Thursday, September 01, 2011

Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack?

I've had a strong feeling that North Korean leader,very Ill Kim's visit to China and Russia  last month was more like a working (planning) vacation.

I finally read the article by Gordon Chang after trying all morning
  and once again it's inaccessible ? busy link ?
Irene's Toxic Aftermath 
spiritually filthy,naturally filthy
How cops generally deal with the mentally disabled today


James Smith said...

Your right, I can't reach it. I think the ChiComs took it down.

Marcel said...

i got to it again.
That's 2 out of about 40 times.
no doubt they want to keep the masses asleep but that job is easy with our entertainment media.
Did yo hear from the MSM that Lindsey Lohan got another tattoo ?

We're toast !