Saturday, September 08, 2012

God is going to deal with the hypocritical nations

As US intervention in Syria grows, watch for Iran, Russia and their partners to act in a surprising fashion.

Remember the extremely short IDF, Gaza,Hamas war in the winter of 2008-2009 ?
This was when Israel, after years of being pressured into restraint by the bully U.S. empire finally decided to go into Gaza to end the many years of Islamic rockets raining down on their school children, their homes,civilians,farms and cities.
Immediately  before the IDF could complete the mission, the filthy, reprobate western nations in their feigned shouts of moral righteousness demanded that the IDF retreat
Hamas was spared from decapitation by President Bush and the diabolical western agenda against the Jews.

Divine payback is coming for this and the many other evil deeds to these treacherous,false allies of Israel.
Tiny Israel abused by the chief hypocrite nation under their false peace Road Map relented as they did when President Bush came to the rescue of Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War of 2006 for his Saudi and Egyptian lovers.
Fast forward to September 2012, over a year an a half after the Syrian war of Muslim on Muslim genocide began where the immediacy of the hypocrite nations to end this fratricidal war (where they hide the real numbers of dead unlike their actions against Israel ) has never been as demanding an issue is it was with their  most evil restraining of Israel.
Israel,surrounded by very bad neighbors has always needed a strong message of deterrence by swiftly defeating their enemies and the bully America stole that from Israel under their counterfeit appeasement and retreat, Road Map peace scheme.
Syria is a damned if you do,damned if you don't trap for the West and will go very bad for the hypocrite nations because God hates hypocrites and the time to judge the chief bully,hypocrite who is always restraining Israel  has arrived.

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