Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Issac becomes a Hurricane


Wednesday update: Isaac is still more healthy than it has ever been as it keeps close to New Orleans.I am amazed by how this storm has specifically targeted this area for  a long duration pounding.Thank God it's only a category 1 storm.It's sad that the brainwashed weather experts can't drop their pagan ritual of attributing all of this to their Mother Nature and admit that this is the hand of God.The cave men could figure this out ,but the educated idiots can't.


Will Hurricane Issac tar and feather the Gulf Coast ?

One question haunting locals is how much oil left over from the Gulf oil spill in 2010 might wind up on the beaches because of Isaac. Experts believe large tar mats lie submerged just off the coast, but no one knows where they are or how many might be in the Gulf.

There is something strange and rather ominous about Issac because of it's arrival 7 years after Katrina.
A day early and expected to hang around for the anniversary.
Only before making landfall over New Orleans did Issac become a hurricane 
This tells me that Issac put on it's best suit for the primary target, main appointment.
Thank God it's only a category 1 - In wrath remember mercy.
I just heard Issac is 800 miles wide,that's monstrous !  

Isaac's slow pace means it "could actually cause more damage," the governor said

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