Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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A Land of GREEDY Thieves From the Top Down 
I say what the majority in Israel does not want to hear wherever I can comment.
There is a remnant in Israel who agree with God's world view and the truth which I write.
It's amazing how brainwashed most of Israel is by their evil media and socialist government.
Many leftist Israeli news sites like YNET,Haaretz,Jerusalem Post have blocked my comments.
They practice Marxist style censorship against the Biblical world view and the right.
That is because the godless hate any mention of God or his word.   

'what might have been if the stars lined up'

The reason things are so bad in Israel is because the pagans of Israel have forsaken God and chased after stars and every other lie imaginable.
The LYING idol which Israel has chased after for peace ,America Babylon has turned into a curse upon Israel.

I have seen over the years the blind Jew who thinks that the State Department has more power than the executive or legislative branch of the US Government. They always focus on the 'State Department' and give a pass to the corrupt ,by stealth and deception anti Israel US Government out of fear and ignorance.
If the Republicans were really friends of Israel the phony peace  Road Map would have been terminated under Bush,the U.S.Embassy moved to Jerusalem and Jonathan Pollard released.
The state department is the USA .
Anyone who attempts to separate the arm of U.S. Government foreign policy from the  torso is naive and deceiving himself.


The politician Olmert will hope and pray that people will forget that he was first and foremost the spineless lap dog of President Bush who retreated the IDF before they crossed the Litani river to finish the job of defeating Hezbollah.

All it took was a phone call from the Oval office and the loser Olmert stole the victory from Israel.
The same thing happened during the 2009 Hamas war in Gaza, again Israel failed to defeat the enemy because the servile lap dog of Israel surrendered to pressure that endangered Israel.


The false prophet Neira must refine his propaganda to deceive us as we are not buying his lies.

We have heared what the Muslim Brotherhood plan is since the 1930's and what Morsi has said about making Jerusalem his Capitol Caliphate headquarters.
Mustafa Chaudhary Lets keep it simple and please leave out your taqiyya lies.
Islam is evil at it core. Look at what you Muslims do to each other across the globe on a daily basis.
This is how YOU Muslims treat each other in Syria.   http://youtu.be/KOWPOsRjXJE
ISRAEL would be crazy not to keep their army and weapons pointed at you bloodthirsty cannibals.

Watch for the big bullyAmerica to push the fearful,faith challenged wimps E. Barak and Netanyahu around and watch them capitulate as they have always done because they have no faith in haShem only faith in their lying idol America.
The U.S. has for a long time used it's veto power at the U.N. to keep their slave Israel in check.
The bad relationship has been marked by the abusive partner always restraining and intimidating Israel under great pressure while giving Israel's enemies a pass.   That is what an idol always does.
For too long Israel has had feeble,weak and spineless secular leaders who would not stand up to U.S. pressure.
That has got to change for Israel to survive.

July 10

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