Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pride goes before destruction

And the most proud shall stumble and fall, and none shall raise him up: and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it shall devour all round about him.
Jeremiah 50:32
Please tell me ; Who is the most proud among the nations ?

Our hands are always on the trigger and our missiles are ready for launch," the official IRNA news agency quoted Salami as saying Wednesday.......
A White House spokesman called Wednesday's tests "completely inconsistent with Iran's obligations to the world."

America in her arrogance has forgotten her 'obligations to God' and assumes to replace Him as God over His creation.
Can our leaders be so blind to not see that Russia/China have placed us into Checkmate on every playing field ?
Our bankrupt, overextended empire is ripe for the plucking.
The bellicose words of Russia and Iran and others against us belie that reality.


A Seed Sower said...

He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword!

Marcel said...

Sadly ,all of our sword carrying soldiers in Iraq,Kuwait,Bahrain,Quatar serving the wicked aganda of our sword/war president will be killed when the Iranian missiles fall on them.
They are sitting ducks on their bases in all these Moslem countries.

We are caught in a trap with an idiot,AN ARROGANT FOOL at the helm .
God has judged us a with stupid leader who leads us to destruction.

Just as Belteshazzar toyed with the holy things of God while they partied in Babylon so too Bush toys with dividing Israel just before our destruction.
The same pride of Babylon then,now floods this godless,religious whore of Washington,Babylon,USA.

A very good program at for Tuesday.
It exposes more of the evil from our corrupt,devious,lying leaders.

Anonymous said...

All around, just like the Word of Almighty God states:

Jeremiah 50:14 "Put yourselves in array against Babylon all around, All you who bend the bow; Shoot at her, spare no arrows, For she has sinned against the Lord.

Jeremiah 50:29 "Call together the archers against Babylon. All you who bend the bow, encamp against it all around; Let none of them escape. Repay her according to her work; According to all she has done, do to her; For she has been proud against the Lord, Against the Holy One of Israel.

Jeremiah 51:3 Against her let the archer bend his bow, And lift himself up against her in his armor. Do not spare her young men; Utterly destroy all her army.

Marcel said...

Interesting .
Word for word God's word comes to pass.
To the blind who bend their knee to false gods and idol's and are easily fooled.

The devious snake Bush and his phony satan inspired agenda can be seen if you just open your eyes.

U.S.-Iran Trade Stronger Than Most Suspect

U.S. exports to Iran — including brassieres, bull semen, cosmetics and possibly even weapons — grew more than tenfold during President George W. Bush's years in office even as he accused Iran of nuclear ambitions and helping terrorists. America sent more cigarettes to Iran, at least $158 million worth under Bush, than any other products.
Other surprising shipments to Iran during the Bush administration: fur clothing, sculptures, perfume and musical instruments. Top states shipping goods to Iran include California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of seven years of U.S. government trade data.
Despite increasingly tough rhetoric toward Iran, which Bush has called part of an "axis of evil," U.S. trade in a range of goods survives on-again, off-again sanctions originally imposed nearly three decades ago. The rules allow sales of agricultural commodities, medicine and a few other categories of goods. The exemptions are designed to help Iranian families even as the United States pressures Iran's leaders.,2933,378167,00.html

Secret US-Iranian Dialogue Brings Oil Prices down, Shakes up Mid East Alliances

Anonymous said...


Russia Starts Large Naval Excerises - RIA Novosti

Over 20 combat and auxiliary ships from Russia's Pacific Fleet started on Tuesday a large-scale naval exercise in the Sea of Japan, which includes live firing drills, a fleet spokesman said.

During the exercise, the Varyag and the Bystry will test-fire new surface-to-air missiles at a target drone.
I can already hear the band warming up to sing "Ding Dong the witch is dead".

Marcel said...

interetsing how the cursed to hell U.S. media does not report the news any longer ,only what the demon posessed CFR boys and girls tell them to feed the sheeple.
I thank God He will put an end to their devious agenda and lies soon.

