...give up all competition with respect to other objects, ifyou can stand aside from the race which too many other ministers are running and say, from your heart,
"Let those who choose to engage in such a race divide the prize; let one minister run away with the money, and another withthe esteem, and a third with the applause, etc.
I have...a different race to run;
be God's approbations the only prize for which I run, let me obtain that, and it is enough."
If you can, from your heart, adopt this language,you will find most of your difficulties and sufferings vanish. is almost impossible to persuade any man to renounce the race,without cutting off his feet....
This God has done for me; this He has been doing for you.
And you will, one day, if you do not now, bless Him for allyour sufferings as I do for mine.
I have not suffered one pang too much.
God was never more kind than when I thought Him most unkind-never more faithful than when I was ready to say, "His faithfulness has failed . . . . " Anything is a blessing which prevents us from running the fatal race, whichwe are so prone to run-[anything] which first convinces us we are nothing,and then makes us willing to be so.
Edward Payson, early in the 1800s, letter of advice to a fellow minister,in They Knew Their God, Lillian G. Harvey, Vol Six, p. 68
The Berean Call -Dave Hunt