Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What does it look like when an empire is collapsing ?

One of the first clues is that the godless,wicked,perverted people elect an eloquent liar,a destroyer to lead them to destruction because they want to hear lies and not the truth.
Look around and you might see ,that is if your are not under a 'spirit of strong delusion' like the majority are.
That is what God sends before He destroys a reprobate people who have turned away from Him.

Missiles,coin of the realm

One U.S. official put it simply: "We have got to do a better job at protecting our troops."
An example of the incompetent leadership and the idiots who don't know 'why' because they are under a strong delusion.
U.S. officials say that somewhere between 10 percent and 25 percent of the insider attacks are the work of enemy infiltrators. The rest are the result of personal insults and just plain cultural misunderstandings Islam.

the civilized world has become so decadent and perverse that they can't even identify the enemy as Muslims.
If we had this ignorant attitude of the collapsing West during WW II it would have been deemed 'Germaniaphobia' to call the enemy 'Germans','Nazi's', during the big war.This war will be much bigger and deadlier.'

New World Dis-Order out of the Chaos they create

What does the corrupt,criminal oligarchy in Washington do when they collapse the economy ?
Start a BIG,BIG,BIG war,less mouths to feed when the dust settles.

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