Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Blind Lead the Blind

from sounding the alarm  
G. Please realize that those in authority and power in this late hour are almost entirely given over to the evil one and have been bought by the powers that be and the rich men. Consider the lawless law makers that break the law and strengthen the hands of the evil leaders of the land. This land has forsaken the LORD and Jesus Christ the redeemer. The United States is a land of idols, arrogance, and foolish lusts. It has been found guilty by God for its exporting of filth to the entire world. God has drawn the line and the USA has run past it to commit its evils. The line is crossed for America. This nation is marked by God for judgment and now is the time to repent as an individual and run to the covert of the LORD.
H. Again, you will either stand with the LORD or fall with the nation. Which shall it be. Choose you this day whom you will serve. God the LORD and His Son Jesus Christ, or, your gods, Caesars and mythical lifestyles?


Derek S. said...

I've seen several comments of yours on Caroline Glick's blog and have to say I'm in complete agreement with your approach to the Word and prophecy.

Regarding your most recent comment there about Gog Magog necessarily being preceded by a war with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Egypt I am in partial agreement, at least. I agree that Lebanon, Syria and I will include the Palestinians, come first in war with Israel. However, do you have scriptural evidence pointing to Jordan and Egypt?

I'm not arguing the point, but I am interested in expanding my understanding if I'm missing something there. Are you perhaps referring to the conflict listed in Psalm 83 where the tribes of Jordan are mentioned? Or another, or multiple, passages?

The reason I ask is that it seems to me that it would be extremely difficult for Jordan and/or Egypt to war with Israel in their current states. It also seems to be against their political benefit. I don't see how those two nations could be involved at this time. Again, not saying they won't, just asking you to expand on why you believe those two, in particular, would be involved alongside Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinians.


Marcel said...

Hi Derek,
I see the Arab Spring as God's judgment against Islam and believe it's only going to get worse because of Genesis 12:3 and Zechariah 12:3 ,but that also goes for ALL the nations.

The only reason I have to include Egypt and Jordan is because they are not mentioned in Ezekiel's (38) list of nations.
Whenever Israel takes out Hizbollah, Fatah or Hamas Palestinians this will be enough to bring Jordan,Egypt and the rest against Israel.That's all it takes.
Arab pride will lead them against Israel and pride goes before Arab destruction.

They don't think rationally ,they think Islamic with the dark principality of hell guiding them to their final end.

Marcel said...

also Derek ,
I find Isaiah 17:1 Damascus destroyed,Isaiah 33:9 Lebanon.Isaiah 34:2 Idumea ,Bozrah for Jordan and Palestinians in W.B.
along with Ezekiel 35,Mount Seir, looks like juddgment against Islam.

I haven't found anything to change this. If you do please let me know.


Derek S. said...


I see your point. I'm open to the idea of Jordan & Egypt being humbled prior to the "big one" against Turkey & Iran (and all the peoples with them).

In fact, a war against Lebanon, Syria, Hamas (and possibly Jordan & Egypt as you say) would "soften up" Israel to the point where they are vulnerable to a military defeat at the hands of Turkey & Iran. If this war didn't immediately precede Gog Magog it might not be possible for them to be victorious against Israel as they are prophesied to be. Israel is still the mightiest military in the middle east by quite a large margin, so softening them up first before the big blow makes total sense to me. You usually can't take down the champion with one punch, but with a flurry of punches one right after the other it can be done.

Derek S. said...


On another note, I'm curious about something. I haven't read much on your blog so this might be answered there already, but I wanted to ask if you see the western Christian nations as gentiles or as the scattered, lost sheep of the house of Israel? In other words, at the end of Ezekiel 39 after Gog has been judged & destroyed it says He will return His people to their land and that the whole world will know that He is the one who dispersed them and is now returning them. Who are these Israelites? Certainly they cannot just be Jews. Any thoughts?

Marcel said...

'You usually can't take down the champion with one punch, but with a flurry of punches one right after the other it can be done.'

God will make sure Israel's 'surviving' enemies learn a good lesson as it will take Israel 7 months to bury the dead Muslims, Ezekiel 39.

'Who are these Israelites? Certainly they cannot just be Jews. Any thoughts?'

Everyone assumes they've replace theJews.Muslims,Catholics,
Replacement Theology Christians,Nation of Islam,Herbert W Armstrong of the Plain Truth magazine and false teachings on the ten lost tribes being Britan and America,(God didn't lose any tribes)British Israelism and on and on and on.

The Jews even the FALASHA are the Israelites,Israel ,all the other hokey pokey is false teachings.

See Ephesians 2:11-12 and Romans 11 for a correct biblical understanding of where Christians are.
Never replacing,the root Israel but always grafted into the Jewish Israel olive tree.