Monday, September 12, 2011

Are Iran and M.B. Pulling the Strings for Confrontation With Israel ?

First we had the organized attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo and Jordan is next.
When Arabs leaders protect Jewish property ,it shortens their lifespan in the mad,insane world of Islam.
I can't help but think that Iran is planning and scheming in all of this and preparing to strike.
Their proxy armies of Hezbollah and Hamas were not defeated due to U.S. interference against Israel in restraining them under President Bush and they will strike Israel in unison at Iran's command.
Obama the destroyer has only moved Satan's agenda against Israel fast forward.
It's no coincidence that U.S.falls 1st.

Turkey wants confrontation and war with Israel !
Erdogan's speech in Cairo today will tell us everything

The Arab/Muslim world are rising up as one against Israel.
That is what the Arab spring was all about. 
For you patriotic American fools,please don't ignore the evil part America has 
played in all of this starting with their phony peace scheme,getting rid of Egypt's Mubarak ,doing nothing on Iran's freedom demonstrators or with Syria,and like Kosovo making sure that radical,extremist Muslims took control of Libya and then the end result of America's Road Map,war and hell. 

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