Friday, June 29, 2012


Iran: There will be war soon

Does impending economic collapse of the E.U. and U.S. help to spark WW III ?

The U.S. is being destroyed economically by design as it will bring the US citizenry to their knees like nothing outside a biological disaster could.

Iran sanctions are about to get tougher (they go into effect this Sunday)
Iran has warned the U.S.many times that sanctions are a declaration of war
Saudi forces mass,Turkey, Syria reinforce on borders  War begins Saturday or Sunday ?
Clinton arrives in Russia for Syria showdown Make or break meeting for war.

Global war will get peoples minds off the bad economy Obama's latest emergency order.

While we were sleeping

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John B said...

Events will no doubt play out differently to what we expect, but indeed, it is hard to see any way that human wisdom will be able to sort things out.
There's far too much pride and belief in the collective and corrupt wisdom of humanity for that.
Praise God that He is in ultimate control!