Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Amos Yadlin and the Idol Worshipers of Israel

Former IDF intel chief: US coming around on Iran strike

“In 2012 the red light of the god whom we worship and serve was as red as it can get, the brightest red,as red as hell and the devil,we trembled,bowed and worshiped in fearful obedience to our great and powerful god and begged a little,we even showed him what good and obedient slaves we could be,everyone in the Foreign Ministry were issued knee pads."

 “But after much prayer and worship to our god,  the music I’m hearing lately from our great idol Washington says, ‘If this is truly an overriding Israeli security interest, and you think you want to strike,’ then the light hasn't changed to green, I think, but it’s definitely yellow.
So we are begging our strange god more and more for permission to defend ourselves and hope to have a green light before we are all dead and gone.
We have great faith in our worthless idol
We shall continue to serve our false god America and look to it for our help and salvation because we have turned away from the Holy One of Israel and are fools for lies and delusions.
Look at how we continue to follow the two state,land for rockets and jihad agenda after signing our 'Covenant With Death' in 1993 on the White House lawn,we're too stupid to wake up," Yadlin said in an interview with Army Radio Wednesday morning.

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