Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Three Castrated Tenors of the Apocalypse


Sampson's Hair Has Been Cut With His Own Hands

The Three Tenors of The Apocalypse Make a Deal With The Devil
The destroyer Obama sent his secretary Clinton in to castrate Israel's leaders and she succeeded.
They did so without a fight. Since Obama threatened them (ISRAEL)  they should have threatened right back, they didn't.
Sadly the secular rulers of Israel can't stand up to any pressure and almost instantly capitulate.
This is the second war with Hamas where Israel has failed to permanently end their threat,leaving them to grow stronger than before ..again !
This is why Hamas are celebrating and the three castrated tenors of the soon coming apocalypse have to work hard to spin this major loss for Israel with dubious media hype and lies.
God has set the stage for the next war to be the worst the world has ever seen in history.
Egypt,Lebanon,Jordan,Syria,Iran and the Islamic world have been greatly encouraged by how easily Israel was restrained and this will feed their desire for all out war.
Judgment day destruction,'Sampson Option', on Israel's surrounding enemies is close.
Israel no longer has a choice in the matter except to be annihilated.
You should thank your American Idol  for all of this. 

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