Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Media's Not So Subtle War Against Israel

Syrian and Jordanian forces Clash in Border Area

'While Assad's grip on the country has been eroded as the uprising has gathered momentum, his forces have consistently demonstrated their overwhelming firepower advantage against lightly armed rebels.'
When Israel uses 'it' the hypocrite nation's and their media who hate to see Jews defeating their enemies lash out and call it disproportionate force and demand an immediate halt.
This Muslim on Muslim genocide and massive destruction has been going on now for a year and a half and missing is the immediate urgency that ISRAEL is always threatened with.
The truth that the disgusting perverts in the media will never report is that the level of death and destruction by Muslim fracticide on Syria's major cities and civilian population and Israel's war in Gaza in 2009 are incomparable.
The Muslims have proven to be the greatest threat to themselves and the rest of us but you wouldn't know that from the media.
That is why so many deceivers,liars,propagandists and taqiyya con men like Alex Jones try and blame Israel for what their partners are doing in Syria and elsewhere.

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