Thursday, October 04, 2012

Turkey Enters Syria War
'Ankara is meeting in emergency session in response to a government request for the military to be authorized to launch cross-border operations.'
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The first time in 18 month Syrian civil war that Turkey has staged military action against Syria
Muslims killing Muslims who were their close friends and allies not long ago.
God's judgment on Islam is in progress 
The big question ; What will Russia's next move be ?
More than the Presidential debate ,this is the big news story of the day that most are probably missing.
It's as if it has been pre-planned.
I didn't watch the debate but I read in many new reports that Obama was out of the closet for all who wanted to see what and who he really is. When the devious and angry schoolboy does not get his way ,his mind will work on one.
I wouldn't put it past him to deliver a sucker punch,false flag especially the way he has been covering up for his jihad comrades as we saw in Libya with his attack on the filmmaker and how he keeps pumping U.S. BILLIONS Morsi's way. 
Obama and those behind him are extremely dangerous(evil) people but that's what we get when a people,nation forget God. 
Any Christian who thinks Mittens Romney can or will stop what God is sending to America is deceived !

The wicked shall be turned into hell,And all the nations that forget God.
Psalm 9:17

Obama's 'bump in the road of incompetence and death' mounts on the US Border and everywhere else

Even after 13 confirmed Muslim terrorist threats against the US Consulate in Benghazi Libya the Obama,Hillary teams refused to send Marine guards there.This is impeachable criminal negligence 
but the government media will play it as a ' little bump in the road mistake' at best after nearly a month of lies and cover up.
These corrupt,devious amoral people are never held to account and get away with their many,many LIES and cover ups because of their compliant Goebbels Media and a worthless Republican party that has also betrayed everything this nation once stood for.

Obama ordered a cover up

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