Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why America is going down never to rise again

One reason out of one hundred
When the wicked mock what is seen as holy without fear but with indifference or outrage from the immoral nation , it's only a matter of time.
Even the dark Russian government stood up and arrested the P.R. sluts in Moscow whose affront and abomination in an Orthodox church was 'less' wicked than this.
Here in amoral and reprobate America the wicked are free and the righteous are restrained, and that means this nation is irrevocably cursed and doomed.

Thou shalt not steal 

Little Migron and Global Migration

“Mutual threats in Damascus have succeeded in triggering migration,”

There is global migration underway and faith challenged Israeli P.M. Netanyahu will pay for disobeying God and serving the evil agenda of the nations.
Every nation that has pushed the two state solution to drive Jews off of their land are having the same 'migration' judgment happen to them.
In 2005 after President Bush forces then PM Ariel Sharon to ethnically cleanse every Jew from Gaza Hurricane Katrina drove out over 10 times the number of Israeli's driven from Gush Katif.
In 2011 thousands of Japanese were driven from their homes never to return after the Tsunami,Fukishima disaster,a reward for their overabundant support in cutting up Israel to create another extremist Islamist state in the heart of Israel.
What we see in Syria is God's judgment that He sends on all the enemies of Israel. It will be interesting to see how Hurricane Issac affects New Orleans as the lap dog who always pleases his foreign gods in Washington Netanyahu evicts Jews obedient to God's call to build up Zion from Migron.
Ever since the IDF was used to drive fellow Jews off their land in 2005, Gush Katif (to please the false god of the false Road Map which Israel serves with great religious devotion) they have become weaker and more erratic. Under Netanyahu and Barak.
A year later the IDF failed to defeat Hezbollah in the second Lebanon war as with Hamas in 2009 and both are safe and stronger and Egypt has become a threat.
There is always a price to pay for doing evil and all of Israel will pay a heavy price for the evil done to the families of Migron  while those who call for Israel's destruction are always rewarded by this evil government.

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