Sunday, September 16, 2012


Directive to all global media outlets

Our beloved mascot
1.When reporting news never use the word Muslim and terrorist together.
2.Never use the word Islam when referring to any terrorist attack.
3.Always keep the readers inoculated with senses dulled so they cannot connect the dots and continue to spoon feed them with our NWO agenda that Islam is good and to be honored and greatly respected,equal to all the other great religions of the world even though it is not.
4.You must always paint Islam in a positive light no matter what. If you must, blame anything and everything else for their terrorism and violence.
5.Be quick to attack any who do not follow the mass brainwashing with charges of 'islamophobia.'
6. Whenever reporting on any terrorist attack by Muslims which cannot be covered up make sure to steer the readers to the illusion that it is only a small group of extremists within Islam.
7. Even though we have no similar jihad,terrorist groups within Judiasm or Christianity we must generalize the lie that they have similar rogue groups within their religion.
(Our global media branch offices in Israel along with the Netanyahu government have done a good job of this in the last few months targeting fellow Jews as terrorists for a few fights and graffiti infractions,kudos to the quislings of Israel)
8. You are encouraged to report on the lone wolf Muslim terrorists extremists as conservatives or teenagers as we had in Chicago over the weekend.
9.Never,never,never allude to the existence of Islamic,Hezbollah,Hamas,Islamic Jihad,etc. sleeper cells for whom we have kept the US Border wide open (to allow them to enter with ease) who are now laying in wait across the U.S. for their orders to strike.KEEP THE FOCUS ON THE LONE WOLF and keep it vague so that they can be easily labeled as (OTM) other than Muslim such as Tea Party,conservative,Christian,etc.
10.As for our now evident military defeat in Afghanistan call it green on blue or 'insider attack' ,never our Afghan Muslim partners killing our US infidel soldiers.
11.We all know the agenda of the growing Islamic Caliphate for global conquest and are working with them on this agenda both overtly and covertly because the ruthless,extremist,totalitarian religion of Islam best suits our needs to keep our world government in firm control and our slaves in check.

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