Saturday, January 21, 2012

Israel Awakens to Folly of Trusting in Paper Tigers

Iran can see the weakness of the West after years of cat and mouse where Iran keep piling up all the cheese with no problem.
And everyone already knows that sanctions don't work even though that is the latest spin  lie that Washington is pushing.
It took too long to wake up but finally Israel is no longer duped by the Neville Chamberalin approach of appeasement and empty threats of the U.S. as a way of keeping Iran from acquiring nukes.
Naive sucker Netanyahu realizes Israel made a stupid mistake by trusting the U.S to deal with the threat they face as they see the world dither on the latest Haman to take the stage.
It's too late for any good outcome.

After posting 'Israel Awakens' I found this very interesting article ; Maybe Just Maybe 

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