Sunday, September 09, 2012


The war for Islamic dominance in Iraq goes on with Sunni  versus Shiite.
After 8 wasted years in the Islamic sewer, the incompetent,impotent U.S. left an over sized embassy and a bloody mess.
It's going on in Syria for some time with the US taking the side of the Sunni ,Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate,al Qaeda,Islamic jihad terrorists .
With all the evidence,if you can't see that America is now openly the evil empire then you are a blind fool in denial.
The attacks are beyond barbaric,they are war crimes and crimes against humanity.
We should remember that after America's many years war in Iraq ,noting is any better only worse.
The wasted trillions of dollars,the dead on both sides and broken,dismembered U.S. soldiers who fought for nothing (while we restrained Israel fighting for something) is a crime of our government ,but don't worry ,the criminals in Washington are accountable to no one they think, but God.  

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