Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Again,Jews Driven From Their Homes

update: 'Defense Ministry personnel began sealing the buildings.'

They used to be the 'homes' of Israel's finest but now they have become 'buildings.'
The new IDF can't defeat Hezbollah or Hamas but they can sure seal homes so that Jews can't live in them.
Hitler would be proud of the leadership of Israel.

This time the innocent Jews have been deceived by their treacherous government and go quietly as Jews did during the Nazi reign.
Now the kapo's ruling Israel from Jerusalem serve their Quartet Fourth Reich masters who use their false peace to destroy Israel and the Jews.
The treacherous government of Israel serve the latest evil foreign agenda above God.
They are using the lawless,godless,perverted Court to hide behind.
That is their crime, their great sin in a nutshell.
earlier destruction of Jewish homes by  kapo Netanyahu's quisling government 
I wonder if this suicidal and insane Israeli government and media will sanitize this great evil and  injustice done to please their perverse Quartet gods by 'covering up' the destruction of these homes on July 1 ?
Will we see any pictures of Israeli bulldozers destroying these beautiful Jewish homes or will the Bolsheviks censor the self inflicted head wound.
May God bring justice the treacherous Netanyahu government and court swiftly by driving these rats from their homes !
Damascus,the seat of many Islamic terrorists organizations as well as Hamas is getting repaid for their death and destruction agenda against Israel.
It would have been impossible to imagine a few years ago ,seeing the destruction of Israel's staunchest enemies at their own brutal hands as we are seeing in Damascus,Syria today.
This is God's Arab Sting Judgment on His enemies ! 

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