Wednesday, September 14, 2011

THE WAGES OF TERROR -Daniel Greenfield

A Muslim terrorist in America will never lack for lawyers. A terrorist detainee in Guantanamo Bay will have more pro-bono lawyers than a dog has fleas....

This article is a much needed (and rare) dose of reality in this Orwellian media manipulated world of darkness,great deception and lies.
A very real 'spiritual' dimension with the godless,perverted Left and Islam is that they both serve(worship)the same Father of lies,Lucifer, aka allah.
This is also how such differing mindsets are united.They love their lying pappy and hate the God of Israel with deep,deep Satanic passion.
Israel's big mistake (sin) was to hitch their wagon to this falling star,America Babylon, instead of the Bright and Morning Star


While the media insists on telling us how much we can learn from Islam-- there is more of goodness, decency and honor to be learned from a dog, than there is from the entire Koran.

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