Saturday, October 06, 2012


I commented on a really good article here and a lot of what I wrote was erased by the writer.
The majority of web sites in these Orwellian days completely block all light and truth ,some just block out most of it.

All the ingredients are in the boiling Iran/Syria stew soon to be served hot off the stove with Master Chef Putin's able assistance.
When the mushroom clouds of fallout from the coming Iran,Syria,Lebanon,Egypt war settle Israel will be blamed and not the Caliphate Crusaders and their death worshiping cult of Mohammed the false prophet of hell.
The Jews in America ,especially those who voted for their false messiah Obama will be targeted because they are the closest thing to Israel even though they long ago abandoned God and Israel.
 Aliyah would be wise and much easier now  before the window closes.
God is setting the stage to draw all the nations into his trap and Israel is the bait.
Joel 3:2
America is finished forever because she turned far away from the One who made her the greatest nation on earth.
Hell is coming to the US and there is no stopping God's judgment.
'The wicked shall be turned into hell,And all the nations that forget God.'
Psalm 9:17

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