Friday, October 26, 2012

U.N.'s war on Israel puts American economy in crosshairs

There is no more firewall for America !

The fool Obama signed America onto the Muslim extremist dominated Human Rights Council, another Satanic tentacle of the from hell back in 2009.
 God has declared war on this evil entity whose sole agenda is the destruction of Israel.
It just so happens that the headquarters of this demonic principality is  NYC with Washington D.C. it's chief financier .
'Sandy' is truly a strange storm with it's large left hook into the dense population centers of the north east.
Could you imagine at cat 2 or 3 this size or no 4 days of warning to prepare or evacuate because that is exactly what an EMP attack will do for U.S.
The perfect storm of a reprobate,wicked nation turning away from God ,the lawless government uniting the abomination sodomy with holy marriage along with dividing up Israel for it's evil,false peace Road Map 2 state final solution is here.
Judgement falls on the godless perverted nation, and as always the innocent suffer because of the wicked who rule over U.S.

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