Saturday, September 17, 2011

CHINA Flexing Her Muscles Against U.S. Paper Tiger

And of course the corrupt and decadent U.S. media will hide reality so as not to awaken the brainwashed masses headed for slaughter and cover for their boy lollipop.

O how you will be ruined!—

America is broke and economically dependent on China. The military is worn out and down and on a downhill slide from too many prolonged occupations and foreign adventures from Afghanistan to Iraq. And back home the natives grow restless under the rule of an incompetent fool.
China,Russia and their many allies can see the handwriting on the wall for the Empire on the skids.

Obama buckles to pressure from China as the U.S. now reaps the same treatment from a bigger bully for all the years of bully America threatening and pressuring Israel !
Think about it; The U.S. created the bully now squeezing her throat. 
God is good and just all the time.

China warns U.S.against Palestinian UN veto
"Today's capitulation to communist China by the Obama Administration marks a sad day in American foreign policy and it represents a slap in the face to a strong ally and long-time friend" Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas)

Saudi's Threaten U.S. over Palestinian State veto
It will not take much for the treacherous U.S. to give Israel one final push.

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