Saturday, August 24, 2013

Totalitarian Big Brother Control Freaks, The Unquestioned Extremist's

...And that is why they will eventually have to bring their gestapo style police state to the internet.
The extremists have to silence the truth because it interferes with their drive for omnipotent control,and so even small outside voices like mine are watched carefully,monitored daily and eventually will be silenced...cause big brother knows whats best for the slaves.
Other points of view are not permissible in the now formed tyrannical globalist new world order where everyone is programmed to think according to their CONTROLLED matrix,or else.
That is why many voices are being marginalized,shut down,vilified as 'extremists' and targeted.
But if you are an extremist Islamic terrorist they call you and yours 'the religion of peace.'
You better not believe in the God of the Bible (they hate him with a satanic passion) as the final authority above them because they hate competition.When it comes to playing God the true extremists are the only game in town and your faith in anyone but them, that alone marks you as a threat and an enemy of their StasiState. That is why camera's (and soon drones) are everywhere.

The documents fall in line with Mohammed Hussein Obama administration’s “nasty habit of equating basic conservative values with terrorism”

excerpt from DoD brainwashing manual;
'Extremists often predict dire or catastrophic consequences from a situation or from a failure to follow a specific course, and they tend to exhibit a kind of crisis-mindedness. It can be a Communist takeover, a Nazi revival, nuclear war, earthquakes, floods, or the wrath of God.'

The reality and truth of right and wrong is abhorrent to these devil's now in temporary control.

Enemy of the State
Those who spy on you, record your every conversation,lie to us with a straight face about everythingand tell us what to think and what not to think, import and give their extremist Islamic terrorists partners free room,and board, destroy the US economy and middle class,they are the ugliest of despotic extremists.

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