Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ISRAEL,You're On Your Own

Relax and enjoy the fruit of your many years of devotion and hard work for the peace,all the goodwill gestures and capitulation have encouraged your neighbors far and wide.
What we are seeing with Egypt and with Iran are all part of the promised US Road Map peace dividend. The nation has waited so long for appeasement and retreat to pay off ,well now it's paying off.
Enjoy the dividend,compliments of Washington for your many years of great loyalty to their Road Map to Hell agenda.

Iran's loud threats and all the other dire situations that Israel faces(Egypt) are the 'peace dividends' now bearing their fruit.

Israel's religious devotion to the U.S. led Road Map is now being rewarded in full.

What I don't hear any ex-spurts and talking heads mentioning is how U.S. policy is directly responsible for weakening and restraining Israel and emboldening her neighbors far and wide.
It was President Bush who twisted P.M. Sharon's arm to ethnically cleanse every living and dead Jew from Gaza as well as coming to the rescue of Hezbollah and Hamas to embolden Iran.

What a discouraged Iran we would have today if Israel had not been bullied into retreating by the President who loved to hold hands with his Saudi counterpart.
The U.S. policy where Israel has been forced to appeases and reward bad behavior,goodwill gestures and the like will have severe blow back on the U.S.,the originator of this nefarious phony Road Map peace scheme hatched in hell.
You can bank on divine payback for our dirty deed that Israel must dig out of now all by themselves.
After this war Israel will have learned a painful lesson; America is not Israel's God.

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