Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Regime of Failure

President Obama's Muslim partners dragging dead US Ambassador
I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi, which took the lives of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens,but mark my words, 'we will do nothing but go after free speech in America and blame others as we always do, we will not be seeking justice and will once again sweep this Muslim event under the rug as I have done with our very own 'Muslim' US Army Major Nidal Hassan who murdered 13 souls and wounding 33 others at Fort Hood.
American's have short memories so it's best to appease our insatiable murdering partners of Islam, ” Obama said in a statement.
Our corrupt GovMedia will 'downplay' this story and this murder because this is whose side they are on in Syria and that is why I put this picture up.
You will never see it on the mainstream media but you will see Jessica Simpson's new body or some other bread and circus treats from the evil ones.

US Ambassador 'Killed in Libya'

This all started when the U.S. upset the tender balance of dictator vs. mad insane Muslim street in Iraq with the removal of Saddam Hussein. He kept the genie in the bottle,Pandora in her box and door to the pit of hell shut tight. Now that has all been opened up by the arrogant fools of America Babylon as part of God's last days judgments on this vile,filthy,wicked,perverted world under Satan's dominion.

Since the US. Iraq debacle the failed push for democracy has been anything but freedom or democracy in the dark Islamic world as we see today with President Bush's new Iraq,Afghanistan and Hamastan,Gaza.

Islam and freedom

(which means submission,and lets not forget the ever prominent sword of Islam)
The two are incompatible an our doomed 'Western' leaders are beyond stupid ,they are serving their master the dragon in everything they do at this late,late hour.

They won't find the killers or look for them,this is another willing U.S. blood sacrifice to the god allah they serve. It's the cost of doing business with the devil is what Hillary and Hussein Obama would say if they were honest,but they're not.

Instead of blaming the violence on the violent nature of out of control Islam ,the media and government turn to target those who are speaking the truth. They want to continue with their pretend world and that makes those like us who tell the truth their enemies not the killers, extremist,intolerant,hate bred followers of allah whom they always defend and protect.
This hypocritical and evil policy always backfires on those who play 'lets pretend' and that happens to be the ruling globalist Satan servers and their New World Order media.
The US. Betrayal of Israel to get on the good side of Islam has it's rewards and when God is finished with the treacherous and proud empire there won't be much left to be proud about.

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