Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Cover up,What The Dust Up Between Netanyahu and Barak Was Really About

On September 20th Dhimmi Minister Ehud Barak met with the turncoat Jew Rham 'the scam' Emmanuel, Mayor of Gangsterville,President Hussein Obama's close contact.
For Ehud 'egotist' Barak's treachery and betrayal of Israel as a foreign agent he was paid off with a six pack of over hyped Chicago beer.

Just a few days later back in Israel the Foreign Agent Barak was doing what he was told to do by his handlers,advancing and promoting the evil and diabolical agenda of the Obama White Whore House which works with Israel's enemies to shrink and conquer Israel by the fakepeace process.

This is what the Israeli media is covering up and not reporting.
The not so big question I have is;
Netanyahu has kept this lap dog of failed foreign interests,bulldozer of Jewish homes and loser Ehud Barak next to him for so many years and so they are indistinguishable,birds of a feather,two peas in a pod, good cop, bad cop,so was he upset with Barak because he has access to the Destroyer Obama and Benji the Poodle doesn't ?
Hey Benji,cheer up, the dhimmi minister was always just a bit faster rolling over on command that you.

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