Thursday, October 18, 2012


Wrath is cruel and anger a torrent,But who is able to stand before jealousy?
Proverbs 27:4
The religious civil war between Sunni and Shiite's in Syria shows no let up but this news report puts an interesting perspective on it.
The perverted reporter calls the bloodthirsty murderers who follow no humane conventions of war 'pious'.
Summary executions, failure to follow the Geneva Convention by the 'pious' genocidal butchers and America and the West are heartily on their side. This tells me *it's coming to America soon.
Pious, envious devils indeed!
He makes a good point on the division between the rich and the poor with envy being the fuel feeding the Koran of hate and murder.
As I heard Doug repeat from his DHS insider;
'It's all about the Benjamin'$'.With all the hatred and division here in America fed and bred by the most diabolical and evil Obama regime and his media whores it's no stretch to see that what's happening in Syria is coming to America.

The poor vs. the rich is the Obama playbook.

Intentionally destroying the dollar,sending jobs and factories to China,getting millions more dependent on foodstamps and the government,George Zimmerman,Travon Martin media,Obama incitement,failure to arrest racist inciter's Louie Farrakhan,Black Panther,etc.,lawless,criminal government sale of weapons (Fast and Furious)and money laundering to the Mexico drug cartel as a pretext for more abuse on law abiding citizens to disarm them and treat them like criminals as TSA does in their expanding evil web.
They don't/won't disarm the felonious,criminal gangs though!

In fact that is why the perverted government is destroying the economy and buying up so much hollow point ammunition.
Their long planned chaos to bring about their evil second Babel World Dis-Order is upon us.
Are you prayed up and prepared for the impossible horror hitting a neighborhood near you ?

* judgment of God

The unforgivness of blacks blinds them to God's judgment and binds them to their black, false messiah the Destroyer Obama

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