Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FACEBOOK Keeps Islamic Terrorist ,while they shut me down

My hope is that many or even a few will wake up and realize how Satan and his evil minions work together to advance their agenda while shutting down those who expose them.
The destroyers of Islam operate in our lands openly because the evil western globalist governments and their minions permit them to.

The Canadian ISLAMIC Terrorists in plain sight

Face book tried to cover up their assistance to the Islamic terrorists but they failed,thanks Walid!

Walid Shoebat on WRKO Boston

In twisted,perverted America under the destroyer Obama ,He can send $123 million to the al Qaeda linked terrorists fighting in Syria ,but they make it very difficult with their gestapo regulations to wire money to Israel to support  a non terrorist,non Muslim Israeli group like LATMA.
Can you see how evil this nation has become ?

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