Monday, July 28, 2008

The Death of America

In it's final days the nation is in what seems like a drug induced trance .It's as if God has lowered a dark cloud of stupor and blindness over those He has marked for destruction.They seem to be the last ones to see what has befallen this once great nation.The false prophets work overtime to keep the illusion alive as uncle sam staggers into the bottomless pit God has dug especially for this nation. He had blessed us far above any nation before and our treacherous betrayal of God and his goodness is beyond reason or understanding as will be our collateral judgment's.


Coll said...

Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Marcel I need you to know how this ecourages me and other wall pacers as we testify how the Lord is showing His servants what is coming to pass.

Let's encourage and exhort one another as we see the day approaching,yes we are NOT appointed to His wrath,but will see this all come to pass-soon.

I sent this out back in May 23, 2007

Just as Jeremiah pours out his lament- But [his word] was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not [stay],

I may no longer remain silent lest I be found to be a unfaithful watchmen .

For the past few months now many that I trust whom worship the Lord in Spirit and truth have been greatly grieved as they are being lead to a deeper understanding into the times we have entered,relying solely on the anointing of His precious Holy Spirit and not man made doctrines and vain philosophies,they are driven to sound the alarm and to blow the trumpet.

How much of our understanding is Christ taught? or are we being lulled into spiritual death all because we are to lazy to study the Word of God and His COMPLETE council?

Are we so indoctrinated by the teachings of man that our made up imaginations and understandings are founded on their words rather than the only source of truth-God's Word?

How much of our speech is pre-conceived and pre -meditated ,not taught from the giver of life and truth,but from the council of men whom we blindly follow ?

What a solemn warning : Thus saith the LORD; Cursed [be] the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

Unto whom shall we go Lord? Should the Lord be our source of truth and life? I pray so!

It is the desire of my heart that the sleeping church wake up to the reality of what is coming to pass,be willing to open His word,to seek His face in prayer and supplications ,to stand united as one body ,[There is] one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; ]Eph 4:4

I refuse to believe that you deny that our nation is in trouble,there is no way that any believer can refute the fact that we are seeing a great accumulation of signs that point to a time as none other,yet we believe the lies we tell ourselves that we will not endure suffering ,and are dismissing the truth of God's word.

In His matchless grace

Anonymous said...

I saw this headline on the main MSN page and just knew it couldn't be true.

"Earthquake gives Calif. a wake-up call"

I doubt any but individuals will wake up. Babylon will be sleeping for the duration now...

Marcel said...

I agree ,It was another warning from God of what is coming ,but like the fires after the California decided the sodomites could marry each other ,the generation devoted to destruction are not awakening and running to God.
A few will awaken but the coma of death is over most of them.
I noticed at WAL-Mart the other day ,their new line of T-Shirts will skulls and death as their motiff. It fits perfectly for this generation.

Anonymous said...

You are both absolutely correct. This morning, I witness the truth in what is being said here. It's business as usual in the financial market place of Pasadena, California...because we are too strong for any 5.8 earthquake to have any sort of "negative" effect on us today. The minds are waxed over as if to say, "what earthquake"...that was a long time ago. But one thing I won't forget are the faces of the strong multi-millionaire's here on the penthouse floor of this 13 story building during the shake, rattle and roll. White and draped with fear! Today is a new day though. (horrifying) I was able to tell a few here how grateful I am that Jesus is my Savior. Case in point and for the end times record...Jesus gave calmness and sweet assurance/grace during those 15 seconds! Praise God!

Marcel said...

His peace He leavavs with us.
and we have it in the midst of the judgmesnt as the Hebrews in Gashen Egypt had when God sent the 10 judgments on Egypt.
I may be wrong but I think that all of this (lower oil prices,rising stock market,moderate 5.4 earthquake) is the lull before the big storm.
I thought the same thing about giving thanks to God .
I wonder how many people did thank God that the earthquakes was not as severe ?
unthankful,unholy,lovers of pleasure,effemninate abusers of themselves with mankind,ect.

I just got this bookedmarked to read ,haven't read it yet ,what do you think ?

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but I think that all of this (lower oil prices,rising stock market,moderate 5.4 earthquake) is the lull before the big storm.

Funny you say that. On Sat, the Valero gas station down on the corner lowered its price 13 cents overnight. When my friend told me of this, my very first thought was exactly what you said. I replied back to him, "This is a calm before the storm bec there is something seriously wrong when at this point gas would be lowered. Every time it lowers, shortly thereafter we see escalation in the prices so perhaps soon to be $5.00+ and beyond. Same sort of experience/reasoning was for the superficial $300-600 "bonus" checks given by Mr Bush to the outstanding citizens of america that excluded the poor and those who were less fortunate that they could not pay taxes last year -- seems that these individuals did not deserve a break.

Marcel said...

By God's grace I've learned less is better.

Less bill's and,less housing footage less toys equals less taxes
I'm well below the poverty level but living quite well.

Having food and rainment be therewith content is what Jesus told us to aim for.
It's alot less painful.
Wor to those who have children though.

reality is that this nation is already broke and bankrupt beyond repair.
I'm enjoying the lull before the major storm.
Thank God for the break we have every day.