Marcel said...

Thanks for the story.
This stood out especially.

The core of the naval task force participating in the exercise consists of the Varyag, a Russian Slava-class missile cruiser dubbed 'the killer of aircraft carriers,' the Bystry, a Sovremenny class destroyer, and a group of missile boats.

Anonymous said...

Amos 5:16-20 16 Therefore the Lord God of hosts, the Lord, says this: "There shall be wailing in all streets, And they shall say in all the highways, 'Alas! Alas!' They shall call the farmer to mourning, And skillful lamenters to wailing. 17 In all vineyards there shall be wailing, For I will pass through you," Says the Lord. 18 Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord! For what good is the day of the Lord to you? It will be darkness, and not light. 19 It will be as though a man fled from a lion, And a bear met him! Or as though he went into the house, Leaned his hand on the wall, And a serpent bit him! 20 Is not the day of the Lord darkness, and not light? Is it not very dark, with no brightness in it?

John 9:4 I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.

Anonymous said...

"Video: McCain calls Iran test 'disturbing'"�

Marcel said...

disturbing ,they don't have a clue.
I'm looking for some radiation proof underwear.

Anonymous said...

"Report: Iran test-fires more missiles"

"Rice warns Tehran that U.S. will not renege on pledge to protect Israel"

Anonymous said...

"Tel Aviv, U.S. Vessels 'First Targets' as Iran Tests Missiles"

Jeremiah 51:3 Against her let the archer bend his bow, And lift himself up against her in his armor. Do not spare her young men; Utterly destroy all her army.

Marcel said...

Many deceived Christians in America and even here acutally belive we have a Christian army,a good and holy army and that God is on our side againt Presia,Gog.

The majority in Israel also believed the same lie when Jeremiah said Israel would be defeated by Babylon.
Their national pride said 'we are God's chosen,special,select people ,he would never do that to His people.
Boy,were they wrong.

It's not possible to be under a much stronger delusion.


Anonymous said...


We have a nation FULL to the brim of Hananiah's....

Jeremaih 28:11 And Hananiah spoke in the presence of all the people, saying, "Thus says the Lord: 'Even so I will break the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the neck of all nations within the space of two full years.' " And the prophet Jeremiah went his way.

Jeremaih 28:15 Then the prophet Jeremiah said to Hananiah the prophet, "Hear now, Hananiah, the Lord has not sent you, but you make this people trust in a lie. 16 Therefore thus says the Lord: 'Behold, I will cast you from the face of the earth. This year you shall die, because you have taught rebellion against the Lord.' " 17 So Hananiah the prophet died the same year in the seventh month.

I received several reports from brethren about "goings on" in one of the local false prophet clubs this past Sunday....

The first one was about a false prophetess that stood up and proclaimed how "godly" a man Todd Bentley was before the whole congregation and wasn't rebuked for it immediately in the presence of all...

The second is like unto it and was a false prophet that prophesied that "God" was going to strengthen America.....

Anonymous said...

Also some interesting information that I found:

ANANIAS is the Greek form of HANANIAH.

Both men lied and both men died.

Marcel said...

Because they hate the truth they swallow lies.

Vincent has an interesting reason why these who should know better fall for deception.
'Offences'Offended ,unforgiving saints are deceived.
radio archives 'beware of offences'

Anonymous said...

Well the way The Word teaches it, if we want to retain forgiveness, we must give it.

The day we think we can stop forgiving others is the day the Lord will stop forgiving us.

From what the Word states, even past forgiveness will be taken away from those who withhold forgiveness.

Matthew 18:35 So My heavenly Father also will do to you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses."

Marcel said...

My favorite ;
“If Jesus had preached the same message that ministers preach
today, He would never have been crucified.”

Jesus was quite offensive to the hypocrites.

-Leonard Ravenhill.

“A popular evangelist reaches your emotions. A true prophet
reaches your conscience.”

“The last words of Jesus to the church (in Revelation) were ‘Repent!’”

