Monday, September 17, 2012


All of this with Iran is not going to go with the script America has written or the one Israel has prepared. It will go according to the plans of the Holy One of Israel.
He has given Iran the power and the ability to wipe out US Naval forces in the Persian Gulf in a massive Pearl Harbor style,surprise, lightening strike that will shock the whole world and bring America down to the dust. The reason that the Holy One of Israel will 'allow' this is because He is tired of His idolatrous people Israel running to decadent,perverted,corrupt,lying Washington for peace and security instead of to Him alone !

As usual the U.S. 'experts' have it all wrong and are going to fall into a major Iranian AMBUSH because of their pomposity and arrogance.
God is about to judge America Babylon and Israel will no longer have this false god to run to.
God has set the stage to remove the idol Israel chases after for peace and security instead of Him.
Iran has said it clearly and often that they will not wait to be attacked but will attack first.
What better opportunity has the West given Iran that to assemble all our military might in the Persian Gulf as sitting ducks for our stupid 'war games' from Sept 16-27,2013 giving Iran the green light for a lightening,surprise attack that will make Pearl Harbor look like a Sunday picnic!

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