Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is Egypt's Morsi the Cruel and Fierce King of Isaiah 19 ?

Islamist Mohamed Morsi was declared Egypt's first freely elected president on Sunday, sparking joy among his Muslim Brotherhood supporters on the streets who vowed to continue a struggle to take power from the generals who retain ultimate control.
And the Egyptians I will give
Into the hand of a cruel master,
And a fierce king will rule over them,”
Says the Lord, the Lord of hosts.
Isaiah 19

He's very,very bad new for Israel

“ Can the Ethiopian change his skin Or the leopard his spots? Then you also can do good Who are accustomed to doing evil."
Jeremiah 13:23

Our Capital 'Shall be Jerusalem, Allah Willing'
Our cry shall be:'Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem'
Mo Morsi

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