Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Collapse and Fall of the Roman American Empire

Job 12
"He makes the nations great, then destroys them"
It is tragic to see the clueless US govt,media fools follow the same road to collapse as so many other great empires before.

Watching the extremist left destroyers of America in lockstep with their totalitarian partners of Islam we can understand the common bond which unites them ,Lucifer.
The Soviet style American media are hard at work brainwashing the public by keeping their focus on 'the film' and away from evil Islam and it's violent nature.
This devious media are also hiding the fact that Obama and his Cairo speech to the Islamic world policy has failed miserably and these rats are desperately protecting their incompetent failure of a president as the ship goes down,down,down.

What we are seeing now is the accelerating downfall in progress under the destroyer Obama
1.Elmer Fudd Feds Interview California Filmmaker linked to anti-Islam film
“Islam’s clearly gotten the message,their threats work well,we are intimidated” Henderson said. “I can’t imagine Islam doing anything stupider than what it did here, but we all can see in this upside down world today that violence, threats and intimidation by a bloodthirsty religion pays off well and so we must appease this evil by crushing peoples freedom to speak the truth about the religion of this false prophet that has caused so much terror and suffering in the world. ”

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