Saturday, July 28, 2012

religion of blood, hate and death

The very Army charged with protecting Aleppo are destroying it and most of Syria along with thousands and thousands of fellow Syrian citizens dead at the hands of their own countrymen !

Read Ezekiel 35

It wasn't that long ago that Turkey's hypocrite Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the Israel raid on their Islamic terrorist laden ship the Mavi Marmara,(which killed 9 extremist Muslim Turk's looking for a fight against Israel when the IDF had to defend themselves from their brutal attack) a “bloody massacre”and the rest of the hypocrite nations joined in with their weeks and months of high pitched condemnations of Israel for defending themselves.
Now we've have the Muslim on Muslim genocide in Syria going into it's 17 month with the death count impossible to figure out it's so huge along with the utter destruction of Syrian cities by the Syrian army.
Now how unbelievable and insane is that ? God has sent destruction to Israel's enemies
The inhumanity and brutality of this war does not receive the condemnation which the evil world always levels at Israel for nothing comparable, not in the slightest way.

And the hypocrite nations of the world are preoccupied,busy with their; 'man is a triumphant god' ,'the sum of all things', games in London.

Not long ago Turkey ,Iran and Syria were kissing cousins.That is no longer the case with the religion of blood,hate and death.
"Helicopters are participating in clashes at the entrance of Aleppo's Salah-din district and bombarding it,"

Russia warned of a "tragedy" in Aleppo, saying international support for the rebels would lead to "more bloodshed."Our Western partners together with some of Syria's neighbours are essentially encouraging, supporting and directing an armed struggle against the regime," Mr Lavrov told a news conference in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

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