Monday, October 01, 2012

Why Does the Dictator Obama Have to Control the Internet ?

BECAUSE HE IS A CRIMINAL WITH MUCH INNOCENT BLOOD ON HIS HANDS and he's got to cover up his long,leaking list of crimes. 
The liars and criminals Holder and Obama ran this operation and the criminal, Goebbels US media cover up for them.
'cartel operatives hunted their victims down with the weapons President Barack Obama’s administration allowed straw buyers to traffick to them.'

President Nixon was impeached and resigned for much less than Obama and his media whores are covering up here. 
Watch for this Chicago gangster and DHS to make their move against the internet soon in order to silence the truth which exposes their corrupt,criminal enterprise.
Every Empire, nation,culture that embraced the homosexual agenda as America
does was destroyed ,Sodom and Gomorrah being God's warning to the proud who flaunt their perversity with the assistance of wicked leaders.

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