Friday, July 13, 2012

Treacherous,Evil America's Anti-Israel Agenda

It's amazing what big suckers these Jews are after all this time!

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns arrives in Israel for restrain Israel talks

Burns was also said to have stressed American commitment to restraining Israel on a permanent basis.
You have to understand our global diplomacy of saving Arab face in light of the very small country of Israel defeating the Arab armies so many times in the past. This has severely hurt the poor Arab psyche and we must repair it with Jewish loss and blood.We are committed to a fair and balanced approach where Israel is firmly restrained from defeating the Arab armies anymore.
We always make sure that there are weak, secular, lap dog politicians to lead Israel and this is why it is so easy to always restrain Israel as we did during the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and the Gaza,Hamas War in 2009. 
It's no secret,we are here to restrain Israel and this is our primary agenda, said the U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Dark Empire.
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