Sunday, January 15, 2012

Iran threatens Israel ,U.S. over scientist killing

Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow

The emperor with no clothes,the paper tiger Obama has reason to retreat and fear as this coming war goes bad no matter if the U.S or Israel does something or does nothing.
The scenario for an Iranian ambush of US forces have only increased as they see Obama's (U.S.) indecisiveness and weakness.
Also the bigger picture ;
I can see God's GROWING anger at the US for their treacherous betrayal of Israel and  the  never ending  soon to end restraint and trampling of Israel's sovereignty under their counterfeit peace scam.
We are going to get hit hard and bad for our great evil and overflowing wickedness.  

Indecisive,incompetent confused Obama proves to Israel that they cannot depend on the US for anything.
It's good to see that Israel is finally waking up from her years of serving lying idols that cannot save.

This is headed in only one direction ,apocalyptic.

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