Friday, October 05, 2012

America's Amoral,Godless Children

The godless perverted ones have removed the light of truth as the foundation to raise children on so that the darkness could replace God and everything good and what we are seeing everywhere today in this now cursed land is the evil fruit of this decision.
America's evil school system threw God,morality and the Bible out a long,long time ago and this is the by-product of legalizing abortions in 1973 killing unborn babies.
She followed the example her teachers gave her that life is worthless,cheap.
Just call the unborn baby something else like 'fetus' before you kill him or her.
There is no conscience,no remorse,no responsibility,no care,only selfish desires feed by Holloywood and media garbage with this evil American system that has taught and raised our children to be evil.
The only difference here is that she did not have a license to murder her baby as the godless state has given to the baby killing factories of death.

America's Schools Create generations of evil children without a conscience and NO morals.

Daddy of Jake, Jami Evans was a teacher and an assistant principal at schools in the Aledo Independent School District from 1989 to 2004.


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