Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reading Between the Lies

Plausible Scenario ?
A panicked government/media 'official' who loves his/her jihad partners dearly and brings them into the US by the thousands with less security that we non Muslims get from DHS ;
'We have to divert the public away from this ISLAMIC terrorist attack in Boston,we need an immediate diversion and it has to be a white,non Muslim American doing something bad.'
After DOJ 'criminal' Eric Holder got away with 'Fast and Furious' nothing this government does surprise me any more.
Have you noticed how the perverts of the godless left government media are babying their 'poor,just a boy' Muslim terrorist ,downplaying the ISLAM connection and blaming the internet ?
How they have lied to us and covered up the truth since the beginning ?
Do you realize how the intense rage of the Obama's media whores of the left would be at high decibel's of foaming at the mouth hate if it was a white tea party, tax payer that they had planned for ?
Notice how these evil perverts in government media are so sweet and tender on their little boy ISLAMIC terrorist with low ,no foam, decibel excuses and diversions ?
Have you noticed how they are targeting the internet and not Islam ?
That is all because it fits into their plans to target our freedom on the internet,not the MUSLIM terrorists.

The American sheep are being tranquilized before they are slaughtered by the destroyer Obama and his media whore's.
The lying Obama left cozy up to their jihad partners because they serve the same Father of lies god Satan also known as allah.

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