Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Israel's suicide march under the spell of a false peace

Early on Israel knew what it took to survive in their hostile neighborhood.They had to fight to win or face another certain extermination.
That has all changed with the advent of the peace hoax plan.
Now the only thing Israel does well is surrender.
The peace drunk Israeli's forgot how important is was to leave no quarter to the likes of Hamas and Hizbollah who are an even greater threat than they were before because of criminal  incompetence at the top.
They were not defeated because Israels faith deprived leaders saw it more important to please Washington than to please God.
The only policy for Jerusalem's quisling political runts remains to keep Washington happy.
It takes more Jewish blood to accomplish this impossible task.
The slaves of peace need to deliver another leg ,another arm to their executors of the peace and more and more is required.
It has again become an easy task to push the Jews into the ovens,this time with the  assistance of so many fellow Jews for the cause of Islam and the Nation's final solution peace plan.
'and by peace shall destroy many' Daniel 8

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