Sunday, April 21, 2013

At least 10 people have been arrested under a Chinese law banning rumors

Cremation is the preferred method for disposing of the remains

"We are selling many machines these days," Zhao said."Our business is one that is doing well."

DESTROYER OBAMA ANNOUNCES MILITARY PAY CUTS,GIVES $123 MILLION TO FOREIGN TERROR GROUP... while the blinded,stupid sheeple of the US are led to their eventual slaughter.

Seriously ,I see such a clear comparison to the Jews of Germany during the rise of the Third Reich and the Jews and Christian's of America today,right now.
They refused to heed any warnings and 'it can't happen here' is the same thing their ancestors said to Jeremiah when he came to them with the truth,bad news ,reality of what God was sending on them because of their perversity and wickedness. They would not let go of their fantasy.
Today the majority of Jews and Christians in America wallow and live happily in America's decadent,evil,perverse culture.
The brainwashed,lie loving (Obama) Jews of America today are under the same spell that will lead to their slaughter here in America.They (the vast majority) completely ignore the truth and love the lies they have built their houses on.
It's going to come crashing down on you again and chew on this ; The very high percentage of Jews in America who helped elect their very own destroyer.
No matter how wicked he reveals himself to be they love him because they hate God.
That's scary,but I've learned to fear God and love the truth and that's why nobody's listening to the warnings.
If you lived Tanach and listened to the LORD instead of your blind Rabbi's leading the blind into the ditch you could clearly see what is coming here.
The Holy One of Israel always has a small remnant who love and listen to Him.
For the rest of you, it's going to get unbelievably ugly.

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