Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Son of Issac

Issac's Ghost 

I had a 'feeling' that more trouble was on the way than what Issac first delivered.
This not so new system broke off from Issac and looks to bring more trouble to the area.

Last week when I commented on Issac 1 hitting the Gulf area I mentioned the area being tarred
and feathered.
Well, the tar is here ,but no feathers just yet.


exjob-expat said...

Just a heads-up on an unrelated curious hit in France.
The "British family holidaying on a camp site" were actually Iraqis born in Baghdad and living in England. The adult occupants of the car were all killed, the 2 little girls shot injured/or traumatised. A passing cyclist who came across the scene was shot dead. Press reports - "armed robbery", I don't think so. Hallmarks of an Islamist take out. Who exactly is "Saad Al-Hilli"?
Blessings from Eurabia!

Marcel said...

I read about this but as usual the worthless media left out all the details you provided.
It was for sure a professional hit.
Another hit the US media buried.
Thanks, hope all is well,

exjob-expat said...

Saad Al Hilli is reported to have been a nuclear scientist and is also reported to have made recent trips to Iran. The truth of this is difficult to verify.
yes, very well, watching and praying!

Marcel said...

Interesting, I think,NO I know they will bury this just like the did the recovered /disappeared U.S. Passport of the Burgas,Bulgaria Israeli tourist bus bomber.

Looks like Iran is repaying him for something ?
We are living in dark,dark days.

Sylvain Moliet just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong 120 seconds.

The other bicyclist might be thanking God that he was a bit slower ?,0,502825.story?page=1