Thursday, September 08, 2011

Proud Turkey Desperate for a Fight With Israel

If Israel had gone ahead and defeated Hizbollah and Hamas instead of listening to President Bush ,things would be a lot different today.
Israel's restraint has removed what little deterrence remained. 
Israel's long restrained and growing weakness under the false peace Road Map of the U.S. leads to war.
Ignoring God and trusting in the lying idol for peace was a grave sin on Israel's part.
May Am Yisrael wake up from her slumber and return to the Lord who alone can bring true and lasting peace.
 A New 9/11 ?  
'Incompetent US Government,afraid,too stupid to profile or identify the enemy as Muslim allow Muslim terrorists into the US again 10 years after 9/11.'
That should be the media headline but no,they cover up for their duplicitous partners in criminal incompetence.

The TSA were too busy targeting non-Muslim American citizens and gave the enemy a  wink and a pass again as they did with the shoe and the underwear bomber.
They keep importing these dangerous religious murderers for Islam into the U.S. for what purpose ? The evil intentions of our own government.    
Now the Keystone Cop are looking for them
Will they find them in time ?
"It feels more than aspirational," one official said.
Gee,they must have gotten past TSA while grandma and the baby in diapers were being searched.
I wonder if the terrorists are grandma,little Billy or the baby whose diapers are searched or MUSLIMS

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