Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Like Shooting Ducks in a Barrel

Massed US, UK, French navies for drill simulating breach of blocked Hormuz

The third US aircraft carrier, USS Stennis, is moving into place off the Iranian Gulf coast to lead a 12-day naval exercise of 25 nations on Sept 16-27...
Too much can go wrong here,it's looking for trouble that is everywhere to find.
I often hear proud,blind, arrogant American fools crow about how advanced our weapons systems are while they mock or are clueless about Iran's very real threat  and there is so much we don't know about Iran's many decades of planning for this day. The fools forget that it is God that gives the victory in battle as we saw with David and the Giant Goliath.

Remember, Pride goes before destruction !

Lets say you were an Iranian military strategist and already viewed the numerous economic sanctions by the West as an act of war and you saw this great Armada of  western naval ships come to your front door to play  war games.
This is too tempting to pass up, especially after you have been training for this big one for so long.
Wouldn't you be tempted to do a preemptive,lightening, surprise attack (that would make Pearl Harbor look like a Sunday picnic) on these same ships which would eventually target Iran ?
If Sun Tzu were alive today he might say ;
'Better to take them out now in their 'game mode' than later.'
It's amazing how the idiot Obama and the West are offering up such easy targets as these 3 U.S. Naval Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups and what is left of British and French military might to Iran or is there something more sinister at work here ?
Could you imaging the shaking  defeat down to the bone which the US would suffer on a global scale after losing so many ships so soon after the idiot Obama dumped God,Israel and Jerusalem from the Democratic government platform " Our prestige and great power would be gone forever and we would be ripe for the final cut.
God will play the same Obama game and CHECKMATE the idiot Obama and dump America's might into the depths of the Persian Gulf is what I think is the coming, a heart attack surprise to the arrogant,perverse nation which assumed to divide His land,ISRAEL for their diabolical and counterfeit peace scheme.
It won't take much for this to get out of hand and start WORLD-NUCLEAR-WAR I
Jesus warned of perilous times and they are here and so many Christians are sleeping !

Israel readies secret weapon for Iran attack


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