“A true shepherd leads the way. He does not merely point the way.”

“Your doctrine can be as straight as a gun barrel—and just as empty!”

“John the Baptist never performed any miracles. Yet, he was greater
than any of the Old Testament prophets.”

“I doubt that more than two percent of professing Christians in the
United States are truly born again.”

“Our God is a consuming fire. He consumes pride, lust, materialism,
and other sin.”

“There are only two kinds of persons: those dead in sin and those dead to sin.”

[Concerning the darkness that has enveloped most of Christendom:]
“When you’re sitting in a dark room, you can either sit and curse the
darkness—or you can light a candle.”

“Children can tell you what Channel 7 says, but not what Matthew 7 says.”

“Some women will spend thirty minutes to an hour preparing for
church externally (putting on special clothes and makeup, etc.).
What would happen if we all spent the same amount of time
preparing internally for church—with prayer and meditation?”

“Maturity comes from obedience, not necessarily from age.”

“What good does it do to speak in tongues on Sunday if you have
been using your tongue during the week to curse and gossip?”

“The only time you can really say that ‘Christ is all I need,’ is when
Christ is all you have.”

“The Bible is either absolute, or it’s obsolete.”

“Why do we expect to be better treated in this world than Jesus was?”

“Today’s church wants to be raptured from responsibility.”

“Testimonies are wonderful. But, so often our lives don’t fit our testimonies.”

[Concerning one of the new “movements” in the church that was
causing a stir among Christians:] “There’s also a stir when the
circus comes to town.”

“My main ambition in life is to be on the Devil’s most wanted list.”

“You can’t develop character by reading books. You develop it from conflict.”

“When there’s something in the Bible that churches don’t like,
they call it ‘legalism.’”

“We can’t serve God by proxy.”

“We must do what we can do for God, before He will give us the
power to do what we can’t do.”

“There’s a difference between changing your opinion, and changing
your lifestyle.”

“Our seminaries today are turning out dead men.”

“How can you pull down strongholds of Satan if you don’t even have
the strength to turn off your TV?”

“Everyone recognizes that Stephen was Spirit-filled when he was
performing wonders. Yet, he was just as Spirit-filled when he was
being stoned to death.”

“If a Christian is not having tribulation in the world, there’s
something wrong!”

[Concerning the fixation that today’s church has with numbers,
with growth at any price:] “The church has paid a terrible price for

“Any method of evangelism will work—if God is in it.”

“Church unity comes from corporate humility.”

“You can have all of your doctrines right—yet still not have the
presence of God.”

“Many pastors criticize me for taking the Gospel so seriously. But
do they really think that on Judgment Day, Christ will chastise me,
saying, ‘Leonard, you took Me too seriously’?”

“If Jesus had preached the same message that ministers preach
today, He would never have been crucified.”

“You can know a lot about the atonement, and yet receive no benefit from it.”

“If the whole church goes off into deception, that will in no way
excuse us for not following Christ.”



Marcel said...

“If Jesus had preached the same message that ministers preach
today, He would never have been crucified.”

Its too bad Keith Green stopped listening to Leonard and started listening to heretics like John Wimber.

I'd rathher not be Keith's judge or give place to that here.

I didn't post the link because this loveless Calvanist would also joyfully preside as judge,jury and executioner over me.
I didn't like the way he judged Keith Gteen for attempting to reach out in love to lost Catholics.
I do hate the lie and deception of Rome but to hate Catholics is from the devil.

All I saw was hate from this pompous unloving killer with his sword.

I don't see this person receiving any mercy from God on judgment day as he dosn't even show David Hunt any.
I know about the others he names and am opposed to false teachers , but unlike this fellow ,my hope is that they would repent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm glad you didn't post that link.

I read through it after I posted it and noticed his extreme harshness without love.

The first thing that came to mind when I read a certain part was:

Matthew 5:43,44 43 "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' 44 But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,

And you are correct that he isn't going to receive mercy unless he repents and gives it.

James 2:13 For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.