Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Imported Islamic Terrorists on Tax Free Government Payroll

Not only is US policy to keep the door wide open to obvious threats to this nation but they pay their bills,tax free. This has been going on too long.
My mother who was a working American citizen was getting less Social Security than Obama's 'illegal immigrant' aunt from Kenya ,How can that be ?

They need more of your tax money to spend on things like this

While the Obamanation is destroying the middle class we learn how the Muslim terrorists lived so well in America without working or paying taxes.
These Islamic terrorist have their rent,food paid for ,are given scholarships as they build their bombs while the corrupt government bleeds and destroys the middle class.
We have a criminal government where no one is ever held accountable.

The White House is intentionally destroying the US economy

Obama and his gang are following an evil agenda because they are evil.

The motive behind the Boston false flag operation

When are the American people going to wake up and realize that we are being destroyed from within by the globalist criminals who have taken over media,education,healthcare,travel etc.and everything in corrupt Washington ?
Obama and his happy NWO gang 
Is Washington's policy of tolerance for evil keeping Saudi funded extremist Islamic Mosques here wide open to create more terrorists in the US intentional ?

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