Saturday, September 29, 2012

King of Darkness

Egyptian Christians flee Rafah after death threats

These days the President loves to help his Muslim jihad partners in the open,he's not worried about bad press harming his re-election bid in the least.
His pride is rooted in Satan which guarantees the most horrific future under his rule.
With the help of the Goebbels US media he is already the untouchable Fuhrer who is not constrained or held to account for anything.

The spineless and worthless Republicans have surrendered long ago to the latest Fourth Reich's evil mesmerizer of the masses.
He doesn't even bother to hide his evil agenda of openly assisting the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and inviting them to the now dark,White House.
As the extremist Muslim government of Egypt under MB Morsi  target non Muslim Egyptians like the Coptic Christians President Hussein O. want to reward them.

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